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After 50 years
"The Picture"

Row 1: Sam Tumminello, Jo Anna Gowan Burkett, Judy Chandler Smith, Linda Turvey McClellan, Joyce Askew Joyce, Mary Lou Germann Marlowe, Peggy Richardson Rist

Row 2: Millie Sue Woody Wilson, Hattie Webb Hughes, Carolyn Thorne Taylor, Fay McDonald Hurt, Anne Walker Forgey, Juergen Haukohl

Row 3: Mickey Moore, Virginia Huth Fowler, Diane Parker Phillips, Glenda Cantrell Luna, Betty Vaughn Sisco Christian, M Powell-Askins, Julia Jones King, Gerald Patterson, Sally Fleming Walker, Joe Fleming

Row 4: Jan Williams, Linda Lambert Cope, Vival Travis Gilson, Carole Ann Gingrich Hedges, Jack Koonz, John Rist, Robert Staggs

Row 5: Barry Johnston, Marshall "Tut" Clements, Lewis Drummond, Bobby Hopper, Julian "Pete" George, Roy Fanning

Row 6: John Paul Hampton, H.B. Overton, Bill Hedges, Rebecca Hatcher Helton, Bernd Hellebrand

Camera Shy: Gerlinda Reisig Talbot, Henry Waites


You are invited to view the photo album: HHS 70th Birthday Party October 8th 2011

HHS 70th Birthday Party October 8th 2011

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If you select View Album below, I am listing the people in the photos from left to right. If the photo contains signs, etc., I am representing them by "----". Virginia

Row 1 ----    ----    Betty Vaughan Sisco Christian, M Powell-Askins

Row 2 Getting ready for photo; Pat Gorum Tumminello, Roy Fanning, Carlene Fanning;    cake

Row 3 Millie Woody Wilson and sister, Laureen Nelson (HHS"55);    Rebecca Hatcher Helton, Judy Chandler Smith;    Mary Lou Germann Marlow, Barry Johnston

Row 4 Juergen and Nancy Haukohl; banner; Glenda Cantrell Luna, Julian (Pete) George

Row 5 ----    ----    singer Tony Mason

Row 6 ----    Mickey Moore, Charlotte Strong Neal; Tony Mason

Row 7 ----    M Powell-Askins;    M Powell-Askins, Diane Williams

Row 8 Jack Koontz, Betty Vaughan Sisco Christian, Mary Lou Germann Marlow;    Oscar (our great bartender);    Anne Walker Forgey, Linda Lambert Cope, Barry Johnston, Mary Lou Germann Marlow, Joe Fleming, Sally Fleming Walker, Gerlinda Reisig Talbot

Row 9 Lewis Drummond, Richard Finlaw, Carlene Fanning, Roy Fanning;    Rebecca Hatcher Helton, Glenda Cantrell Luna, Sandy Drummond, Hattie Webb Hughes;     Rebecca Hatcher Helton, Glenda Cantrell Luna, Sam Tumminello, Hattie Webb Hughes

Row 10 Gerlinda Reisig Talbot;    Sam Tumminello;    Group photo (with Gerlinda and Henry Waites added)


Happy Birthday To Us!  

The great Huntsville High School  Class of 1959 turned 70 this year!  

We may be a bit older, but we still know how to party!

The big birthday party was Saturday October 8, 2011!

Thanks to our hard-working committee for all the effort.