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May 31, 2008
Read classmate comments about the 50th Reunion

After 50 years
"The Picture"

Photo 50th Class Reunion HHS 1959 (edition 2) 

Row 1: Joyce Askew, Linda Turvey, Sue Frady, Sandra Parsley, M Powell-Askins, Faye Stoner, Anne Walker

Row 2: Lera Harwell, Judy Chandler, Jerome Knight, Vival Travis

Row 3: Dudley Campbell, Hattie Marie Webb, Carolyn Thorne, Jo Anna Gowan, Betty Vaughn Sisco, Karin Gruene, Julia Jones, Judy Weber, Glenda Cantrell, Elizabeth Neal , Virginia Huth, Mary Lou Germann, Sam Tuminello, Ed Hedden

Row 4: Sheila Jones, Pat Adair, JoAnn Bryant, Jeanne Warner, Peggy Richardson, Joyce Herring, Cora Pitsinger, Diane Parker, Glenda Whisenant, Gerald Patterson

Row 5: Lloyd Moore, Lewis Drummond, Ginger Sayers, Anna Gene Clift, Betty Lou Bell, Jeri Lynn Jones, Linda Lambert, Margaret Anne Goldsmith, Phyllis Sisco, Rebecca Hatcher, Betty Smith, Mary Thorn, Sally Fleming, Benny Nelson, Perry Warren, Robert Staggs (in front)

Row 6: Mickey Moore, Pete Bentley, Barry Johnston, HB Overton, Jack Koontz (in front), Bernd Hellebrand, Barbara Koeper and Benny Owens (spouse) in front, Juergen Haukohl, Jane Mathis (in front), Sam Sullins, Linda Joyce McGehee (in front), Danny Thomas, Roger Humphrey

Row 7: Richard Boyd, Mike Sefton, Richard Jones, Sonny Savas, Jimmy Johnson, Jim Compton, Joe Fleming, Ivan Falkenberry, Charles Hopson, John Paul Hampton, Jan Williams, Keaton Webb, John Rist

See four more classmates in pictures, at the end, not included in this group picture.

Bigger version:

Additional classmates included in this group picture, Bobby Hopper, and in the other, 
Wyatt Poe and Roy Fanning and Julian George.

Closer views of the group shot follow:


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