The Cleghorn Chapel Church Book 1874 - 1916

The Cleghorn Chapel Church Book 1874 - 1916

(Akron, Centerpoint, and Cleghorn Chapel)

Liz Burns Glenn

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The Akron Congregation from 1874 to about 1884				 7
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Cleghorn Chapel								20
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About the Author

     I was born March 25, 1955 to Bob and Madeline (Norris) Burns.  I graduated from Batesville High 
School in 1973, then from Harding College in 1976 with a degree in mathematics.  I am married to David 
Glenn and we have two children, Becky and Jon David.
     I located the Cleghorn Chapel Church Book in 1984.  It was interesting to find the names of my father, 
grandfather, great-grandparents -- on back to my great-great-great-grandmother -- listed in the book.  I 
hope that others will enjoy reading about their families and maybe find facts that are not recorded 
anywhere else.
     I am a member of the Independence County Historical Society.

							Elizabeth Ann Burns Glenn


On August 10, 1906, Lon McMillian purchased a new ledger book for the purpose of keeping the records of the Cleghorn Chapel Church of God at Magness, Arkansas. In order to preserve the history of the congregation, Brother McMillian went back to 1874 and listed the church membership rolls of Akron and Centerpoint -- older churches that had preceded Cleghorn Chapel. Then names were probably copied from an older record book. There was a Church of Christ, probably called Church of God or Christian Church, located at Blue Springs in Section 5, Township 12 North, Range 4 West, as early as the 1850's. Brother John M. Lemmons had moved to Independence County from Tennessee in 1851 and helped establish the church at Blue Springs before moving on to Randolph County the following year. In an article published in the Church of Christ Gospel Advocate of April 10, 1930,1 Lemmons' grandson recorded that the old preacher had baptized W. H. Tomlinson at Blue Springs on a return visit "during the Civil War." He went on to say that Brother Tomlinson was present when a man shot at Lemmons while he was baptizing the man's wife in a creek near Blue Springs church. "It is a fact," his article continued, "that he [Lemmons] later baptized the man that shot at him."2 In 1856, J. R. Reeves sent the Gospel Advocate a report of the district cooperation meeting which was held that October at Blue Springs church. John M. Lemmons and Daniel Rose were chosen as the evangelists for the six congregations represented.3 The following year the Blue Springs church reported 172 members and a contribution of $95.25 for the support of Brother Lemmons and Brother W. B. F. Treat.4 In "A History of the Newark Church of Christ," written in 1953 and privately printed, it was stated that in 1860 that congregation met and worshipped at Blue Springs in what was called a union building, a building shared by two or more congregations for separate services. Some years later, perhaps due to the disruption of the Civil War, the Blue Springs church was abandoned. Some of the members established themselves at Magness and some at Newark. In 1874, a congregation of the Church of God was meeting at Akron, a small settlement on the stage route from Batesville to Jacksonport near the White River. The old Akron Cemetery probably marks the site of the church today, in Section 17, Township 12 North, Range 4 West, about two miles south of the Blue Springs location. Seven of the children of J. R. Reeves, previously mentioned in connection with the records of Blue Springs church, are found on the Akron roll of 1874: Katy Arnold, Tennessee Coker, Harriet Hulsey, Louisa Hulsey, Rufus R. Reeves, Jane Robertson, and Antinett Tomlinson. This indicated that at least part of the Blue Springs congregation helped form the church at Akron. Only a few years later, however, in 1883, the railroad was built to Newark, missing Akron by two miles. That event, combined with the frequent flooding of White River, encouraged the citizens of Akron to move their settlement to Newark. An article entitled, "Newark, John Tomlinson's Town," by Betty Buchanan and Imogene Parks, appeared in the Independence County Chronicle in 1961. It stated that in 1883 "John Tomlinson began laying off the town lots and selling them. He encouraged the development of the town by first selling a lot, then giving one away." Another source 6 confirmed that Tomlinson gave a lot for union church services where the Hazel Edwards Methodist Church now stands. This is probably the location of the Centerpoint Church. By using marriage records of known members, it seems that the date of the formation of the Centerpoint Church would fall somewhere after 1877, when Nancy Prince married Milton Todd, and before 1885, when Nancy Todd married Nathaniel M. Wilson. Note that Nancy Arnold Prince Todd Wilson (1852- 1925) was #28 on the Akron roll as Nancy Prince, #40 on the Centerpoint roll as Nancy Todd, and #6 on the Cleghorn Chapel roll as Nancy Wilson. In an article entitled "History of the Magness School," published in the Newark Journal in 1935, Elizabeth Waldrip wrote that the first public school in Magness was established before 1886 "on the lot where the Church of Christ now stands. It was a one-room building called the Cleghorn Chapel." 7 Again using marriage and cemetery records, the date when the congregation first met at Cleghorn Chapel can be estimated. It was after May 1885, when Nancy Todd married Nathaniel Wilson, and before February 1890, when Benjamin Cleghorn, #18 on the roll, died. Perhaps the Cleghorn family worshipped in this location earlier, but no records exists to suggest this. According to the 1953 history of the Newark Church of Christ, that congregation moved to a new location in 1890 when John Tomlinson gave two lots on which a frame building was erected. Tomlinson, however, attended services at Cleghorn Chapel -- he was #23 on the roll -- along with his half-brother William H. Tomlinson #1. The Cleghorn Chapel was located just slightly west of the location of the present Magness Church of Christ. It was generally referred to as "the Christian Church," or simply "the Chapel" even though the words "The Church of God" were placed above the door. The name was changed from Church of God to Church of Christ about 1930. The Cleghorn Chapel membership was recorded chronologically until August of 1916, a total of 303 names covering a period of about 30 years. Perhaps the record was then interrupted by the disruption of another war -- World War I. The roll was resumed on January 2, 1925. My direct connection with the people listed in the Cleghorn Chapel Church Book are Rebecca Drennen, my great-great-great-grandmother (Akron, #8); Martha Drennen Holderby, my great-great-grandmother (Akron, #69); and Morgan and Molly Holderby Burns, my great-grandparents (Cleghorn Chapel, #80 & #81). My grandparents, Jewel and Ona Burns of Magness, still attend services at the Magness Church of Christ. My parents attended there when I was small, and my husband preached there on Sundays while he was a student at Harding College in 1977.

The Akron Congregation from 1874 to about 1884

The list of members of the Church of God at Akron in 1874 included 98 names. The first post office was opened at Akron on August 1, 1854, and the families represented in the Akron church record are some of the earliest settlers in this part of Independence County. Of the 54 family names listed in the record, 24 appear in the 1830 census of the county. In 1874, the elders at Akron were Harrison W. Robertson #1 and Warren Hulsey #2. The deacons were W. H. "Bill" Tomlinson #3 and Nathaniel M. Wilson #4. Harrison Robertson was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, on October 9, 1828, and came to Arkansas Territory in 1832. His wife, Jane, was a daughter of J. R. Reeves of the old Blue Springs church. A Hardin Hulsey was a very early settler in the Oil Trough bottoms. His wife was Nancy Smalley. This Hulsey, a veteran of the War of 1812, raised a large family, and they played a prominent role in the history of the Oil Trough community. The Tomlinsons also moved to Independence County from Rutherford County, Tennessee, in 1827. Hugh Tomlinson was the father of three girls and four boys when he married Jemima Henderson on September 18, 1842, in Independence County. The boys were Louallen, John N., Owen, and Houston. John N. Tomlinson #22 has been called the "father of Newark" because he patented 240 acres in 1852 where the town of Newark was later established. Hugh Tomlinson, the patriarch, died in 1851, and his widow Jemima married Adam Byber on July 19, 1853. Jemima Byber #7 was one of the oldest members of the Akron congregation in 1874. She was born in Tennessee in 1812 and died on November 12, 1881. Her son was W. H. Tomlinson, born July 11, 1843. W. H. Tomlinson #3 was a leader in the church for over 50 years. He served as a soldier for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He was baptized by John M. Lemmons during the War and later became an elder in the church. He married Sarah Porter about 1863 #12 and they had thirteen children. Wilson K. Tomlinson, on of their sons, is still living in 1987 in Kennett, Missouri. Nathaniel M. Wilson #4 was born March 15, 1840 in Mississippi. The family moved to Independence County between 1846 and 1849. Wilson was married three times. He married Jane Drennen on January 17, 1861. She died before 1870 and he then married Sarah ______. N. M. and Sarah Wilson (#4 and #11) are listed with the Akron congregation in 1874. Sarah Wilson died in 1882 and Nat last married Nancy Todd. Nancy had been born Nancy Arnold to John Newton Arnold and Nancy Magness Arnold on April 23, 1852. She first married Nathan Prince on February 6, 1870, and they are listed together in the Akron register (#32 and #28). Nathan Prince died in 1876, and Nancy next married Milton Todd on March 15, 1877. Todd died in 1883 and Nancy married N. M. "Nat" Wilson on May 3, 1885. Possibly the oldest member of the Akron congregation was Rebecca Drennen (#8), my great-great- great-grandmother. She was born in South Carolina in 1804 as Rebecca Robinson (?) and married Joseph Drennen on August 2, 1832, in Independence County, Arkansas Territory. Three of their seven children are listed at Akron: Joanna Drennen (#46), Martha Drennen Holderby (#49), and Sarah Drennen McHenry (#48). The Jane Drennen who married N. M. Wilson as his first wife was also their daughter. Rebecca Drennen owned 80 acres of land in Section 7, Township 12 North, Range 4 West in 1865. She died on October 3, 1875. The Jonathan Reeves family came to Arkansas about 1838 from Tennessee. *See Appendix II. Jonathan and his wife Martha Young, had sixteen children and all were raised in the church. In October 1855, J. R. Reeves served as secretary of the district cooperation meeting held at Blue Springs Church in Independence County, and he reported a summary of events of that meeting to the Gospel Advocate of January 1856. Mariah Morgan (#64) was born Mariah Arnold on October 11, 1845. She was a sister of Nancy Arnold Prince (#28 - later Todd Wilson). Mariah first married Henry Holderby on December 10, 1866. After his death in 1872, she married James F. Morgan. She died November 25, 1882 and is buried beside her first husband in the Akron Cemetery. A total of seven people from the Akron register are buried there in marked graves. Henry H. Burns (#51), a brother of Joseph and Morgan Burns, was my grandfather's uncle. He was born June 28, 1839, according to his tombstone in Dugger Cemetery. He served in the Confederate Army, then married Martha Hill in 1874. After her death he married Mrs. Jane Garner Pennington. He died December 28, 1896. Sources The original Cleghorn Chapel Church Book. Cemeteries of the Newark-Magness Area by James Logan Morgan with Chal and Mae Green. Fight and Survive! by Lady Elizabeth Luker. Freeze Scrapbook. Numerous articles from the Independence County Historical Society Chronicle. The Gospel Advocate. Family records and interviews with many residents of the area. _________________________________

Akron Congregation - 1874 Names of the Members of the Church of God

1. H. W. Robertson 2. Warren Hulsey Elder 3. W. H. Tomlinson 4. N. M. Wilson Deacon 5. W. H. Morris transfered by letter March the first 1875 6. G. C. Brown transfered by letter Sept. the 22, 1883 7. Jemima Byber Deceased Nov. 17th, 1881 8. Rebeca Drenen Deceased October the 3 - 1875 9. Harit Hulsey 10. Antinett Tomlinson Deceased Aug. 16th, 1878 11. Sarah Wilson Deceased Dec. 17th, 1882 12. Sarah Tomlinson 13. Mary McKingrey Deceased 1877 14. N. E. Brown transfered by letter Sept. 22, 1883 15. Jane Robertson 16. John McKiney 1875 17. W. M. Robertson Deceased March 17th, 1884 18. Moley Palmer 19. Poter Hulsey 20. Annie Robertson 21. Tennessee Coker 22. John Tomlinson withdrawn from 23. Mrs. L. Jones 24. Rebeca Walker Deceased April the 7th 1876 25. W. L. Garner 26. R. V. Garner Runaway 27. Ellin Moris transfered by letter March 15th, 1875 28. Nancy Prince 29. Caroline Garett 30. Ed Potts Runaway 31. Caroline Blevens Deceased 1878 32. Nathan Prince Deceased July the 15th, 1876 33. M. A. King transfered by letter April 24th, 1885 34. H. Tomlinson Runaway 35. Clint Owen Deceased 36. R. Childress Deceased 1882 37. Nancy A. Childress 38. Mary Tomlinson Runaway 39. Helender Holderby transfered by letter March 1877 40. A. J. King 41. Misey Finch 42. R. R. Reeves 43. D. B. Lane Deceased 1876 44. M. Porter withdrawn from 45. W. M. Henderson 46. Joaner Drenen Deceased 1878 47. Joseph Ansheets 48. Sarah McHenry 49. Martha Holerby 50. Katy Arnold 51. H. H. Burns 52. A. A. Henderson 53. W. G. Vandiver 54. James Hungate 55. W. W. Hulsey 55. R. B. Stephens 56. R. W. Hulsey 57. T. R. Mitchel transfered 58. J. W. Brown Deceased 59. M. E. Mitchel 60. Louisa Hulsey 61. Sarah C. Stephens 62. M. D. Brown Deceased 63. Eveline Prince Deceased 64. Mariah Morgan Deceased 65. Mary Hellen Tomlinson Runaway 66. Thomas Beard 67. Caroline Beard 68. Martha Flanagan 69. Martha Holderby 70. Mary A. Thornton 71. Ellen Tolbert 72. Amanda Tolbert 73. Molly Smith 74. Kate Stephens 75. W. H. Gains transfered by letter 76. Mrs. W. Harris 77. H. Blevens 78. McGravack 79. James Martin 80. Zade L. Martin 81. N. A. Crownover 91. Lisa Boister Runaway 92. O. M. McGravack transfered by letter Nov. the 3, 1883 93. Amanda King Deceased December 1884 94. J. M. Owen by confession and baptism-deceased March 22, 1884 95. Maggie Owen 96. Caroline Harrel transfered by letter 97. R. Comer 98. Maxon Comer 99. George Bows Runaway 100. Lily Owen 101. Osker McCord 102. Molly Nowlen Runaway 103. Katy Hulsey 104. W. W. Young transferred by letter Sept. the 22, 1883 105. _____ Young 106. Martha J. Hicks transfered by letter Feb. the 7th, 1885 Alfred Owen

The Centerpoint Congregation

Akron Church was in existence for at least eleven years after the register was begun in 1874. The records show that M. A. King (Akron #33, Centerpoint #32) was transferred by letter from Akron in April of 1885. Centerpoint Church had apparently been established before the Akron church disbanded, as N. E. Brown (#17) and Amanda King (#27) were listed as members of Centerpoint and both died in December 1884. Centerpoint Church was probably located where the Hazel Edwards Methodist Church in Newark stands today. John N. Tomlinson had donated that lot for a building for union church services about 1883, and members of the Christian Church met there until 1890. Then Tomlinson gave two additional lots to the Christian congregation and they erected a frame building where the present Newark Church of Christ is located. The Centerpoint congregation had 59 members when the list was compiled. Many of these members are found on the earlier Akron list. For example, Harrison W. and Jane Robertson transferred from Akron to Centerpoint, and then on to Cleghorn Chapel. Amanda and Ellen Tolbert also transferred from Akron to Centerpoint, as did W. H. and Sarah Tomlinson. Nathaniel M. Wilson is listed as a member at Centerpoint (#20), but his wife Sarah is not. She died in 1882 and Wilson married Nancy Todd in 1885, so this list was prepared during that time span. Not one person that I interviewed in the course of this research had heard of Centerpoint Church. The only reference I found, other than the Cleghorn Chapel book, was in the October 1979 Independence County Chronicle. In an article about the Agricultural Wheel, it was stated that one of the 39 Wheel organizations in the county, 410, was the Center Point Wheel, whose secretary was George F. Crosser of Newark. That group probably met in the old union church building, by then referred to as Centerpoint Church. Some biographical information about the Centerpoint members: Martin Luther Arnold (#55) was the brother of Nancy Arnold Todd (#40). Lizzie Arnold (#39) was his wife and Thomas A. Arnold (#58) was their son. John W. Blalock (#43) and Martha Jane Blalock (#15) became the parents of four daughters. She had been born Martha Jane Walker in 1847 and had married a Mr. Jones about 1867 by whom she had three sons. [WHO? WHO?? AND WHO???] Della Boultinghouse (#52) and Henry Boultinghouse (#59) were two of the four step-children of Cal Seward. Seward was the brother of J. D. Seward (#46) whose wife was Mary Jane Seward (#48). Henry Boultinghouse married Viola Crabtree in 1893, and Della Boultinghouse married William J. Cooper (#50) in 1888. Jane Burns (#12) is listed in the Centerpoint register, although her husband Henry is not. They were married about 1878. Lizzie Holderby (#6) and Mattie Holderby (#5) were the daughters of Richard and Martha Drennen Holderby. Martha Drennen Holderby was born in Independence County in 1839 and was #19 on the Akron list. Lizzie Holderby married John N. Tomlinson in January of 1888, and later married Walter Pascoe by whom she had three daughters [Rae Pascoe, who married Cecil C. Norris; Lena Pascoe, who married Ben Cole; and Addie Pascoe, who married Tom Self.] Another Holderby daughter was Molly who married Morgan Burns in 1881. Morgan and Molly Burns are my great-grandparents. Porter Hulsey (#21) was the son of Warren Hulsey (Akron, #2) and Frances Reeves Hulsey. Tennessee Lane (#41) appears in the Akron list as Tennessee Coker (#21). She married D. C. Lane on January 2, 1876, following the death of George W. Coker in 1873. Her brother was Rufus Reeves (#10). Glennie Richmond (#8) was born in 1866. Her father died before she was born and her mother later married, first, Carwill Smith and then a Mr. Williford. W. H. Tomlinson (#19) and Sarah Tomlinson (#29) transferred from Akron to Centerpoint, and later to Cleghorn Chapel. Alvira Tomlinson (#7) and Eliza Tomlinson (#22) have not been identified, but they were not daughters of W. H. and Sarah Tomlinson.


1. W. H. Gains by confession and baptism, dismissed by letter 2. Mrs. W. H. Gains by confession and baptism 3. H. Blevens 4. Laura McGravic 5. Mattie Holderby 6. Lizzie Holderby 7. Alvira Tomlinson 8. Glennie Richmond Reclaimed 9. Mary Ellis 10. R. R. Reeves 11. Mrs. D. Harison 12. Jane Burns 13. William Mayhan 14. O. H. McGravack by letter 15. M. J. Blaylock 16. J. C. Brown withdrawn from 17. N. E. Brown Deceased Dec. the 18, 1884 18. J. W. Hulsey 19. W. H. Tomlinson 20. N. M. Wilson 21. Porter Hulsey 22. Eliza Tomlinson 23. Jane Robertson by letter 24. H. W. Robertson 25. Martha Hicks 26. Hellen Henderson 27. Amanda King Deceased Dec. 1884 28. Annie Hulsey 29. Sarah Tomlinson 30. Katy Stephens 31. Maggie Owen 32. M. A. King transferred by letter Feb. the 5, 1888 33. M. A. Thornton 34. Martha Finch 35. Amanda Tolbert withdrawn from 36. Ellen Tolbert 37. Mollie Smith 38. Mollie Henderson Deceased Nov. the 26, 1887 39. Lizzie Arnold 40. Nancy Todd 41. Tennessee Lane 42. George Staggs Deceased April the 7, 1887 43. J. W. Blalock by letter 44. R. H. Pectol by letter from Pleasant Hill congregation 45. Eliza Pectol by letter from Pleasant Hill congregation 46. J. D. Seward ELDER - by letter 47. Mary A. Seward Deceased Nov. the 26, 1887 [SAME DAY AS MOLLIE HENDERSON] 48. Mary J. Seward 49. Margaret Seward 50. W. J. Cooper 51. Millie Reeves 52. Della Boultinghouse 53. Harriet Jones reclaimed 54. Amanda Robertson Deceased 55. M. L. Arnold 56. T. L. Jones reclaimed Jan. the 12, 1890 57. W. T. Henderson 58. T. A. Arnold 59. Henry Boultinghouse

Cleghorn Chapel

Cleghorn Chapel was named for the Cleghorn family who lived near its location in the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 12 North, Range 5 West. Benjamin Cleghorn is #18 on the Cleghorn Chapel membership roll, and he died February 16, 1890, so the congregation was established by that time. Rubin Cleghorn (#198) was a son of Benjamin Cleghorn. One of the largest families in the Cleghorn congregation was that of Morgan and Molly Holderby Burns who had twelve children. Eight of these are listed on the first Cleghorn Chapel roll - Alpha, Mandy, Clara, Fay, Hubert, Mima, Rose, and Lude. Lude is listed as Ludie Smith (#162). Henry H. Burns (#16) and Joseph Burns (#242) were brothers of Morgan, and Jane Burns (#17) was the wife of Henry H. Burns. W. F. Lemmons mentions "Brother Burns," referring to Morgan, as one of the "pillars of the church" in a 1930 Gospel Advocate article. (See Appendix I.) Sally Sarrell or Sorrells (#24) was a daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Drennen. Born in 1838, she married Andrew Jackson McHenry in 1860 and is listed on the Akron roll as Sarah McHenry. She married William A. Sorrells in December 1868. She was an aunt of Molly Burns, being a sister of Molly's mother, Martha Drennen Holderby. W. H. Tomlinson (#1) was an elder of the Cleghorn Chapel congregation until 1914. His wife Sarah was #3 on the roll, and their children Ida Beatrice, Henry Edward, Enos, Gertie, J. W., Myrtle, and Wilson are also listed. Ed Tomlinson married Jennie Troy (#205). Maggie Tomlinson (#129) and Turtle Dove Edwards (#53) were daughters of John N. Tomlinson (#23), who was the half-brother of W. H. Tomlinson. Winfred Tomlinson (#197) was the son of William B. Tomlinson and Elizabeth Tomlinson (#39). J. H. Tomlinson (#43) has not been identified. Martin Luther Arnold and Elizabeth Hughes Arnold are on the list, along with six of their twelve children -- B. S., Forrest, Katie, and Nora Arnold, Cora Travis (#61) and Maggie Tuggle (#64). Nora Arnold married Elbert Tomlinson. After his death she married Dempsey Freeze (#299). Urbin "Tater" Tomlinson was the son of Nora Arnold and Elbert Tomlinson; he married Lou Huggins. Maggie Arnold's first husband was Morgan Vaughan Tuggle, and her second husband was John Henry Holderby, a brother of Molly Holderby Burns (#81). John H. Holderby was an elder of the Newark Church in 1905. Newton Arnold Todd (#132) was the son of Nancy Wilson (#6), sister of Martin Luther Arnold, and her second husband Milton Todd. Nancy Arnold's children by her third husband, Nat Wilson, are Opal (#218) and Zenobia (#158) Wilson. Opal married Archie Ford (#258) about 1912 and died in childbirth the following year. Archie Ford (#258) drowned on July 14, 1914. Zenobia Wilson died in 1905 of typhoid fever. John Blalock and his wife Martha Jane Blalock are listed with their four daughters -- Maud, Fannie, Bertha, and Minnie -- and Martha Jane's two sons, John Tom Jones and Hilbert T. Jones. She had another son, Luther, who died in 1880, age 10. John Tom, called "Doc," married Rittie Miller (#63) and Beulah Jones (#300) and Reba Jones (#233) are their daughters. Maud Blalock married James Madison Troy (#184) and Bertha Blalock married Fal Jernigan (#232, spelled Journigan).   Ruth Jernigan and Vela Jernigan were daughters of Fal and Bertha Jernigan.  Ruth Jernigan married Lonnie Moxley.  Their daughters are June, Brenda, and Marian Moxley.   Lola and Ruth Boillott were the granddaughters of Jules J. Boillott (#97) and Cynthia Boillott (#98) who raised them. Lola later married Jesse James "Jet" Burns, a son of Morgan and Molly Burns. Uncle Jet's name does not appear on the roll. W. J. "Willie" Bilbrey (#84) was the husband of Jennie Bilbrey (#85) and the brother of Mary E. "Molly" Young (#145). Jennie was a McMillian, probably related to Lon McMillian, the church secretary. Molly Young and her husband, W. P. Young (#102) were the parents of Ida (#146) and James Young (#278). Ida married John Foley (#245) and James married Blanche Walker (#278). Benjamin Pim Conner is listed with his wife Sarah and four of their children -- Leone, Hubert, Emma, and Ross. Leone Conner married William J. McDoniel (#200) who was the son of Ed (#107) and Rose Hughes McDoniel (#109). Another son was Jack McDoniel (#277). Rose McDoniel later married Joe Burns (#242) in 1912, but that marriage ended in separation. Macks Chapel Cemetery, near Sulphur Rock, where many of the Cleghorn Chapel members are buried, was named for James McDoniel, a Church of Christ minister who gave the land for the cemetery and a small chapel. James McDoniel was the father of Will McDoniel (#159) born in 1875. See "History of the Surrounded Hill Church of Christ, 1850-1978" by Ivy Burlison, Fay Smith Holt, Lillye Scott Long, James Logan Morgan, and Charles Monty Walton, page 32. Samuel M. Hughes (#12) married Elizabeth Jane Sturch McDoniel (#13) in 1865. Elizabeth Jane Sturch was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Dean Sturch. She married William McDoniel on January 18, 1858. William McDoniel was killed near Walnut Ridge during the Civil War. Their daughter Mary Caroline McDoniel was born January 25, 1859. Their son James Hughes (#298) married Tint Hogan (#303) in 1907. The Smith family was difficult to sort out. William H. Smith (#106) married Glennie Richmond (#83), daughter of Susan Richmond. Susan Richmond later married Carwill Smith, who had a son James (#56) by a former marriage. Susan and Carwill then had three children -- Mayfield, William Gordon "Bud", and Edna Smith. Edna (#112) then married Elmer Smith (#111). Susan Richmond Smith married, third, a Mr. Williford and their son was Birtie Williford (#236). One of Cleghorn Chapel's Civil War veterans was John Sheley (#90). He was found, according to one local tradition, floating down the White River on a raft, too young to know anything except that his name was John. He acquired the surname Sheley because, the story continues, he was "all shealed over with dirt." He was raised by old Dan Johnson of the Magness area, who was said to have treated him unkindly. Sheley joined the Confederate Army and later married Jane Brittain (#91) around 1877. Their children listed on this roll were Bonner, Corah, and Ed Sheley. Bonner (#92) married Ophelia "Fee" Hogan in 1903. She was a sister of Tint Hogan who married James Hughes (#298). Robert Austin (#261) married Hattie Dugger (#263) in January of 1914. After she died he married Cynthia Walker (#276) in 1933. The Austins presently live in Tuckerman. Cynthia's father was Lee Walker (#128) and her mother was Gertie Tomlinson (#66). She was named for Cynthia Boillott (#90). Her sister was Sybil Walker Thomas (#256). Jim Walker and Mary E. Blankenship (#127) were married January 9, 1868. Lee Walker was born to this couple on November 20, 1868. Emily Walker (#38) was married to Lee's half-brother, Walker. William Alfred Troy (#103) married Jane Jack (#104). William was a brother to James Madison Troy (#184). Their parents were Alfred Edgar Troy and Margaret Jane Burnham (#28) who were married in 1869. John (#116) and Tab Stephens (#117) had reportedly changed their name from Freeman to Stephens because he was an outlaw. They had a daughter Annie. Hetty Sheley Snapp was good friends with Annie Freeman, who married Otha Richardson. Charlie Stephens (#257) was their son. Another daughter, Winnie, married ________. My grandmother told me that Aunt Alf was friends with Winnie. Her mother Tab Stephens made quilts for people. One night when Aunt Alf was spending the night, John Stephens came home drunk and shot the quilt out of the frames. He was sorry the next morning and bought fabric scraps to replace it. Eventually, the men looking for John Stephens found him one night, dragged him from his house in Magness, and hung him. Charley Magness (#228) was the father of William Perry Magness who still lives in Magness and attends the church along with his family. [William Perry Magness was born June 9, 1918 in Magness and died Sunday, November 4, 2007 at Batesville.]  His family is one of the oldest families in the area. More biographical information on the members of Cleghorn Chapel can be found in the alphabetized index. The following members of the Cleghorn Chapel congregation were still living in April of 1987: Bob and Cynthia Walker Austin of Tuckerman; Wilson Tomlinson of Kennett, Missouri; Rose Burns Ford of Clarkton, Missouri; Fay Burns Lindsey of Blytheville, Arkansas; Beulah Jones Nauman of Magness; and Hubert Douglas Conner. Fay Burns Lindsey (#302) died November 4, 1988. Beulah Nauman (#300) died August 24, 1987. Bob and Cynthia Walker Austin have died. Rose Burns Ford is still living (June 1998). [Rose Burns Ford died in October 1999.]            

Cleghorn Chapel

1. W. H. Tomlinson Elder 2. J. W. Blaylock Elder, deceased February 27th, 1907 3. Sarah Tomlinson Departed this life Dec. 2nd, 1913, pneumonia 4. M. J. Blaylock 5. N. M. Wilson 6. Nancy Wilson 7. M. L. Arnold 8. Lizzie Arnold 9. B. F. Owen Moved off 10. Zilphia Owen Moved off 11. John McDonald Deceased 12. Sam Hughes Departed this life Feb. 3rd, 1914 13. Jane Hughes 14. H. W. Robertson Deceased Jan. 31, 1897 15. Jane Robertson Deceased Feb. 5, 1908 16. H. H. Burns Deceased Dec. 19, 1896 17. Jane Burns Deceased Jan. 6th, 1909, pneumonia 18. Benjamin Cleghorn Deceased 19. George Lambert Moved off 20. C. Scribner 21. Margaret Durham Deceased 22. Ophelia Rutledge In Texas 23. John N. Tomlinson Deceased Nov. 15, 1908 24. Sally Sarrel Moved off 25. Arch Rutledge In Texas 26. J. W. Henderson Deceased 27. Hellen Henderson Deceased Feb. 12th, 1909, consumption 28. Maggie Troy Deceased 29. Attie Hamlet Moved off 30. Mary Owen Deceased 31. Jennie Pascoe Moved off 32. Lucy Ratton Moved off 33. Marthia Garner Deceased 34. Katie Suget In Texas 35. Molly Kennerly Deceased 36. Ellen Garner Moved off 37. Nancy Hall Moved off 38. Emily Walker Deceased 39. Elizabeth Tomlinson Moved 40. J. T. Sandlin Quit attending 41. (Blank) 42. Henry Boultinghouse Moved off 43. J. H. Tomlinson Moved off 44. Marthia Hicks Moved off 45. Fate Flurnoy Deceased 46. Sarah Flurnoy Died Jan. 21, 1908, consumption 47. Nancy Henderson Deceased 48. G. W. McCaly Moved off 49. Thomas Beard Moved off 50. Charley Beard Moved off 51. W. H. Finch Deceased 52. W. C. Anderson Deceased 53. Turtle Dove Edwards Moved off 54. Jennie McPherson In Texas 55. Stella In Texas 56. James Smith Died March 11th, 1908, heart disease 57. Marthia Finch Deceased consumption Dec. the 11th, 1896 58. Sally Cambel Moved off 59. A. M. McKoy Withdrawn from 60. Jennie Polk Quit attending 61. Corah Travis Deceased consumption Aug. the 8th, 1896 62. J. T. Jones 63. Rittie Jones Quit Restored 64. Maggie Tuggle Meets with Newark congregation 65. Libbie Hughes 66. Girtie Tomlinson Now Girtie Walker 67. Norah Arnold Norah Tomlinson Norah Freeze 68. Vic Wilson Quit attending 69. Dic Holderby Deceased 70. Dan Deck 71. Jane Deck Deceased May 27th, 1912 72. Ada Jones 73. Pim Conner 74. Sarah Conner Died Apr. 12th, 1909, pneumonia 75. Sally Arnold Moved off 76. Robert Henderson Moved off 77. Julia Tuggle Moved off 78. Julia Owen Moved off 79. Lizzie Pennington Gone to the Baptist 80. Morgan Burns 81. Molly Burns Departed this life June 13th, 1913 82. W. M. Smith 83. Glennie Smith 84. Willie Bilbrey 85. Jennie Bilbrey Deceased July 5th, 1891 86. H. T. Jones 87. Susie Jones 88. J. T. Dugger Deceased 89. Bettie Dugger Moved off Restored Aug. 31, 1914 90. John Sheley 91. Jane Sheley 92. B. G. Sheley Withdrawn from 93. W. M. McMillian In Texas 94. Fannie Blaylock 95. F. L. McMillian (Clerk) (Treasurer) 96. Mattie McMillian 97. J. J. Boillott (Deacon) Deceased Nov. 20th, 1908 Heart Troubles 98. Cynthia Boillott Moved off Deceased Jan. 16th, 1910 pneumonia 99. Mattie Powell 100. Lilah Powell 101. W. F. Young 102. W. P. Young Quit attending 103. Will Troy Quit attending 104. Janie Troy Moved off 105. Ed Smith Withdrawn from 106. Wm. Smith Withdrawn from 107. Ed McDonald Withdrawn from 108. Annie Young Withdrawn from 109. Rose McDonald Quit Restored July 1910 110. Maggie Young Quit attending 111. Elmer Smith 112. Edna Smith 113. J. A. Moore Quit 114. Annie Moore Went to Methodist Demanded baptism Aug. 11th, 1908 Moved off 115. Si Brooks Quit 116. John Stephens Quit 117. Tab Stephens Moved off Moved back 118. Katie Arnold Now Kate Travis 119. Corah Sheley Deceased consumption June the 17th, 1901 120. Maggie Flurnoy 121. W. A. Grear Deceased 122. Fannie Melton Moved off 123. Mrs. Melton Moved off 124. S. Randolph Moved off Deceased 125. Lee Gray Moved off 126. Mattie Gray Deceased Feb. the 10th, 1896 127. Mary Walker 128. Lee Walker Elder 129. Maggie Tomlinson Moved off 130. J. W. Tomlinson Deceased 131. Eliza Conner 132. Arnold Todd Elder Reclaimed Moved off 133. Bertha Blaylock Now Bertha Jernigan 134. Minnie Blaylock Now Minnie Woodson 135. Myrtle Tomlinson Deceased consumption Feb. 16th, 1899 136. Hattie Young Quit Restored July 1910 137. Annie Cleghorn Moved off 138. Libbie Henderson Meets with Newark congregation 139. Easter Dickson Deceased 140. B. J. Arnold Quit attending 141. Dave Melton Deceased 1900 142. Lue Freeze Deceased 143. W. M. Freeze Dismissed by letter 7-10, 1904 144. Clara Arnold Now Clarah Smith 145. Mollie Young Quit Reclaimed Aug. 31, 1914 146. Ida Young Went to Methodist 147. Lucy Hughes 148. Annie Jones Moved off 149. Mary Staggs Moved off Deceased 150. Amanda Burns 151. Eva Cleghorn Deceased 152. Eva Freeze In Texas 153. Jennie Moore Moved off Deceased 154. Minnie Melton Moved off 155. Lucy Garner Now Lucy Ingle Moved off Moved back Moved off 156. Mrs. Smith Moved off 157. Hattie Hughes 158. Zenobia Wilson Deceased Oct. 31, 1905 Typhoid fever 159. Will McDonald Baptized July 1905 160. George McDonald Elder " 161. Dara Allen Moved off 162. Ludie Smith Quit Restored Aug. 31st, 1914 163. Jennie Powell Now Ginnie Seward Moved off 164. Winnie Page Quit Reclaimed Quit Deceased 165. Etter Page Quit Holy Rollers 166. Fay Edgar Now Fay Billington Moved off 167. Alph Burns Now Alf Dugger 168. Viola Parson Now Viola Ginings Moved off 169. Maud Blaylock Now Maud Troy 170. Myrtle Smith Now Myrtle Magness 171. Forrest Arnold Quit Reclaimed Quit 172. W. H. Bowman Baptized Sept. 30th, 1905 Moved off 173. E. J. Bowman 174. Beattrice Tomlinson 175. Martha Jackson Moved off 176. Emmer Conner Departed this life Jan. 12, 1910 177. (Blank) 178. Ed Upjohn 179. S. A. Norman Deceased 180. C. L. Norman Moved off 181. James Cleghorn Quit 182. Ed Sheley Quit 183. Hubert Burns In California 184. James Troy Quit Restored Sept. 4, 1907 Quit 185. Luster Dugger Baptized July 29, 1906 Quit 186. Arther Gears Deacon " 187. Molly Scribner " 188. ____ Scribner " 189. Fannie Flurnoy Moved off Moved back Baptized July 29, 1906 190. Reather Young 191. Lizzie Weaver Reclaimed Moved off 192. Oda Self Baptized Dec. 2, 1906 Moved off 193. Luther Dugger Baptized Sept. the 2, 1907 Quit 194. Cude Dugger Baptized Sept. the 5, 1907 Quit 195. James McDonald Baptized Sept. the 5, 1907 Quit Reclaimed 196. Wilson Tomlinson Baptized Sept. the 5, 1907 Quit 197. Winfred Tomlinson Restored Aug. 1914 Quit 198. Rubin Cleghorn Quit 199. James McDonald (Marked out) 199. Willie Self Quit 200. Willie McDonald Quit Restored Aug. 29th, 1914 201. Ethel Scribner 202. Bettie Melton Restored Moved off Came back Deceased Oct. 1, 1913 203. Ema Haley Put in membership Moved off 204. Ed Tomlinson Quit 205. Jinnie Tomlinson 205. Austin Pool Baptized Apr. 20th, 1908 Quit meeting Reclaimed Oct. 22nd, 1911 206. Hinry Stull Baptized May 17, 1908 Moved off 207. Mrs. Henry Stull Baptized May 17, 1908 Moved off 208. Ellie McDoniel Baptized June 21, 1908 209. Lolie Boillott Now Lolie Burns 210. George Inge Reclaimed Moved off Moved back Moved off Reclaimed Oct. 4, 1916 211. Jasper Roemines Baptized Aug. 2nd, 1908 Moved off 212. Lizzie Ladd Baptized Aug. 9th, 1908 213. Alice Chatlin Baptized Aug. 9th, 1908 Quit Now attending Old Methodist 214. Mimie Burns Now Mimie Tomlinson Baptized Aug. 11, 1908 Quit Restored Aug. 22, 1914 215. Adam Deck Baptized Aug. 11, 1908 216. Annie Moore Baptized Aug. 11, 1908 Moved off 217. Leone Conner Baptized Aug. 1, 1908 Quit Restored July 27th, 1912 Quit Returned Aug. 22, 1914 Now Leone McDoniel 218. Ople Wilson Now Ople Ford Departed this life Oct. 1st, 1913 219. Dan Harris Restored Quit meeting 220. Montie Smith Baptized Aug. 12, 1908 221. ______ Scribner Baptized Aug. 12, 1908 222. Bonner McDoniel Baptized Aug. 12, 1908 223. Girtie Parsons Baptized Aug. 12, 1908 224. Rube Arnold Baptized Dec. 19th, 1908 Quit 225. Rosy Burns Baptized Sept. 1909 226. Ross Conner Baptized Aug. 1909 Gone to the Methodist Returned Aug. 22, 1914 227. Laurah Scribner Baptized Sept. 1909 Quit July 17th, 1912 Quit 228. Charley Magness Baptized July 23rd, 1910 229. Jinnie Inge Baptized July 8th, 1911 Moved off 230. Mary Jane Dugger Baptized July 8th, 1911 Quit Restored Aug. 24th, 1914 231. Luster Dugger Baptized July 12th, 1911 Quit 232. Falis Journigan Baptized July 12th, 1911 233. Reber Jones Garner Baptized Oct. 28th, 1911 234. Gracy Smith Henderson Baptized Oct. 28th, 1911 235. Hubert Conner Baptized Oct. 29th, 1911 Quit Restored Aug. 26th, 1914 236. Birtie Williford Baptized Oct. 29th, 1911 Quit Restored Aug. 29th, 1914 237. Pearl Clad Phatts Baptized Oct. 31st, 1911 238. Jim Conner Baptized Nov. 1st, 1911 Moved off 239. Mrs. McJunkins Reclaimed Oct. 29th, 1911 240. Sam McJunkins Reclaimed July 1912 241. Mr. McJunkins Reclaimed July 1912 242. Joseph Burns Baptized July 27th, 1912 Moved off Moved back 243. Thomas Killian Baptized July 27th, 1912 Moved off 244. Georgia Scribner Baptized July 27th, 1912 245. John Foley Baptized July 27th, 1912 246. Tom Waldrip Baptized July 27th, 1912 247. Hether McPherson Baptized July 27th, 1912 Quit Restored Feb. 7, 1915 248. Charley Ford Baptized July 27th, 1912 249. Enos Tomlinson Baptized July 27th, 1912 Quit Went to the Baptist 250. Mary Scribner Baptized July 27th, 1912 Quit 251. Ester McPherson Baptized July 27th, 1912 Gone to Kansas 252. Ethel Parson Baptized July 27th, 1912 Gone to Jackson Co. 253. Maude McDoniel Baptized July 27th, 1912 254. Myrtle Ladd Baptized July 27th, 1912 Quit Restored Aug. 24, 1914 255. Ray Smith Baptized July 27th, 1912 256. Sibial Walker Baptized July 27th, 1912 Thomas Mary Jane Dugger Restored July 27, 1912 Quit 257. Charley Stevens Baptized July 28, 1912 Quit 258. Archie Ford Baptized July 28, 1912 Married Ople Wilson Drowned July 14th, 1914 259. Bonner Sheley Restored July 28, 1912 260. Fannie Bird Restored July 28, 1912 261. Bob Austin Baptized Aug. 13, 1913 262. Minnie Weaver Baptized Aug. 13, 1913 263. Hattie Dugger Baptized Aug. 13, 1913 Died Feb. 19 Moved to Monett 264. Ike Weaver Restored Aug. 13th, 1913 Killed by Lee Scribner 265. Tom McJunkins Baptized Aug. 23rd, 1914 Moved 266. Mrs. Lewis Baptized Aug. 23rd, 1914 267. Lillie Wiliford Baptized Aug. 23rd, 1914 268. Mrs. _____ Kay Baptized Aug. 23rd, 1914 269. Rosie Kay Baptized Aug. 23rd, 1914 270. Annie McJunkins Restored Aug. 22nd, 1914 271. Bob Freeze Restored Aug. 22nd, 1914 272. Waltar Head Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 273. Ella Snellgrove Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 274. Rosy Kay Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 275. Mabel Smith Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 Bridgman **NOTE: William Harrison Smith was her father. He was born in Indiana and died at her home on Jan. 10, 1948. Batesville Guard Jan. 13, 1948.** 276. Cintha Walker Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 277. Jack McDoniel Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 278. Blanche Walker Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 Young St. Louis, MO 279. Rosie McDoniel Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 280. Allie Homes Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 281. Kenard Hughes Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 282. Iva Scribner Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 283. George Ballard Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 Restored Feb. 7, 1915 284. Mr. Lee Dunken Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 285. Mrs. Maggie Dunken Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 286. Evert Dunken Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 287. Claria Burns Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 288. Jim Young Baptized Sept. 7th, 1914 289. Evert Storns Baptized Aug. 31st, 1914 Quit attending Moved off 290. Mary Boyman Baptized Aug. 31, 1914 291. Tom Scribner Restored Aug. 31, 1914 292. Elonzo Spears Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 293. Will Ballard Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 Gone back 294. Ruth Boillott Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 Moved 295. Essie Brooks Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 296. Ed Harkins Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 297. Mrs. Mag Harkins Baptized Nov. 6, 1914 298. Jim Hughes Baptized Oct. 1915 299. Dempse Freeze Baptized Oct. 1915 300. Buler Johnes Baptized Aug. 1916 301. Rena Fletcher Baptized Aug. 1916 302. Fay Burns Baptized Aug. 1916 303. Tint Hughes Baptized Aug. 1916

Alphabetical Index to Church Rolls Akron Church of God 1874

47. Ansheets, Joseph 50. Arnold, Katy 67. Beard, Caroline Born Jan. 1, 1831; married Thomas H. Beard; died Jan. 2, 1899; buried Akron 66. Beard, Thomas H. Born June 13, 1829; married Caroline ________; died Apr. 14, 1896; buried Akron 31. Blevens, Caroline 77. Blevens, Henderson 91. Boister, Lisa 99. Bovs, George 6. Brown, James C. Born 1847; married Nancy Dennis April 21, 1872. 58. Brown, J. W. (John?) 62. Brown, M. S. 14. Brown, N. E. (Nancy) Born Nancy Dennis 1849; married James C. Brown see); died Dec. 18, 1884 51. Burns, Henry H. Born June 28, 1839; married 1) Martha Hill Sept. 27, 1874; married 2) Jane Garner Pennington; died Dec. 28, 1896; buried Dugger Cemetery. 7. Byber, Jemima Born 1812; nee Henderson; married 1) Hugh Tomlinson Sept. 18, 1842; married 2) Adam Byber July 19, 1853; died Nov. 12, 1881. 37. Childress, Nancy A. Born 1850; nee Walker; married Richard Childress. 36. Childress, Richard Born 1848; married Nancy Walker March 4, 1869; died 1882 21. Coker, Tennessee Born May 4, 1847 nee Reeves; married 1) George W. Coker Aug. 9, 1871; married 2) Doctor C. Lane Jan. 2, 1876; died Aug. 7, 1924; buried Macedonia Cemetery. 97. Comer, R. 98. Comer, Maxon 81. Crownover, N. A. 46. Drennen, Joanna Born 1842; married James M. Mahan March 6, 1877; died 1878. 8. Drennen, Rebecca Born 1804 nee Robinson or Robertson ?; married Joseph Drennen Aug. 2, 1832; died Oct. 3, 1875. 41. Finch, Misey 68. Flanagan, Martha Born 1858 nee Hungate; married George W. Flanagan May 6, 1874. 75. Gains, W. H. (Wm.?) Married D. A. Haynes June 27, 1866. 25. Garner, W. L. 26. Garner, R. V. (Ruben?) 29. Garrett, Caroline 76. Harris, Mrs. 96. Harvel, Caroline 52. Henderson, Adam A. There were two Adam A. Hendersons. One was married to Rebecca Leggett Aug. 18, 1831. Another Adam A. Henderson was born in 1858 and married Miss Maggie E. Brown, age 22, on April 14, 1881. 45. Henderson, Will M. 106. Hicks, Martha J. 39. Holderby, Helender 49. Holderby, Martha Born 1839 nee Drennen; married Richard Holderby Jan. 10, 1860; 69. Holderby, Martha 9. Hulsey, Harriet Born 1835 nee Reeves; married 1) Mr. Bone; married 2) Jesse Hungate July 16, 1857; married 3) Warren Hulsey 103. Hulsey, Katy 60. Hulsey, Louisa Born 1844 nee Reeves; married Hardin Hulsey July 28, 1866. 19. Hulsey, Porter Born 1854; married 1) May J. Brown Jan. 22, 1874; married 2) Miss Elizabeth Criswell, age 20, Aug. 10, 1881 by M. L. Arnold 56. Hulsey, Robert W. Born 1851; married 1) Mary Gibbons Oct. 20, 1850 (?); married 2) Cordelia Hotchkiss Feb. 7, 1872. PROBLEM WITH DATES!!! 2. Hulsey, Warren Born 1833; married 1) Frances Reeves Aug. 23, 1853; married 2) Harriet Reeves Hungate (see). 55. Hulsey, William W. Born 1850; married Mary L. May July 4, 1870. 54. Hungate, James Born 1858; married Miss Harriet Brown, age 19, November 30, 1879. 23. Jones, Mrs. L. Nee Mary A. Hodges; married Levi M. Jones May 3, 1870. 93. King, Amanda E. Born 1860 nee Hamlin; married Moses A. King July 2, 1876; died Dec. 1884. 40. King, A. J. 33. King, Moses A. Born 1855; married Amanda E. Hamlin (see). 43. Lane, S. B. Died 1876 79. Martin, James 80. Martin, Zade L. 101. McCord, Osker 78. McGravack 92. McGravack, O. M. 48. McHenry, Sarah Born 1837 nee Drennen; married 1) Jackson McHenry Apr. 9, 1860; married 2) William A. Sorrells Dec. 13, 1868. 16. McKiney, John P. Married Mary Beard May 30, 1869; died 1875. 13. McKiney, Mary Nee Beard; married John P. McKiney (see); died 1877. 59. Mitchell, M. E. 57. Mitchell, T. R. 64. Morgan, Mariah Born Oct. 11, 1845 nee Arnold; married 1) Henry Holderby Dec. 10, 1866; married 2) James F. Morgan; died Nov. 25, 1882. 27. Morris, Ellen 5. Morris, W. H. 102. Nowlen, Molly 106. Owen, Alfred Born June 10, 1837; married 1) Malinda June Smith Dec. 23, 1855; married 2) Manda Smith Dec. 10, 1860; married 3) Mary Wheeler May 22, 1870; died Dec. 24, 1876; buried Akron. 35. Owen, Clint 94. Owen, J. M. Married Margaret F. Crone Dec. 24, 1868. 100. Owen, Lily 95. Owen, Maggie Nee Crow; Born July 5, 1850; died Dec. 9, 1928; married John M. Owen (see). 18. Palmer, Moley 30. Potts, Ed 63. Prince, Eveline 28. Prince, Nancy Born April 23, 1852 nee Arnold; married 1) Nathan Prince Feb. 6, 1870; married 2) Milton Todd March 15, 1877; married 3) N. M. Wilson May 3, 1885; died Oct. 15, 1925; buried Macedonia. 32. Prince, Nathan Born July 25, 1845; married Nancy Arnold Feb. 6, 1870; died July 15, 1876; buried Akron. 44. Porter, Miner Married Libby Prince (1874-1937). 42. Reeves, Rufus R. Born 1844; married 1) Caroline Kinman Oct 21, 1866; married 2) Mrs. Susan Bateman Feb. 11, 1972; Confederate veteran. 20. Robertson, Annie 1. Robertson, Harrison W. Born Oct. 9, 1828; married Jane Reeves; died Jan. 31, 1897; buried Macedonia. 15. Robertson, Jane Born 1834 nee Reeves; married Harrison W. Robertson (see); died Feb. 9, 1908. 17. Robertson, W. M. Died March 17, 18884. 73. Smith, Molly 74. Stephens, Kate 55. Stephens, R. B 61. Stephens, Sarah C. 70. Thornton, Mary A. 72. Tolbert, Amanda 71. Tolbert, Ellen 10. Tomlinson, Sarah Antinett Born 1838 nee Reeves; married 1) Dan Johnson June 11, 1856; married 2) John N. Tomlinson April 16, 1862; died Aug. 16, 1878. 34. Tomlinson, Hugh (Houston) Born 1847; married 1) Susan A. Reaves July 8, 1869; married 2) Mary Elizabeth Bundy Nov. 9, 1871. 22. Tomlinson, John N. Born May 10, 1827; married 1) Mary Sutherland; married 2) Antinett Reeves Johnson 1862; married 3) Lizzie Holderby January 3, 1888 (divorced 1893); died November 15, 1908; buried Blue Springs. 38. Tomlinson, Mary Born 1858 nee Bundy; married Hugh Tomlinson (see). 65. Tomlinson, Mary Helen 12. Tomlinson, Sarah Born June 5, 1846 (or 1849?) nee Porter; married W. H. Tomlinson 1863 (see); died Dec. 2, 1913; buried Akron. 3. Tomlinson, W. H. Born July 11, 1843; married Sarah Porter 1863; died Feb. 14, 1930; buried Akron. 53. Vandiver, W. J. 24. Walker, Rebecca Died April 7, 1876. 4. Wilson, Nathaniel M. Born March 15, 1840; married 1) Jane Drennen Jan. 17, 1861; married 2) Sarah M. ______ before 1870; married 3) Nancy Arnold Prince Todd May 3, 1885; died Oct. 11, 1923; buried Macedonia. 11. Wilson, Sarah M. Born 1848; married N. M. Wilson (see); died Dec. 17, 1882. 104. Young, Willis W. Born 1817; married Nancy Six June 11, 1840

Centerpoint Church Alphabetical Index

39. Arnold, Lizzie Born June 17, 1856 nee Hughes; married Martin Luther Arnold June 11, 1871; died June 11, 1928; buried Blue Springs. 55. Arnold, Martin Luther Born March 19, 1841; married 1) Elizabeth Adams Holderby; married 2) Nancy Elizabeth Hughes; died May 13, 1928; buried Blue Springs. 58. Arnold, Thomas A. Born October 12, 1865; died January 12, 1891; buried Akron. 43. Blalock, John W. Born June 3, 1834; married Martha Jane Walker Jones February 15, 1877; died February 27, 1902; buried Macedonia. 15. Blalock, Martha Jane Born August 5, 1847; nee Walker; married 1) _______ Jones; married 2) John W. Blalock (see); died February 22, 1923. 3. Blevens, H. 52. Boultinghouse, Della Born May 13, 1871; married William Joseph Cooper October 7, 1888; died June 17, 1949; buried Mt. Zion. 50. Boultinghouse, Henry Born April 29, 1867; married Viola Crabtree November 11, 1893; died February 11, 1953; buried Blue Springs. 16. Brown, James C. Born 1847; married Nancy Dennis April 21, 1872. 17. Brown, Nancy E. Born 1849 nee Dennis; married James C. Brown (see); died December 18, 1884. 12. Burns, Jane Born August 13, 1847 nee Garner; married 1) Benjamin V. Pennington Jan. 4, 1871; married 2) Henry H. Burns; died January 6, 1909; buried Dugger. 50. Cooper, William Joseph Born August 23, 1866; married Della Boultinghouse (see); died August 1, 1928; buried Mt. Zion West. 9. Ellis, Mary 34. Finch, Martha Born 1858 nee Clark; married James M. Finch February 3, 1876; died December 11, 1896. 2. Gains, Mrs. W. H. Nee D. A. Haynes; married W. H. Gains June 27, 1866. 1. Gains, William H. Married D. A. Haynes June 27, 1866. 11. Harrison, Mr. D. 26. Henderson, Hellen 38. Henderson, Mollie Died November 26, 1887. 57. Henderson, W. T. 25. Hicks, Martha 6. Holderby, Lizzie Born December 25, 1861; married 1) John N. Tomlinson January 3, 1888 (divorced 1893);married 2) Walter Pascoe; died December 1937; buried Blue Springs. 5. Holderby, Mattie Born 1868; married 1) George Nash; married 2) Arch Robertson; died December 20, 1937; buried Blue Springs. 28. Hulsey, Annie 18. Hulsey, J. W. (John?) 21. Hulsey, Porter Born 1854; married May J. Brown January 22, 1874; 53. Jones, Harriet Born 1856 nee Lawrence; married 1) Franklin Richardson 1856; married 2) Thomas Jones May 22, 1862. 56. Jones, T. L. Born 1838; married 1) Clemently H. Lawrence Richardson May 22, 1862. 27. King, Amanda E. Born 1860 nee Hamlin; married Moses A. King July 2, 1876; died December 1884. 32. Moses A. King Born 1853; married Amanda A. Hamlin July 2, 1876. 41. Lane, Ruth Tennessee Born May 4, 1847 nee Reeves; married 1) George W. Coker August 9, 1871; married 2) Doctor C. Lane January 2, 1876; died August 7, 1924; buried Macedonia. 13. Mayhan, William Married Narcissa J. Garrott October 29, 1865. 4. McGravic, O. H. 31. Owen, Maggie 45. Pectol, Eliza Born 1833; married Robert H. Pectol. 44. Pectol, Robert H. Born 1834. 51. Reeves, Rufus R. Born 1844; married 1) Caroline Kinman October 21, 1866; married 2) Mrs. Susan Bateman February 11, 1872; 8. Richmond, Nancy Glena ("Glennie") Born December 8, 1866; married W. H. Smith before 1890; died January 20, 1933; buried Blue Springs. 54. Robertson, Amanda 24. Robertson, Harrison W. Born October 9, 1828; married Jane Reeves Johnson August 29, 1861; died January 31, 1897; buried Macedonia. 23. Robertson, Jane Born 1834 nee Reeves; married 1) ________ Johnson; married 2) Harrison Robertson August 29, 1861; died February 9, 1908. 46. Seward, J. D. Born 1845; married 1) Mary Jane _______ ; married 2) Liza __________; buried Blue Springs. 49. Seward, Margaret 47. Seward, Mary A. Died November 26, 1887. 48. Seward, Mary Jane Born 1848; married J. D. Seward; buried Blue Springs. 37. Smith, Mollie 42. Staggs, George Died April 7, 1887. 30. Stephens, Katy 33. Thornton, Mary A. 40. Todd, Nancy Born April 23, 1852 nee Arnold; married 1) Nathan Prince February 6, 1870; married 2) Milton Todd March 15, 1877; died October 15, 1925; buried Macedonia. 35. Tolbert, Amanda 36. Tolbert, Ellen 7. Tomlinson, Alvira 22. Tomlinson, Sarah Born June 5, 1846 nee Porter; married W. H. Tomlinson; died December 2, 1913; buried Akron. 19. Tomlinson, W. H. Born July 11, 1843; married Sarah Porter; died February 14, 1930; buried Akron. 20. Wilson, Nathaniel M. Born March 15, 1840; married 1) Jane Drennen January 17, 1861; married 2) Sarah ________; married 3) Nancy Arnold Prince Todd may 3, 1885; died October 11, 1923; buried Macedonia.

Cleghorn Chapel 1886-1916 Alphabetical Index

161. Allen, Dara 52. Anderson, W. C. 140. Arnold, Brevard S. Born June 11, 1884; died October 2, 1952. 144. Arnold, Clara Married 1) Thomas Arnold; married 2) George Smith. 171. Arnold, Forrest Born July 25, 1886 (July 23, 1888?); married Leona McDonald; died April 17, 1927. 118. Arnold, Katie (Kathrine Lynn) Born March 15, 1880; married Luther Travis; died March 28, 1915; buried Dugger Cemetery. 8. Arnold, Lizzie (Nancy Elizabeth) Born June 17, 1856 (1857?) nee Hughes; married Martin Luther Arnold June 11, 1871; died June 11, 1928; buried Blue Springs. 7. Arnold, Martin Luther Born March 19, 1841; married 1) Elizabeth Adams Holderby April 5, 1859; married 2) Nancy E. Hughes; Confederate Veteran; died May 13, 1928; buried Blue Springs. 67. Arnold, Nora Neal Born May 29, 1876; married 1) Elbert Urbin Tomlinson; married 2) Needham Dempsey Freeze; died November 28, 1959; buried Blue Springs. 224. Arnold, Rube 75. Arnold, Sally 261. Austin, Robert Born September 13, 1894; married 1) Hattie Dugger January 4, 1914; married 2) Cynthia Walker October 15, 1933; died _____________. 283. Ballard, George Born March 10, 1893; married Clara Agnes Burns November 29, 1916; died June 14, 1982; buried Macedonia. 293. Ballard, Will 50. Beard, Charley 49. Beard, Thomas 85. Bilbrey, Jennie Nee McMillian; married W. J. Bilbrey; died July 5, 1891. 84. Bilbrey, W. J. (Willie) Born 1868; married Jennie McMillian; brother of Mary E. (Molly) Young. 260. Bird, Fannie 133. Blalock, Bertha Born February 16, 1883; married Fal Jernigan December 30, 1906; died February 14, 1975; buried Macedonia. 94. Blalock, Fannie Born November 26, 1877; died November 6, 1946; buried Macedonia. (Sarah Frances) 2. Blalock, John Wells Born June 3, 1834; married Martha Jane Walker Jones February 15. 1877; Confederate veteran, Kentucky Cavalry; died February 27, 1902; buried Macedonia. 4. Blalock, Martha Jane Born August 5, 1847 nee Walker; married 1) _______ Jones; married 2) John Wells Blalock; died February 22, 1923; buried Macedonia. 169. Blalock, Maud Born November 24, 1889; married James Madison Troy, Sr. January 15, 1908; died 1971; buried Macedonia. 134. Blalock, Minnie Born May 9, 1886; married William E. Woodson January 3, 1904; died November 8, 1972; buried Macedonia. 98. Boillott, Cynthia Born September 17, 1855 nee Johnson?; married Jules J. Boillott; died January 21, 1910; buried Macedonia. 97. Boillott, Jules J. Born September 9, 1850; married 1) Anna Callaway; married 2) Cynthia Johnson; died November 20, 1908; buried Macedonia. 209. Boillott, Lola Azallee Born April 12, 1893; married Jesse James Burns December 19, 1920; died February 5, 1969; buried Mack's Chapel. 294. Boillott, Ruth Born February 20, 1900; died July 10, 1977; married Hiram Morgan Pendergrass; (He died March 28, 1982.); buried in Texas. 42. Boultinghouse, Henry E. Born April 29, 1867; married Viola Crabtree 1893; died February 11, 1953; buried Blue Springs. 173. Bowman, Elizabeth Jane Born November 14, 1847; married William H. Bowman; died August 2, 1934; buried Blue Springs. 211. Bowman, Jasper 290. Bowman, Mary 172. Bowman, William H. Born February 10, 1839; married Elizabeth J. _______; Confederate veteran, Alabama; died February 20, 1912; buried Blue Springs. 295. Brooks, Essie 115. Brooks, Cyrus T. Born October 17, 1870; married Maggie Young; died June 8, 1936; buried Macedonia. 167. Burns, Alpha Born June 29, 1887; married Luther Dugger August 18, 1907; died May 15, 1983; buried Mack's Chapel. 150. Burns, Amanda Lena Born October 25, 1884; married John Foley June 16, 1912; died January 1, 1983; buried Mack's Chapel. 287. Burns, Clara Agnes Born July 29, 1896; married George Ballard November 29, 1916; died October 20, 1983; buried Mack's Chapel. 302. Burns, Fay Born February 1, 1903; married Walt Lindsey February 22, 1921; died (Molly Faynis) November 4, 1988; buried Blytheville, Arkansas. 16. Burns, Henry H. Born June 28, 1839; married 1) Martha Hill September 27, 1874; married Jane Garner Pennington; Confederate veteran; died December 28, 1896; buried Dugger Cemetery. 183. Burns, Hubert Layman Born February 4, 1886; married 1) Eula Henderson December 5, 1909; married 2) "Dodie"___________; died July 18, 1960; buried in California. 17. Burns, Jane Born August 13, 1847 nee Garner; married 1) Benjamin V. Pennington; married 2) Henry H. Burns; died January 6, 1909; buried Dugger Cemetery. 242. Burns, Joe Born 1859; married 1) Lilly ______; married 2) Lilly _________; married 3) Rose Hughes McDoniel; died in Missouri. 214. Burns, Mima Born December 26, 1893; married Wilson Tomlinson; died November 8, 1970; buried Kennett, Missouri. 81. Burns, Molly Born October 14, 1863 nee Holderby; married 1)Elijah J. Kinman May 21, 1878; married 2) Morgan B. Burns January 16, 1881; died June 13, 1913; buried Dugger Cemetery. 80. Burns, Morgan Bateman Born August 20, 1857; married Molly Holderby Kinman January 16, 1881; died March 3, 1928; buried Mack's Chapel (because he thought Dugger was too wet). 225. Burns, Rose Ann Born August 10, 1895; married Charley Ford August 12, 1912; still living June 4, 1998. 58. Campbell, Sally 213. Chatlin, Alice 137. Cleghorn, Annie 18. Cleghorn, Benjamin Born February 27, 1827; married 1) Mary _______; married 2) Zelphy Tomlinson December 16, 1877; Confederate veteran, 45th Arkansas Cavalry; died February 16, 1890; buried Macedonia. 151. Cleghorn, Eva 180. Cleghorn, James H. Born 1878. 198. Cleghorn, Rubin Married Lena Weaver about 1911; died 1934. 131. Conner, Eliza 176. Conner, Emma Born October 24, 1882; married Jim Canady; died January 12, 1910; buried Mack's Chapel. 235. Conner, Hubert Douglas Born January 19, 1895; married 1)Jessie Qualls; married 2) Myrtle Lott December 15, 1949; Living??? 238. Conner, Jim 217. Conner. Leone Eliza Born January 22, 1893; married William J. McDoniel, Sr. May 28, 1910; died March 28, 1970; buried Macedonia. 73. Conner, Benjamin Pim Born December 25, 1856; married Sarah _________; died November 14, 1910; buried Mack's Chapel. 226. Conner, Ross 74. Conner, Sarah Born October 25, 1856; married Pim Conner; died March 12, 1909; buried Mack's Chapel. 215. Deck, Adam Married Cora Fisher. 70. Deck, Dan Born October 20, 1860; married Jane Bilbrey; died October 3, 1902; buried Dugger Cemetery. 71. Deck, Jane Born September 20, 1863 nee Bilbrey; married Dan Deck; died May 27, 1912; buried Dugger Cemetery. 139. Dickson, Easter 89. Dugger, Bettie 194. Dugger, Cude Married Emma Smith 263. Dugger, Hattie Married Robert Austin January 4, 1914. 88. Dugger, J. T. 185. Dugger, Luster Married Mary Jane ________. 193. Dugger, Luther Born August 17, 1881; married Alpha Burns August 18, 1907; died January 7, 1933; buried Mack's Chapel. 230. Dugger, Mary Jane Married Luster Dugger. 303. Dugger, Mary Jane 286. Dunken, Evert 284. Dunken, Lee 285. Dunken, Maggie 21. Durham or Dunham, Margaret 166. Edgar, Fay Married Hugh Billington or Billinger. 53. Edwards, Turtle Dove Born July 20, 1872 nee Tomlinson; married 1) Wilson Alexander Edwards; married 2) J. I. Sturdivant; married 3) S. C. Beane; died July 24, 1937. 57. Finch, Martha Born 1858 nee Clark?; married James M. Finch February 3, 1876; died December 11, 1896. 51. Finch, W. H. (Henry?) 301. Fletcher, Rena 189. Flournoy, Fannie 45. Flournoy, Lafayette Born January 20, 1851; married Sarah Maloney December 4, 1873; died July 14, 1899; buried Mack's Chapel. 120. Flournoy, Maggie 46. Flournoy, Sarah Born 1851 nee Maloney; married Lafayette Flournoy; died January 21, 1908. 245. Foley, John Born March 23, 1886; married 1) Ida Young; married 2) Amanda Burns June 16, 1912; died February 6, 1965; buried Mack's Chapel. 258. Ford, Archie Married Opal Wilson; died July 14, 1914. 248. Ford, Charley Married Rose Burns August 4, 1912; buried Clarkton, Missouri. 271. Freeze, Robert 152. Freeze, Lue Born December 2, 1847; died February 3, 1937; buried Blue Springs. (Lucinda?) 299. Freeze, Needham Dempsey Born January 1, 1874; married Nora Arnold Tomlinson; died Feb. 8, 1933; buried Blue Springs. 143. Freeze, William Henry Married Matilda Boultinghouse. 36. Garner, Mary Ellen Born April 4, 1842 nee Soward; married Samuel S. Garner October 18, 1868; died June 22, 1917; buried Blue Springs. 155. Garner, Lucy Married _________ Inge. 33. Garner, Martha Born 1850 nee Alexander; married William G. Garner January 26, 1868; died ______________. 186. Gears, Arthur Married Nettie Dugger. 125. Gray, Lee 126. Gray, Mattie Died February 10, 1896. 121. Grear, W. A. 203. Haley, Emma 37. Hall, Nancy 29. Hamlett, Attie 296. Harkins, Ed Married Mag. 297. Harkins, Mrs. Mag 219. Harris, Dan 272. Head, Walter J. Born 1874; married Emily?; died 1967; buried Blue Springs. 27. Henderson, Hellen Born 1862 nee Porter?; married William Henderson; died February 12, 1909. 26. Henderson, John Born November 252, 1868; married 1) Catharine Lewis; married 2) Lillie Arnold; died May 23, 1950; buried Blue Springs. 138. Henderson, Libbie 47. Henderson, Nancy 76. Henderson, Robert 44. Hicks, Martha 69. Holderby, Dic Born 1874; married Lucien B. Harris April 30, 1895; died 1915? 280. Homes, Allie 157. Hughes, Hattie Born May 25, 1883; married Virgil Brooks?; died January 31, 1952; buried Macedonia. 13. Hughes, Elizabeth Jane Born December 1, 1841 (1844?) nee Sturch; married 1) William McDoniel January 18, 1858; married Sam Hughes September 24, 1865; died July 27, 1916; buried Macedonia. (Reference October 1973 Chronicle, page 48-56 for information on the Sturch family.) 298. Hughes, James Born January 1, 1880; married Tint Hogan February 2, 1907; died January 26, 1964; buried Macedonia. 281. Hughes, Kenard Born January 17, 1896; married Leitha ______; died April 2, 1969; (Cunard) buried Macedonia. 65. Hughes, Libbie Born 1866. 147. Hughes, Lucy Nee Hughes; Born September 19, 1877; died July 5, 1961; buried Macedonia. 12. Hughes, Samuel M. Born June 27, 1842; married Elizabeth Jane Sturch McDoniel September 24, 1865; Confederate veteran; died February 3, 1914; buried Macedonia. 303. Hughes, Tint Lenora Born January 20, 1876 nee Hogan; married Jim Hughes February 2, 1907; died October 11, 1964; buried Macedonia. 210. Inge, George 229. Inge, Jinnie 175. Jackson, Martha 232. Jernigan, Fal Born September 14, 1882; married Bertha Blalock December 30, 1906; (see Journigan) died January 8, 1964; buried Macedonia. 72. Jones, Ada 148. Jones, Annie 300. Jones, Beulah L. Born April 2, 1902; married Herman H. Nauman December 1, 1918; died August 24, 1987; buried Blue Springs. 86. Jones, Hilbert Born December 26, 1873; married Susie Hammonds October 4, 1899; died June 4, 1954; buried Macedonia. 62. Jones, John Tom "Doc" Born November 8, 1868; married Rittie Miller June 3, 1894; died November 15, 1928; buried Macedonia. 233. Jones, Reba Born December 3, 1898; married Joe Garner; died 1948 Santa Monica, California. 63. Jones, Rittie E. Born October 9, 1878 nee Miller; married John Tom "Doc" Jones; died July 6, 1965; buried Macedonia. 87. Jones, Susie Born May 27, 1882 nee Hammonds; married Hilbert Jones October 4, 1899; died September 19, 1952; buried Macedonia. 232. Journigan, D. Falis SEE Jernigan, Fal. 268. Kay, Mrs. Married James Kay. 269. Kay, Rosie 274. Kay, Rosy 35. Kennerly, Molly M. Born April 4, 1862; married J. H. Kennerly; died January 11, 1902; buried Crow Cemetery. 243. Killian, Thomas 212. Ladd, Lizzie 254. Ladd, Myrtle 19. Lambert, George 266. Lewis, Mrs. 228. Magness, Charley Born September 23, 1881; married Myrtle Smith February 23, 1908; died August 24, 1970; buried Blue Springs. 48. McCaly, G. W. 59. McCoy, A. M. (Albert?) 107. McDonald, Ed Born September 11, 1861; married Rosie Lee Hughes October 12, 1884; (Thomas Edward) died October 17, 1908; buried Blue Springs. 208. McDonald, Ellie 160. McDonald, George 195. McDonald, James 11. McDonald, John Born 1815. 109. McDonald, Rose Lee Born August 28, 1867 nee Hughes; married 1) Thomas Edward McDonald; married 2) Joe Burns; died February 25, 1963; buried Blue Springs. 159. McDonald, Will Edward Born March 2, 1875; married Bonner Magness; died July 24, 1956; buried Mack's Chapel. 200. McDonald, Willie Born September 29, 1888; married Leone Conner; died September 21, 1974; (William James) buried Macedonia. 222. McDoniel, Bonner Born February 18, 1885 nee Magness; married Will McDoniel; died 1966; buried Mack's Chapel. 277. McDoniel, Jack Died about 1918. 253. McDoniel, Maud Born October 31, 1897; married Odell O. Rutledge; died August 3, 1943; buried Blue Springs. 279. McDoniel Rosie Nell 270. McJunkins, Mr. 239. McJunkins, Mrs. Buried Macedonia. 240. McJunkins, Sam J. Born March 25, 1880; married 1) Mary ________; married 2) Tildy Grisham Marler; died August 19, 1956; buried Macedonia. 265. McJunkins, Tom 95. McMillian, F. Lonzo Married Mattie Owen; buried Dugger Cemetery (no headstone). 96. McMillian, Mattie Born Feb. 3, 1873 nee Owen; married Lonzo McMillian; died Dec. 4, 1925; buried Dugger Cemetery. 251. McPherson, Ester 247. McPherson, Hether 54. McPherson, Jennie L. Born 1850 nee Hughes; married Isaac McPherson August 5, 1877. 202. Melton, Bettie Died October 1, 1913. 141. Melton, Dave C. Union veteran, Company H, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, U.S.A.; died 1900; buried Macedonia. 122. Melton, Fannie 154. Melton, Minnie 123. Melton, Mrs. 114. Moore, Annie Married John A. Moore. 153. Moore, Jennie C. Born 1885; married John A. Moore; died 1967; buried Blue Springs. 216. Moore, John A. Born September 6, 1868; married Annie _______; died April 28, 1908. 181. Nauman, C. L. 179. Nauman, S. A. 9. Owen, B. F. Married Zilphia _______ Cleghorn?. He was Rubin Cleghorn's step-father. See 1910 census. 78. Owen, Julia Born December 6, 1871; married Allen B. Owen; died August 11, 1941; buried Dugger Cemetery. 30. Owen, Mary Born September 28, 1845 nee Wheeler; married Alfred Owen May 22, 1870; died January 25, 1902; buried Dugger Cemetery. 10. Owen, Zilphia Married B. F. Owen. 165. Page, Etter ("Nettie") Married 1)Jim Canady; married 2) Bill Page; buried Blue Springs. 164. Page, Winnie 252. Parson, Ethel 223. Parson, Gertrude 168. Parson, Viola Nee Gennings? 31. Pascoe, Jennie Born October 25, 1868; married Dr. V. L. Pascoe; died June 12, 1941; (Virginia B.) buried Blue Springs. 79. Pennington, Elizabeth Born 1870. 237. Platt, Pearl Clad Nee Platt; married ___________ Fields. 60. Polk, Jennie Born January 8, 1873; married Willis Polk; died May 9, 1948; buried Sulphur Rock, Arkansas. 205. Pool, Austin 163. Powell, Jennie Born 1890; married Robert Cargle Seward; buried Blue Springs. 100. Powell, Mattie Born 1857 nee Day; married Hulbert B. Powell January 26, 1882; died 1931; buried Blue Springs. 124. Randolph, S. 32. Ratton, Lucy Married R. R. Ratton? 14. Robertson, Harrison W. Born October 9, 1828; married 1) Mary J. _______ca. 1850; married 2) Jane Reeves Johnson August 29, 1861; died January 31, 1897; buried Macedonia. 15. Robertson, Jane Born 1827 (or 1836?) nee Reeves; married 1) James M. Johnson; married 2) Harrison W. Robertson August 29, 1861; died February 5, 1908. 211. Roemines, Jasper See Bowman, Jasper. 25. Rutledge, Arch 22. Rutledge, Ophelia 24. Sarrell, Sally Born 1838 nee Drennen; married 1) Jackson McHenry in 1860; married 2) William A. Sorrells December 13, 1868. Uncle Jet and Aunt Lola used to call each other Will and Sally Sorrells for name-calling. 40. Sandlin, J. T. 20. Scribner, C. Born October 30, 1856 nee Pettijohn; married 1) Thomas Dugger; married 2) (Charlotte) Samuel Scribner; died February 12, 1942; buried Mt. Zion. 201. Scribner, Ethel 244. Scribner, Georgia Born July 4, 1893; married Gussie Herley; died May 1961. 221. Scribner Baptized August 12, 1908. 282. Scribner, Iva Married Grover Parish; died in 1960's. 227. Scribner, Lawrence Buried Mt. Zion. 250. Scribner, Mary Nee Creasey; married Tom Scribner; buried Kansas City, Missouri. 187. Scribner, Mollie Born July 4, 1893; married 1) Albert Frye; married 2) Jack Withers; died 1976. 291. Scribner, Tom Married Mary Creasey; died 1952. 192. Self, Oda Married Arvel Smith? 200. Self, Willie Born October 7, 1865; died July 27, 1939; buried Blue Springs. Another Willie Self was born September 8, 1885; died August 5, 1957; buried Macedonia. 92. Sheley, Bonner Born May 29, 1878; married Ophelia Virginia "Fee" Hogan January 11, 1903; buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Batesville, Arkansas. 119. Sheley, Corah Mae Born May 18, 1881; married Ed Travis; died June 17, 1901; buried Dugger Cemetery. 182. Sheley, Ed Born November 1889; died March 1, 1908; never married. 91. Sheley, Nancy Jane Born 1844 nee Brittain; married John Sheley; died September 16, 1926; buried Dugger Cemetery. 90. Sheley, John Born 1843; married Jane Brittain; Confederate veteran; died January 15, 1943; buried Dugger Cemetery. 140. Smith, B. J. Born April 22, 1880; married 1) _______ Snapp; married 2) Emily Jackson Morgan; died November 4. 1954; buried Egner-Powell Cemetery. 104. Smith, Ed 112. Smith, Edna Nee Smith; married Elmer Smith buried Macedonia. 111. Smith, Elmer Married Edna Smith; buried Macedonia. 83. Smith, Glennie Born December 8, 1886 nee Richmond; married William H. Smith; (Nancy Glena) died January 20, 1933; buried Blue Springs. 234. Smith, Gracy Married Clyde Henderson. 56. Smith, James Born 1861; died March 11, 1908. 162. Smith, Ludie Born April 25, 1883 nee Burns; married William Gordon "Bud" Smith March 29, 1904; died January 1, 1971; buried Blue Springs. 275. Smith, Mable Born February 16, 1899; married Edgar Bridgman December 9, 1917; died December 1, 1969. William Harrison Smith was her father. 220. Smith, Montie Married Tom Waldrip; buried Blue Springs. 170. Smith, Myrtle Susan Born February 19, 1890; married Charley Magness February 23, 1908; died December 1, 1979; buried Blue Springs. 255. Smith, Rae Married Willie Smith? 106. Smith, William Born November 19, 1856 in Indiana; married Glennie Richmond; died Harrison January 10, 1848; buried Blue Springs. 82. Smith, W. M. 273. Snelgrove, Ella 292. Spears, Alonzo 149. Staggs, Mary 116. Stephens, John 117. Stephens, Tab (Mary) Born 1870; married John Stephens (Freeman); died 1930; buried Macedonia. 257. Stephens, Charlie 289. Storms, Evert 206. Stull, Henry 207. Stull, Mrs. Henry 34. Suget, Katie 256. Thomas, Sibial Born January 16, 1899 nee Walker; married Virgil Thomas; died February Walker 27, 1940; buried Macedonia. 132. Todd, (Newton) Arnold Born July 8, 1882; married Mary Ann "Molly" Blalock July 8, 1903; died March 15, 1974; buried Houston, Texas. 174. Tomlinson, Ida Born September 12, 1886; married William Joseph Freeze August 31, 1910; Beatrice died September 1, 1972; buried Blue Springs. 39. Tomlinson, Elizabeth Married William B. Tomlinson; died in the 1920's; buried Macedonia. 204. Tomlinson, Henry Born February 24, 1882; married Jennie Troy; died April 29, 1969; Edward buried Macedonia. 249. Tomlinson, Enos John Born June 30, 1901; married Elvira "Varrie" Grisham; buried Kennett, Missouri. 66. Tomlinson, Gertie Born July 22, 1875; married Lee Walker; died April 7, 1940; buried Macedonia. Priscilla Gertrude 43. Tomlinson, J. H. 205. Tomlinson, Jennie Born April 8, 1879 nee Troy; married Ed Tomlinson; died December 17, 1949; buried Macedonia. 23. Tomlinson, John N. Born May 10, 1827; married 1) Mary Sutherland March 11, 1851; married 2) Sarah Antoinette Johnson April 6, 1862; married 3) Lizzie Holderby January 3, 1888 (divorced 1893); died November 15, 1908; buried Blue Springs. 130. Tomlinson, John W. Born May 8, 1866; died December 30, 1889; buried Akron. 129. Tomlinson, Maggie 135. Tomlinson, Myrtle Died February 16, 1899. 3. Tomlinson, Sarah Born June 5, 1846 nee Porter; married W. H. Tomlinson in 1863; died December 2, 1913; buried Akron. 1. Tomlinson, William H. Born July 11, 1843; married Sarah Porter in 1863; Confederate veteran, Arkansas; died February 14, 1930; buried Akron 196. Tomlinson, Wilson Born February 2, 1889; married Mima Burns November 19, 1911; died September 1989; buried Kennett, Missouri. 197. Tomlinson, Winfred Married Maggie Ballard. 61. Travis, Cora Cordelia Born June 7, 1872 nee Arnold; married Robert E. Lee Travis; died August 8, 1896; buried Dugger Cemetery. 184. Troy, James Madison Born October 15, 1887; married Maud Blalock January 15, 1908; died September 20, 1896; buried Macedonia. 104. Troy, Janie Nee Jack; married Will Troy; buried Sulphur Rock, Arkansas. 28. Troy, Margaret Jane Born February 25, 1846 nee Burnham; married Alfred Edgar Troy February 11, 1869; died April 4, 1901; buried Macedonia? 103. Troy, William Alfred Born July 24, 1871; married Jane Jack; died January 21, 1958; buried Macedonia. 77. Tuggle, Julia Born 1831; married James C. Tuggle. 64. Tuggle, Margaret Mae Born January 26, 1874 nee Arnold; married 1) Morgan Vaughan Tuggle; married 2) John Henry Holderby; died October 16, 1943. 178. Upjohn, Ed 246. Waldrip, Tom Married Montie Smith. 278. Walker, Blanche Married 1) James Young; married 2) _______ Burns. 276. Walker, Cynthia Born January 17, 1901; married Bob Austin October 15, 1933; died September 1996. 38. Walker, Emily Married Dick Walker. 128. Walker, Lee Born November 20, 1868; married Gertie Tomlinson; died March 21, 1956; buried Macedonia. 127. Walker, Mary E. Born December 20, 1838 nee Blankenship; married Jim Walker (Confederate veteran) January 9, 1868; died May 11, 1924; buried Macedonia. 264. Weaver, Ike 191. Weaver, Lizzie 262. Weaver, Minnie 236. Williford, Birtie Married Lillie _______. 267. Williford, Lillie Married Birtie Williford. 6. Wilson, Nancy Born April 23, 1852 nee Arnold; married 1) Nathan Prince February 6, 1870; married 2) Milton Todd March 15, 1877; married 3) Nathaniel M. Wilson May 3, 1885; died October 15, 1925; buried Macedonia. 5. Wilson, Nathaniel M. Born March 15, 1840 in Mississippi; married 1) Jane Drennen January 17, 1861; married 2) Sarah ______; married 3) Nancy Arnold Prince Todd May 3, 1885; Confederate veteran, Arkansas Cavalry; died October 11, 1923; buried Macedonia. 218. Wilson, Opal Born August 6, 1894; married Archie Ford; died October 1, 1913; buried Dugger Cemetery. 68. Wilson, Vic 158. Wilson, Zenobia Born August 2, 1886; never married; died October 31, 1905. 108. Young, Annie 136. Young, Hattie Married _____ Ethridge? 146. Young Ida Born February 6, 1887; married John Foley; died December 25, 1910; buried Dugger Cemetery. 288. Young, James Born August 4, 1895; married Blanche Walker; died November 16, 1918; buried Dugger Cemetery. 110. Young, Maggie Born October 6, 1875; married Cyrus T. Brooks; died October 27, 1946; buried Macedonia. 145. Young, Mary (Mollie) Born September 4, 1854 (1860?) nee Bilbrey; married W. P. Young; died May 2, 1942; buried Dugger Cemetery. 190. Young, Reather Married _________ Sammons. 101. Young, W. F. 102. Young, W. P. Born July 2, 1854; married Mary E. "Mollie" Bilbrey; died August 3, 1934; buried Dugger Cemetery. APPENDIXES APPENDIX I Obituary of W. H. Tomlinson from the Gospel Advocate April 10, 1930 Death of W. H. Tomlinson by W. F. Lemmons Brother W. H. Tomlinson, of Newark, Arkansas, passed to his reward on February 14, 1930. He was born on July 11, 1843. Therefore, he lived eight-six years, seven months, and three days on earth. At the age of twenty, he was married to Miss Sarah Porter, who died several years ago. To this union were born thirteen children, five of whom are still living -- Mrs. Lee Walker, E. J. Tomlinson, and H. E. Tomlinson, of Magness, Arkansas, and Mrs. W. J. Freeze and W. K. Tomlinson, of Newark, Arkansas. He had twenty-one grandchildren. He was buried in Akron Cemetery by the side of his wife. Brother Tomlinson obeyed the gospel at the age of eighteen and served as one of the elders of the church at Blue Springs, which was established before the Civil War. Many years later the Blue Springs Church was abandoned, when part of the members established themselves at Magness and part at Newark, Brother Tomlinson serving as elder of the church at Magness. I knew Brother Tomlinson for many years. I held my first protracted meeting under his eldership, about 1897, and two others, 1911 and 1912, and have preached there many times since, preaching both at Magness and at Newark. Hs abandoned his work as elder about 1914 [his wife died in 1913] and went to Newark, where he made his home with his children. He was baptized during the Civil War, and, if my memory serves me correctly, my grandfather baptized him, and later appointed him to the eldership of the Blue Springs Church, a congregation that was established by my grandfather years before the Civil War. Brother Tomlinson was present when a man shot at my grandfather while he was baptizing his wife in the creek near the Blue Springs Church. It is a fact that he later baptized the man who shot at him. These were pioneer days in Northeast Arkansas. Sectarianism had blood in its eyes, as it were, and to preach the primitive gospel was the sin against the Holy Ghost with the sects. Brother Tomlinson stood firm for the truth and developed into a good teacher, but was considered a radical in his later days, as some began to soften and demand that the "prophets speak pleasant things" to them. But he was never moved away from what he believed to be the truth; however, when he was convinced that he was wrong about anything, he was quick to acknowledge his fault. Serving the church more than fifty years as elder and teaching them constantly, it is but natural that he should make some enemies. His plainness of speech came both by nature and by the fact that he was taught the truth by my grandfather, who always "called a spade a spade." After all, he made more friends than enemies, for the hosts of heaven are friends to those who live the Christian life and refuse to compromise the truth when they teach, and who "shun not to declare the whole counsel of God," even in the fact of apposition. The passing of Brother Tomlinson mark the last, I believe, of the old guard who were "pillars of the church" when I held my first protracted meeting under their leadership. I might mention Judge Arnold, Brother Burns, Brother Wilson, and their wives, all of whom were good friends of mine to the day of their death. As I wrote these lines I can look through the tears and behold the glory as they abide in the sunshine of God's eternal glory and blessings over there, and I recall how often we have sung together, "In the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore." May God's grace and goodness and the loyalty of Brother Tomlinson comfort the broken-hearted family and friends which he has left for only a short time, to again be united over there, if faithful to the end APPENDIX II Article taken from the early newspaper The Newark Journal Written in December 1937 Early Settlers of this Community To the Newark Journal.-- Many years ago there lived in Newark two families by the name of Reeves and Young. They were natives of Tennessee. The families were neighbors and very close friends. One day Johnathan Reeves, who at that time was a very small boy, was over to the home of Martha Young, who was a very small baby. Martha was in her cradle and was crying. So Martha's mother, being busy with her work, said, "Johnathan, if you will rock that baby you may have her when she gets grown." So he did rock the baby and when she was a young lady he held Mrs. Young to her word. So they were happily married and lived here many years. Johnathan Reeves was a shoemaker and made his living by making shoes. They were a very happy family, as they were Christians, each belonging to the Church of Christ. Unto this union 16 children were born, 11 girls and 5 boys. People that know, said it was a beautiful sight to see them come to church, all the little girls wearing calico aprons and calico bonnets. This couple has lots of relatives in Newark. Following is their generation and who they married: The girls were Margaret, who married John Beard; Jane, who married Harrison Robertson; Francis, who married Warren Hulsey; Harriet, who married three times, first to Bone Wilson, then to Jim Hungate, and later to Warren Hulsey; Nettie was married twice, first to Dan Johnson and later to John Tomlinson; Martha Louise, who was a twin to Rufus, married Hardin Hulsey; Kate married John Arnold; Tennessee married George Coker, and following his death she married D. C. Lane; Mandy married Hugh Tomlinson. Fredonia and Sophrona were never married. The Reeves boys were John, Benjamin, Rufus R., a twin to Louise, Billie, and Frank. Mrs. D. C. Lane was the last of these children to die. She died August 7, 1924, at the age of 77 years, having lived her entire life in this community. D. C. Lane, who was her husband, is still living, and on Tuesday of this week, December 28, he celebrated his 86th birthday. [D. C. Lane, born December 28, 1851; died September 21, 1941; buried Macedonia.] Mrs. L. E. Wilson APPENDIX III History of the Newark Church of Christ 1860 - 1953 (Author Unknown) In the year of 1860 the congregation of the Church of Christ met and worshipped at Blue Springs in what was called a union building. Later, John Tomlinson gave a lot where the Methodist Church now stands for union services. The members worshipped there until 1890, when John Tomlinson gave two lots, and a frame building was erected where the present building is now located. Josephas Lemons did the first preaching in this building. At this time, elders were Cal Seward, Dee Seward, and Adam Henderson. Deacons were W. J. Cooper and Mr. Wells. About the year 1905, J. W. Henderson and J. H. Holderby were chosen as elders to take the place of those that had passed away, and the deacons were H. E. Boultinghouse, Porter Hulsey, and Ben Magness. The building was blown down by a tornado in the summer of 1934. Services were conducted in the school building until the present building was erected in the fall of the same year. The elders were then J. E. [Joseph Elijah] Henderson, Charles Moore, Aubrey Miller, and John Ingram. The deacons were H. E. Boultinghouse, Lou Wilson, H. T. Magness, Clyde Boultinghouse, and Hubert Cooper. C. C. Hance preached the first sermon in the new building. At present time, there is a membership of over two hundred, and the congregation is growing in every way. The congregation has been able to support a regular minister for the past five years, in addition to many other good works. The first regular minister was Roy Henderson who stayed with the congregation about three and on-half years. The present minister is Eugene Britnell who has worked with the congregation for over a year. In 1952 the average attendance was two hundred nineteen, and the average contribution was one hundred ten dollars. The congregation has two gospel meetings each year, supports a thirty-minute radio program each week, plus helping in many other things too numerous to mention. At present, the contribution for one Sunday each month is being placed in a building fund with the hopes of having anew building in the near future. In 1950 the congregation completed a nice minister's home near the church building. The present elders are John Ingram, Lonnie Moxley, and Clyde Boultinghouse. The deacons are T. W. Cooper, Denver Boultinghouse, and Frank Bridgman. Services are conducted each Lord's Day morning and evening and each Wednesday evening. A special invitation is always extended to visitors, as well as local citizens, to attend these services. NOTE: January 1970 Chronicle, page 19: Elzy Brown, Church of Christ at Blue Spring, August 21, 1868; C-398, September 22, 1869. This was listed in Marriage Book C in the Independence County clerk's office, giving the credentials of the men as preachers, elders, and deacons. NOTE: Eugene Britnell was born September 28, 1924. His wife Madelene was born September 12, 1925. In January 1998 they live at 23046 Highland Drive, Athens, Alabama 35613, 1-205-232-1120. Mr. Britnell is the minister for the Hays Mill congregation in Athens. His son Keith Britnell lives next door, and his son Oren Britnell lives in Madison, Alabama where he is an elder at the Gooch Lane congregation. They went to Tuckerman, Arkansas in 1954 from Newark, then to Little Rock from 1961-1987. I visited the Britnells on January 19, 1998. They bought a book and Mr. Britnell made a photocopy of the letter that I received from Reuel Lemmons, which he declared was a collector's item by itself. Appendix IV Obituary of Morgan B. Burns from the Gospel Advocate April 1928 Brother Morg Burns, of Magness, Ark., died on March 3, 1928. He was born on August 20, 1855. He was married to Molly Holderby in 1880, to which union were born fifteen children, of whom twelve survive. He obeyed the gospel in 1900. Every preacher that has held meetings at Magness for a quarter of a century will remember Brother Burns, whose home was not more than a stone's cast from the church house. He was truly a preacher's friend, an enthusiastic worker in the church, and his innocent peculiarities and manner of expression made a lasting impression on all who knew him. I reached Magness on March 1, and learning that he was sick, Brother Jernigan and I drove by to see him. As an example of his peculiar manner of expression, he said to me: "Well, I am through. I don't want a thing--no cattle, sheep, hogs--not a thing. I have nothing to do but to die." I have known him many years, as I held my first protracted meeting at Magness in 1898, and have held meetings there since and preached numerous times. Brother Burns was a Christian and an untiring worker in the church. He was a real asset to the congregation, and none would be missed more than Brother Burns. Funeral services were conducted by the writer in the church house. May his children remember his good counsel, and join him "in the sweet by and by." W. F. Lemmons Letter received by Liz Burns Glenn from Brother Reuel Lemmons: 8/24/87 Dear Sister Liz ---- Your book and note was forwarded to me here in Silverton, Colorado where I am trying to get a little rest and vacation. I devoured every line of it! Many of the family names are very familiar to me. The W. F. Lemmons (Will) was a 2nd cousin of mine. His relating of the shooting incident at the baptism is accurate. Let me add another note to the story. Following the baptism one of John Lemmons' hogs got out of the pen and the man shot the hog. My great-grandfather dressed the hog and took half of it over to the man's house and gave it to him. That act did eventually result in the man's conversion. The Josephus Lemmons who did the first preaching in the new Newark building was a son of John Lemmons and was my grandfather. He was an uncle of W. F. Lemmons. Some of my relatives lived in the Oil Trough community and I believe W. F. Lemmons married a girl from that community. I enjoyed every page of your book and appreciate very much your sending me a copy. May I suggest that you send a copy to the Restoration Library at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX, 79699 - Attention: Bill Humble. They have by far the best collection of early church history in existence. I can assure you that your book would be a valuable addition to their collection, and that they would preserve it forever. Any time I can be of service to you, please call on me. Yours in the Faith, Reuel Lemmons from the Batesville Guard, 1988 County society's publication receives two historical awards The Independence County Historical Society's publication, the Chronicle, was honored Friday night with two awards during the annual meeting of the Arkansas Historical Association at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Barbara Lindsey Allen, a student and staff member in charge of the archives in the Regional Study Center at Arkansas College, won first prize for articles concerning school histories. Allen's article, entitled "The Death and Resurrection of Arkansas College," included research of AC during the discouraging years of the Great Depression. Allen's article was in the October 1987-January 1988 issue of the Chronicle. Another first-place award was won by Liz Burns Glenn of Madison, Alabama, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burns of Batesville for exhaustive research and writing the history of Cleghorn Chapel, 1874-1916. Her writing, published in volume 28 of the Chronicle, included maps, memberships lists, and changes in the Church of Christ at Akron, Newark, and Magness. The awards were made at the AHA annual banquet in ASU's new Convocation Center. Both recipients were present to receive the awards Arkansas Angels by Boyd Morgan John M. Lemmons 1816 The eldest of the Arkansas Angels (messengers of God's word) of Northeast Arkansas, of whom I can find record, is Brother John M. Lemmons, who was born in Virginia in 1816. He moved with his parents to Warren County, Tennessee in 1818. He married and lived in Warren County until 1851, when he moved to Arkansas, locating first in Independence County. After one year, he moved to Randolph County. John M. was a preacher of the Church of Christ. I know nothing of his conversion or when he first began preaching, except that for more that forty years he preached the gospel of Christ. He died in 1898 at the age of 82. In the same year he moved to Randolph County, he and his oldest sons (he was the father of seven sons and two daughters) and two or three neighbors built a log church building on Hubble Creek, one mile south of Birdell, Arkansas. In 1862, during the Civil War, this house burned, and in 1866 Brother Lemmons and others built another on Carter Creek. They retained the name "Hubble Creek"; however. Brother Lemmons did much to help establish the church in North Arkansas. He served as an elder as well as a preacher. Two of his sons, Peyton and Josephus, were preachers of great ability, and were among the leading preachers of the Churches of Christ of North Arkansas and South Missouri. There have been a number of ministers in each generation and a family of descendants of John M. Lemmons. Brethren Reuel Lemmons and A. G. Lemmons are direct descendants of this grand pioneer preacher. The old Hubble Creek meeting house still stands, and the Lemmons go back once a year and hold a reunion of the grounds. It is almost inaccessible. The congregation has moved out to Highway 62 and meets at Birdell. I conducted a gospel meeting (my second) with the Hubble Creek church in the old meeting house when I was 18 years old. This was August 1935. During research, I discovered an article written by W. F. Lemmons, in memory of Brother W. H. Tomlinson who served the church as elder for more than fifty years, and who passed to his reward February 14, 1930, aged 86. The article was in the Gospel Advocate of April 10, 1930, and gives more information on this pioneer preacher of restoration days. "He (Brother Tomlinson) was baptized during the Civil War, and if my memory serves me correctly, my grandfather baptized him, and later appointed him to the eldership of the Blue Springs Church, a congregation that was established by my grandfather before the Civil War." Since the Blue Springs Church was in Independence County, it is most likely that Brother Lemmons began it there in either 1851 or 1852 when he lived in Independence County for one year. It is evident that he returned there to preach as the above baptizing took place during the Civil War and later the appointment of Brother Tomlinson as an elder was made. Many years later the Blue Springs Church was abandoned, when part of the members established themselves at Magness and part at Newark. The church was a forerunner of the present churches now located at these two places. The article continues: "Brother Tomlinson was present when a man shot at my grandfather while he was baptizing his wife in the creek near the Blue Springs Church. It is a fact that he later baptized the man who shot at him. These were pioneer days in Northeast Arkansas. Sectarianism had blood in its eyes, as it were, and to preach the primitive gospel was the sin against the Holy Ghost with the sects." The article further stated of Brother Tomlinson that his plainness of speech cam both by nature and by the fact that he was taught the truth by my grandfather, who always called a spade a spade. Mt. Zion Church of Christ by Virgle Cash (this is from a letter dated Feb. 2, 1987) First house built in 1850. Log house. Predominant leaders families of the Duffs and Brittains. Second house built in 1868 - 20 X 26 feet. The logs were hewn mostly by Civil War soldiers. The seats were split logs. Edmond McDoniel, James B. Henderson, and Albert Lock were chosen as the first elders. Granville Cash first deacon. James Morgan Lemmons of Pocahontas, Arkansas first preacher. Third house built in 1909. 40 X 60 feet. James McDoniel first preacher in this building. L. D. Cox, J. W. Cooper, and B. F. Cash first elders. J. T. Cash and W. M. Boultinghouse first deacons. Fourth house built in 1954. 28 X 40 feet. Other elders elected in 1900 were Jimmy Rutledge, Clyde Hance, George Marshall. Deacons Roy Boultinghouse and Shelby Cash. Information from letters sent to me after the Cleghorn Chapel Church Book was published: John C. Radford, wife Nancy 528 Rewold Drive Rochester, Michigan 48307-2231 1-810-651-0159 January 8, 1994 I am John C. Radford, born 1921. My mother is Ruth Boillette, my aunt Lola Boillette, my grandfather George Boillette, my great-grandfather Jules J. Boillette. My great-grandmother was Anna Callaway I have been told. I saw the Cleghorn Chapel Church Book that my niece, Caroline Nichols had; she was at Berniece Peek's funeral.
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