Excerpted from COMMUNIST REVOLUTION in the STREETS by Gary Allen

He is a winner of a Nobel "peace" prize, but he is continually at war with the white man. He presents himself as a Christian minister, but J. Edgar Hoover has called him the "most notorious liar in the country." Many are wondering what is behind the man whom some people call...

King of America

THERE IS NO living American today who has been praised as uncritically, by the highest officials in the federal government, radio and television commentators and leading daily newspapers as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. King has been named Man Of the Year by national magazines and has been the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. His image as a noble crusader for "freedom" and "justice" through nonviolence makes him almost immune to criticism.

Any factual information on Reverend King that would tend to muddy his shining image is simply ignored by most of the major vehicles of the mass media. The inference is that any criticism of King must be of a racist nature. But the legitimate criticisms of King have nothing to do with the Negro race which suffers the consequences of King’s actions. The American public is starting to look at the other side of the King’s coin, looking to see whether the coin may be minted in Moscow.

Gil Green, at one time a top Communist functionary in the United States, explained the strategy for subverting the Negro in the South this way:

in the South, especially for the Negro youth, the church is the center of cultural and social activities. It is here that we must work. By building our units in the church organizations, we can also improve our work under the illegal conditions, as it will be easier to work in the church organizations. . . these can become legal covers for our work in the South. (Manning Johnson, Color, Communism and Common Sense, American Opinion, 1963, p. 17.)

In order to understand King’s role in the revolutionary scheme of things it is necessary to investigate the beliefs and backgrounds of some of the individuals and organizations who have supported King while promoting him to the position of Number-One-Civil-Rights-Leader-in-America.


The first organization—and perhaps the one that has been, more than any other, responsible for elevating King to his current Olympian heights—is the Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF). Yet most Americans have never heard of the SCEF. This organization is an outgrowth of an earlier one, the Southern Conference for Human Welfare. In 1944, a congressional committee characterized the Southern Conference for Human Welfare in these terms:

Careful examination of its official publication and its activities will disclose that the Conference is being used to further Soviet policy. Key posts are in most instances controlled by persons whose record is faithful to the line of the Communist Party. (Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Hearings on ClO Political Action Committee, March 29, 1944, p. 147.)

Cited again in similar terms in 1947, the Southern Conference For Human Welfare did a quick-change act and reappeared in 1948 as the Southern Conference Educational Fund. Surprise. The organization maintained the same headquarters, the same address, the same telephone number, the same publication, the same executive director, and virtually the same slate of officers! (Activities of the SCEF,, Inc., LA, part 1, Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities, State of Louisiana, 1968, p. 2.)

The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee in 1954 described SCEF as "one of the Communist transmission belts" for the South—an organization through which the Communists send forth the Party line. (SCEF Hearings, Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate, 1954, p. v.) Since SCEF’s leaders have been described as being "faithful to the line of the Communist Party," it is important that people know who they are and what connection they have with the civil rights movement.

IDENTIFIED COMMUNIST James Dombrowski is Executive Director, SCEF, named by government agency as Communist front. Dombrowski and SCEF have worked closely with King and helped to finance him


The Executive Director of SCEF is Dr. James Dombrowski, a man who has approximately sixty citations from government investigating bodies of affiliation with various Communist fronts or Communist projects. Paul Crouch, who defected from Communism after serving for many years as the top U.S. Communist in the South, and who taught Revolution and subversion for the Communists in Moscow, testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as follows: "Dr. Dombrowski told me on several occasions that he preferred to be called a Left Socialist rather than a Communist; that he could serve the revolutionary movement better under the Socialist label than the Communist label." (SCEF, p. 49.) Asked if that was a customary practice among top-flight Soviet operators, Crouch answered, "Yes sir."

Working with Dombrowski in SCEF is its Field Secretary, Carl Braden. In 1954 Braden was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for bombing the home of a Negro who had just moved into a white neighborhood and for attempting to place the blame on the Caucasian neighbors. Braden was released from jail when the Warren court declared all state sedition laws void.

IDENTIFIED COMMUNIST Carl Braden is CP organizer in the South. Braden was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for bombing home of Negro and attempting to place blame on whites. This is frequent Communist-style tactic.



During Carl Braden’s trial for sedition, he and his wife Anne were identified as Communist agents by Alberta Ahearn, an undercover FBI agent who was surfaced from the Communist Party to testify in court against the Bradens. Alberta Ahearn later told a Senate Committee that Carl Braden was a southern district organizer for the Communist Party. (Ibid., p. 84—85.)

Carl Braden was a national sponsor of the notorious Fair Play For Cuba Committee which spawned the assassinator of President John F. Kennedy, Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald.


The President of SCEF is the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, an ex-convict who according to federal government files has been involved in seven Communist-front activities since 1960. The interlocking structure which pervades the entire civil rights movement is demonstrated here by the fact that Shuttlesworth serves as a link between the Communist SCEF and Martin Luther King’s organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Shuttlesworth is Vice President of King’s organization.




REVEREND FRED SHUTTLESWORTH, an ex-convict arrested for bootlegging is President of SCEF, serves as link between Communist front and King’s SCLC by virtue of fact Shuttlesworth is also Vice President of SCLC

The Reverend Shuttlesworth replaced Aubrey Williams as President of SCEF. Williams until his recent death was also Chairman of the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee, (sic), a Communist front of which Martin Luther King is a leading member. The Chairman of this Committee is Frank Wilkinson, who has been identified, in sworn testimony by an undercover FBI agent, as a member of the Communist Party.

Williams was Lyndon Johnson’s boss in the National Youth Administration in the nineteen-thirties. In 1945 the United States Senate rejected Williams’ appointment as administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration after his affiliations with the Communist apparatus had been placed in the record. In April of 1954, at hearings held in New Orleans by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Aubrey Williams was identified as a Communist Party member by one witness who had been in the Party and was identified by another witness at the time as one who accepted Communist Party discipline. (Activities, Part I, pp. 13, 14.) Despite this, President Johnson visited Williams in his home just after the assassination of President Kennedy!



OCT 1 1954


IDENTIFIED COMMUNIST Anne Braden is, like husband Carl, a Communist organizer for the South. Carl Braden was released from prison when Warren Supreme Court declared all state sedition laws void.


When the New Orleans Police raided the Communist SCEF headquarters in 1961, they seized a large amount of photostats of correspondence, cancelled checks, and other documentation showing that King had been working very closely with the Communist SCEF. A letter from King to Communist Anne Braden dated October 7, 1959, urges Anne and her husband Carl, the Communist Party organizer in the South, to become permanently associated with his organization. Another letter dated September 28, 1960, from Carl Braden to fellow Communist, James Dombrowski, states that King is anxious for leadership and staff meetings between SCLC and SCEF so they can work together more effectively. (Activities, Part II, p. 81.) Another communique between these two Communists indicates that Braden was running the press releases for King’s organization. (Ibid.)

The New Orleans Police also discovered in the files of the Communist SCEF a photograph of King speaking at an SCLC meeting. Three persons in the background of the photo are the three Communists who run SCEF, Carl and Anne Braden and James Dombrowski. Among other evidence linking King with this Communist organization is a cancelled check made out to Dr. Martin Luther King, dated March 7, 1963.

Some of the folks want me to come over to Albany, Ga., and see is we can start something there as we have done hare— contact between the white (censored) and Negro ministers. The group in Eufaula is working on opening the library step by step and is getting better acquainted with each other. They are laying plans for other projects, once they get the library opened--or even while they are (censored) working on it.

Yesterday I saw Martin King, Wyatt Walker, and Jim Wood in Atlanta. They hope that everybody from SCEF can attend their annual meeting in Shreveport from Oct. 11 to l3. I thought perhaps you might be able to go, as I don’t see how I can make it. I gave them some pointers on how to (censored) construct their news releases so that they will be used. They can't understand why our releases are used and theirs are not - They are all very anxious to have the meeting of SCEF and SCLC leadership and staff so that we can all work together more effectively. People at the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee are also most anxious to work with us and to seek our help in working out a program, Jane

Stembridge is looking forward to a session with Anne during the SNOC meeting Oct. 14 to 16.

That summarizes work to date. Must be off to Albany and Tallahassee Francis end Betty Walter join in warmest best wishes to you and the staff.



BRADEN LETTER of September 28, 1960 to fellow Communist James Dombrowski reveals that Martin Luther King wants to work closely with the Communists of SCEF. The letter was picked up by the New Orleans Police in a raid on SCEF headquarters.




Highlander Folk School

The second organization that helped propel Martin Luther King into his reign as recent monarch of the civil rights movement was the Highlander Folk School of Monteagle, Tennessee. Highlander had its charter revoked by a Tennessee court after State Police raided the school and made arrests for illegal possession of liquor, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The school was reopened as the Highlander Center in Knoxville, with Martin Luther King as a sponsor. The Highlander School is closely connected with the Communist SCEF and has served as a training school for the Communists in the fields of civil rights and labor agitation for over thirty years.

The Highlander Folk School was founded in 1932 by Myles Horton and Don West, who were joined later that year by James Dombrowski upon the latter’s return from Russia. Paul Crouch, for over twenty years the top Communist official in the southern United States, testified before a United States Senate Committee, "the Highlander Folk School is operated ostensibly as an independent labor school, but actually is working in close cooperation with the Communist Party." (SCEF, p. 47.)


MEMBER OF YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE, Myles Horton, founder of Communist training operation known as Highlander Folk School and located in Tennessee.



Before founding the Highlander Folk School, Myles Horton—a member of the Young Communist League—was operating Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas. Commonwealth College was controlled by the Peoples Institute of Applied Religion, which had been organized by the Communist Party. (William Nolan, Communism Versus The Negro, Chicago, Henry Regnery Co., 1951, pp. 129—131.)

The purpose of Commonwealth College was to prepare people to infiltrate and influence the churches in the strongly religious South, indoctrinating them with Marxism expressed in religious jargon. Commonwealth College was dosed by the state of Arkansas because it showed a lack of discretion. Among other odd practices, it flew the hammer and sickle flag of Russia.

The best known meeting ever to take place at the Highlander Folk School occurred over the Labor Day weekend in 1957. Assembled for a three-day training session in civil disobedience were the key civil rights leaders in the South, including representatives of the Communist Party and many individuals with long records of service to the Communist cause. A famous visitor was folk singer Pete Seeger, an identified Communist, who provided entertainment for the assembled "socially conscious" citizens that weekend. Seeger has been active in the civil rights movement for many years and composed the modem lyrics to the song, "We Shall Overcome," the battle hymn of the civil rights street Revolutionaries a