At that time, 1967 and 1968, Lyndon LaRouche's Communist cult was part of the students for a Democratic Society and used the name of the "SDS Labor Committees." I can understand why LaRouche's leftists hate Rees and Romerstein. They spoiled their riots. But why should Liberty Lobby, which claims to be both patriotic and anti-Communists, jump in on LaRouche's side?
----Both Spotlight and the LaRouche Executive Intelligence Review report some confused and particularly strange story alleging some kind of "relationship" between John Rees and the Hanafi Muslim terrorists who staged armed takeovers of three buildings in Washington in 1977, killing a young college reporter and holding hundreds of people hostage at gunpoint. Rees's only connection with the Hanifi terrorists is that as a journalist he wrote an article about the incident.
----The LaRouche allegation had some elements that the Spotlight crows was too embarrassed to report. LaRouche's Communists complained, however, that this Congressman "cited this incident as the raison d'Ítre for imposing drastic internal security measures upon the U.S. population.
----This Congressman indeed pointed to the Hanafi Muslim terrorist action as one of the reasons we need to reestablish our internal security defenses. The Metropolitan Police once had an informant in the Hanafi Muslim movement. The Hanafi group had a history of involvement in violence. When the police intelligence program in Washington, D.C., was destroyed, that informant was pulled out of the Hanafi group. Had he been allowed to remain in place, the Hanafis would have been arrested before the violence took place and the deaths and injuries and trauma suffered by innocent people would have been prevented.
----I can well understand why the Communists of LaRouche's U.S. Labor Party are upset by my calls for increases in our internal security defenses. But if Spotlight is supposed to be anti-Communists, I do not know why they are upset.
----So we come to the truth about John Rees. He is a journalist and has been a journalist for many years. He has always gone after solid news stories, and especially the news behind the news relating to politics, foreign policy, terrorism, and subversion. John Rees realized that in order to write accurately and perceptively about the violence-oriented subversive and revolutionary groups, a journalist needed to be acquainted both with the rank and file and with leaders. For 10 years he was able to attend meetings of the most anti-American radical groups and anti-American radical groups. As a journalist, he reported on those activities in his newsletter, Information Digest, and in segments of the mass media including CBS News, Human Events, the Review of the News, National Review, and other publications.
  ----John Rees has always understood that a journalist also has responsibilities under the law to society. When he observed activities or obtained documents showing evidence of law breaking or of threats to our internal security, he made that information available to the appropriate U.S. Government agencies. He has done that since 1967, when he first started writing about the violence-prone extremist and foreign-dominated subversive organizations in America. In fact, in 1967, following the Newark riots, John Rees came to Capitol Hill and provided evidence on the Newark riots as a journalist eyewitness. This was followed in 1968 by his testimony in a secret session of the House Committee on Un-American Activities on the Communists and subversive involvement in the riots at the Democratic Party National Convention in Chicago.
----John Rees is not, as the LaRouche Communists and Liberty Lobby's self-styled conservative anti-Communists have charged, and intelligence agent for the Israeli Mossad, the British, for the Soviet KGB, or for any other foreign intelligence agency. The truth is so simple the Communist left and their anti-Semitic pseudo-conservative allies cannot accept it. But the truth remains that John Rees is simply a good journalist who has done a valuable service in alerting the American people and the American Government to the threats against our security from a terrorist, subversive, totalitarian, and extremist organizations. John Rees deserves commendations and accolades from Americans, not the vituperative smears and innuendoes originated by Lyndon LaRouche's minions and repeated by Liberty Lobby's Spotlight.
----Both Spotlight and the LaRouche publications also attack Herbert Romerstein, former minority chief investigator for the House Committee on Internal Security and a longtime congressional staffer. He is presently a professional staff member of the House Intelligence Committee. While the LaRouchians smear Herbert Romerstein of being an agent of Israeli intelligence, Liberty Lobby's Spotlight copyists translate that as an "agent of the Anti-Defamation League."
----The truth is that Herbert Romerstein, a conservative American, is not connected with the ADL and never has been. Neither has he been involved with Mossad or any other foreign intelligence agency.
----In fact, Mr. Romerstein has been granted some of the highest security clearances of the U.S. Government. Those clearances were granted to him after extensive, full field investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and under no circumstances could be granted to someone connected with any foreign intelligence service.
----Spotlight copies a LaRouche charge
  that Mr. Romerstein somehow is anti-American Legion. The truth is that he has written about Soviet Union's support for terrorism in the American Legion magazine. He has also written a recent pamphlet about the U.S.S.R.'s backing of international terrorism, which is presently being distributed and which I highly recommend to all my colleagues in this Congress.
----Herbert Romerestein's consistent work against Soviet-supported international terrorism undoubtedly is one of the reasons the LaRouchians attack him. Soviet support for international terrorism is one of the facts LaRouche's leftists work very hard OT conceal.
----Both Spotlight and the LaRouche magazine make the point that Romerstein was once a Communist. That is no secret. From the age of 15 to 17 he was. But at age 19, Herbert Romerstein was the first witness to testify before Senate Subcommittee in Internal Security and reveal the Communist plans to subvert American youth. Furthermore, for the past 30 years, Herbert Romerstein has worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the House Committee on Internal Security, and other U.S> Government intelligence agencies in investigating the activities of the Communists in the United States and throughout the world.
----After investigating Communists activities for the State of New York, Romerstein became an investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities. He was later promoted to minority chief investigator of the House Internal Security Committee. He is very highly regarded as a an expert on Communist activities and had frequently testified before various congressional and administrative bodies on the subject.
----An interesting charge by the LaRouchian leftists which Spotlight avoided using was that Romerstein was, "used as a spokesman at World Youth Festivals under programs organized by World Federalist and CIA Director Cord Myer."
----The facts are that the World Youth Festivals in question were Communist youth operations held in Vienna in 1959 and in Helsinki in 1962. Cord Meyer, who was never the Director of CIA, but a CIA official, organized a group of students from the leftist National Students Association to attend the festivals. Herbert Romerstein's role was something quite dramatically differen5t, and was described by Joseph Keeley in his biography of Alfred Kohlberg called "The China Lobby Man." I would like to point out that the late Alfred Kohlberg was a long-time active anti-Communists and also a founder of the American Jewish League Against Communism.
----As Joseph Keeley wrote:

Recently many Americans were shocked


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