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Our Constitution is being discarded by a Progressive/Populist movement. It started with Theodore Roosevelt and has been embraced by Pres. Obama. They (Democrats or Republicans) systematically pass legislation to "progress" away from the Constitution, towards total govt, and discount/discredit the principles which found this great Nation under GOD. They are taking God out of the equation - then who are we getting our rights from? The government? They will do whatever it takes to "transform" our country, as evident by Health Care reform, education and environmental initiatives, and bailouts. Now they have disguised themselves as Liberals.

How do you know who is a Progressive/Populist? Easy, they embrace Climate Exchange, State Capitalism (rebranding of National Socialism=Fascism), social justice, Net Neutrality, economic justice, global governance, spread/redistribute the wealth, Internationalism, EPA/Faith Partnership, collective salvation, and Citizen/worker of the World. Some organizations funding/supporting this attack are: Open Society Institute (George Soros), Media Matters (Hillary Clinton), Center for American Progress (Soros), Green Alliance (Van Jones), many Democratic and Republian Senators/Representatives, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Apollo Alliance, New America Foundation, Midwest Academy, and American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Those of us who have served in our military swore to defend the Constitution, so help us God. Senator's, the VP, and the Pres swore the same. It seems some of our elected officials have a different agenda; to progress away from our Constitution. They're systematically undoing what we've fought/died for.

Red, symbolic of Socialism, represents the Progressiveness of bills with big govt and reduced freedom that our elected officials have voted for. Why RED? President Obama's Organizing for America, an indoctrination program in public schools, requires our children read Marxist Saul Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals", Dakota Voice. Why RED? There are many White House appointees with Communist/Marxist/Maoist and anti-Capitalist backgrounds (Dunn, Van Jones, Lloyd, Montgomery, the rest). A special thanks to That's My Congress, a Progressive scoring site. (It's amazing how this site makes you think Progressive is good.) The Pres, VPs, and Sec'y of State's scores are from their 110th Congressional score.

Time to restore Our Constitution. Fight with your vote. History is repeating itself and this country is becoming more like failing European govts, the "old" Soviet Union, and China. What are we giving our children?
Top 5 Govt Positions

AL Progressive/Liberal - Score 23 Jul 11

MD Progressive/Liberal Score - 28 Feb 11

I show MD because I was born and raised there. Guess what? You're screwed with those scores and they're going up! You're also in the Top 8 of states bringing our country down.
So happy to be an AL resident.

State Progressive Score (valid: 1 Oct 10, ALABAMA updated 23 Jul 11) State Scores
US Avg Feb '10 27
US Avg Feb '11 xx

The Progressive's own definition of a high Progressive Score: The percent of a slate of progressive policies (promoting freedom, knowledge, an economy of opportunity, peace and environmental security). The hidden, true definition is total government.

Progressivism and the Current Crisis

"The present crisis did not appear out of nowhere, and didnít simply begin with the election of Barack Obama. Politicians of both parties spent the better part of the 20th century disregarding the Constitution, as they looked to have government step up to solve every conceivable human problem. Thus it ought to be no surprise that the Constitutionís limits on government arenít even part of the conversation today as our politicians debate the new interventions in our economy and society that seem to come daily.

Early progressives believed that the role of government should be determined not by our Constitution, but by whatever the needs of the day happened to be. This is why they sought to eradicate talk of the Constitution from our political discourse; today, that goal seems to have been realized. The second connection between the original Progressive Era and our situation today has to do with policy. The progressives knew that our original system of government was not capable of handling all of the new tasks that they had in mind for it. So they envisioned creating a vast set of bureaucratic agencies. They argued that Congress should enact very broad and vague laws for supervising more and more facets of the American economy and society, and then delegate to the bureaucratic agencies the power and discretion to enact specific policies. Both Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt conceived of government in this way.

The New Deal certainly went a long way toward implementing this progressive vision, and what we have seen in our own situation with TARP and the various other interventions is simply greater steps toward the progressive plan. Our Congress has simply said to the Treasury agencies: hereís a trillion dollars, hereís all the legal authority you need, now go out, determine what is in the public interest, and spend and regulate accordingly. That is the progressive vision of government, in a nutshell." R.J. Pestritto, Shipley, Professor of the American Constitution at Hillsdale College.

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