"The Columbus Guards"




 The Columbus Guards was first organized and chartered by the Legislature of Georgia in 1834. Soon afterward, this company became involved in the Indian War serving in Florida and Georgia the entire war. When the government called for volunteers for the Mexican War of 2848, this company was among the first to respond. The Columbus Guard became a part of the 1st Ga. Regiment of Volunteers serving for one year.

In 1860, the Chicago Zouaves challenged any company in the country to drill against them. The Columbus Guards accepted the challenge and was making active preparations for this meeting when the Civil War began. This company was enrolled in Columbus, Ga. and received orders on the 16th of April 1861, from Governor Joseph E. Brown to report to General A.R. Lawton at Savannah, Ga. and arrived there April 17, 1861. It was here that they became the Co. G. 2nd Ga. Regiment. Major W.M. Gardner mustered them into the service of the Confederate States on May 9, 1861. From here, the Columbus Guards were ordered to Brunswick and then on to the Battlefields of Virginia where they were attached to Toombs' Ga. Brigade.

It has been noted that this company of soldiers furnished from among its privates more officers than any other company.

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 Note: An asterisk * by a name indicates that soldier is buried in Linwood Cemetery.

Abercrombie, George H.

Abercrombie, Wiley

Acee, A.E.

Acee, O.S.

* Allen, John S. Jr.

Anderson, W.L.

Andrews, S.R. Jr.

Apple, Alfred - Musician

* Bacon, Robert Alston

* Bailey, C. Armstrong

Ballard, John J.

Banks, E.

Banks, W.

Barden, William Alfred

* Barnard, Thomas M.

Beasley, T.M.

Bedell, J.R.

Bedell, William R.

* Beecher, Henry B.

Bethune, Joseph D.

Bethune, J.G.

Blalock, J.D.

Blanchard, Thomas E.

Booher, D.B.

Briggs, Edmund B.

Brown, William A.

Burch, J.F.

Butt, W.B.

Calhoun, A.A.

Calhoun, J.C.

Carter, John D. Jr.

Carter T.M.

Chaffin, Thomas Jr. 4th Cpl.

Clapp, J.J.

Clemens, Welcom G.

Cody, J. Adolphus

Coleman, A.A.

* Coleman, Charles

Coleman, T.G.

Croft, William G.

Cromwell, Oliver

Crowell, John H.

Daniel, Robert A.

Davis, A.B.

Davis, W.S.

* Dawson, D. Tower

Denson, J.M. 2nd Sgt.

Devotie, J.G.

Dillingham, George W.

Dixon, H.B.

* Dixon, Stephen Marshall

Dubose, James C.

Ellis, Roswell Captain

Etter, Martin

Everett, James M.

Fergurson, John

Fergurson, Thomas Lt.

* Fogle, J.A.

* Fogle, Theodore Turner

Furgeson, W.F.

Girdner, J.L.

Hall, H.H.

Hall, William F.

* Harris, A.

Hawks, William N. Jr.

Henry, D.C.

Henry, Robert

Hicks, J.H.

* Hodges, John W.

Hodges, Wesley C. 1st Lt.

* Hogan, James C.

Holt, Bolling Hall

Houghton, William R.

Howard, J.T.

Howard, Robert M.

Howard, Robert Newton

Hudson, Benjamin H.

Hunter, Richard Josiah

Johnson, Harris R.

Johnson, John T.

Johnson, L.Q.

Jones, Boykin

Jones, Joseph J.

Jones, Samuel L.

Jones, William

Jones, W.E. Jr.

Klink, Charles A.

King, John Edward - Musician

Kyle, W.D.

Lindsay, J.L.

Luckie, C.B.

Luckie, E.M.

Marcus, Van 3rd Sgt.

Martiniere, William A.

Matthews, Allen

Mays, G.W.

Moses, Montefiore J.

Moses, W.M.

* Munn, John R.

Muse, Thomas H.

Owen, David T.

Owen, John S.

Park, T.J.

Patterson, W.T.

Payne, John O.

Peabody, G.A.

Peacock, Gideon James Lt.

Perrine, W.H.2nd Cpl.

Perry, J.C.

Pitts, Samuel R.

Pope, R.F.

* Potter, Richard 1st Lt.

Ragland, Albert E.

Ragland, George C.

Ragland, O.S. 3rd Cpl.

Redd, J.K.

Redd, N.L.

* Redd, William Jr. Adj. Lt.

Ridenhour, Thomas Franklin

Roberts, N.B.

Rucker, G.G.

Rucker, Z.G.

Russell, Charles R.

Rutherford, A.H.

Rutherford, Robert M.

Sanders, J. Henry

Sanders, J.R. 1st Cpl.

Scheussler, L.G.

Shepherd, William S.

Shivers, C.A.

Shorter, Eli S.

* Slade, John Henry

Spivey, J.C.

Stewart, Eugene G.

Tucker, James Madison

Weems, J.A.

William, Mitchell A.

Wise, John

Wooten, M.C.

Yonge, Edward Ellis

Yonge, W.A.



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Some of the historical information is extracted from the book, "Muscogee County Roster of Civil War Soldiers" abstracted by Brady Wilson and edited by Edge Reid and Buster Wright.