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Our wedding services provides couples with high resolution, high quality digital images of their wedding. We provides several wedding packages that are streamlined and affordabley price. We allow flexibility in choosing images and other photographic elements to meet our customs desires.

One of our primary goal is to provide couples with high quality photography at an affordable price, and also to allow individual clients to choose what they like to purchase beyond our streamlined affordable priced packages.

Example; one may start with one of our basic package and build up to our Golden Premium package plus multiple add-ons. Usually the wedding and reception location is selected by the wedding cjouple, if not we will provide a select scenic location within the municipality of Montgomery or other other locations.

High School Senior

High School Senior

We perform the capturing of individual or group high school senior prograits inside or outside the studio in comfortable, and natural scenery environments. We also captue these photos in color or black and white. We always take adequate time to ensure each ph0oto is a reflection of the person or persons. Each individual is given the opportunity to decide their own selective outfit, surroundings and props(such as, dress, pet, car, friends, other items or object).

We as photographers are trained to know that one pose or setting do not fit all. We will creat the perfect pose and settings to capture each person individuality. We take more than the 3-5 photos/poses.

Our overall primary goal is to provide excellent seniors portraits(individual or group). Our capturing of senior portraits may be performed in the studio or outside locations with the use of our mobile studio equipment the service may be provided at the client home.

Group Portrait

Group Portrait

We perform portrait capturing of individual, groups, adults and children inside of the studio or in an outdoor natural scentery settings,both in color and black and white.

Our primary goal is to capture this category of photos in a comfortably, natural, pleasantly, and expressive positions. We acknowledge that a portrait should be a high quality image of a person or persons physical natural. likeness on film or digital microchips.

In additional to their character, generally in a manner that is attractive and pleading to the observer. We are of the mind-set that a good portrait reveals the subject's personality, attitude or other features that form the nature of an individual or group. Our training and professionism bring essential skills to our clients which result in high quality photographic products.

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