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My Digital Camera Links Page
Some of my Class Handouts
Glenn Nettleton's Brown Recluse Bite - 8/17/04
Locate sex offenders in your area
If/When you are thinking about purchasing a HDTV you should talk to Jim Troy first

In Google type define: Then a word or phrase for a definition, i.e. define:google

Spyware things & Software you NEED to know/use
These Guys Top my List - Select Ad-Aware SE on the rightside of the page.
Download SpyBot Search & Destroy
Lists your PC's hardware & software
Spyware: IT's public enemy No. 1

My Anti Virus story. It was a dark and stormy… and my Norton AV had expired 6 months ago. I bought McAfee 2006 OEM AV, $10. I uninstalled Norton, installed McAfee, which concluded with a statement about having to register online to get the updates. I filled out the form and Ma McAfee said I didn't have an Internet connection. I thought, "What a dumb program". Well I didn't have an Internet connection, I couldn't even communicate with my router @ . I had no luck Googling with my other computer. Then I heard about SymNRT.exe which I Googled, found the Norton site indicating there were 4 programs you may have to execute to rid yourself of Norton, what friendly folks. Currently, April 06, SymNRT.exe doesn't seem to exist on the Symantec site. So now at they have an automated system to remove their programs from your computer. A Symantec program screwed up my registry so I'm going to let them run an automated program from the Internet to fix it, sure... You can still find SymNRT.exe with Google.
OpenOffice Infromation - Friday the 13th 2006 - 6th Birthday & Version 2.0.4 Released
Home page and where to download

      5M Google Hits
Backup Info
You might think about getting an external USB Hard Drive for backups. Karen Kenworthy has a Replicator program to do daily backups and a once a day program to startup the backup program
What's The Most Archival Cd-R Blank Media For Storing Image Files?" at more
Ways to Back Up Data,10738,2877884,00.html
Recovery software
300 year CD's and DVD's
Understanding your computer
Great MS Word Help Site
System Standby v. Hibernation Windows PCs
Downloadable training courses
A (Good) way to approach computer problems
Help sites to Fix Problems
The Keyboard
Computer Training Materials

Operating System Help/Tips and
Loosing the right side of pages printed from the web?;en-us;Q260642
Bandwidth Meter speed test

MAC Stuff
Mac Backup

Buying new Stuff?
Thinking about a new monitor?
LCD monitor review Their Conclusion: "Summarizing the article in a single phrase, I'd once again say, as I often did in my LCD monitor reviews: there is no all-purpose LCD monitor and none is going to emerge anytime soon. While a high-quality CRT monitor can be successfully employed for playing games, working with text and processing photos, in the liquid crystals realm each matrix type is more appropriate for each of the enumerated applications."
Get a computer built locally at a good price
These Notebook guys have a 10 at ResellerRatings

Need a New Computer or fix the old one?
The old Computer Renaissance is now Computer ER but they've moved back to their original location at 7540 Memorial Pkwy SW # T, Huntsville, AL
(256) 880-0656
If you don't have the program, download a viewer
MS Word Viewer
PowerPoint Viewer
Excel Viewer
I like Opera
Goodbye IE
Browsers, Foxfire ect.
Browser problems
The Internet
Things to think about
Email Related
Setup instructions for popular EMAIL programs
Email Stripper
Virus 'gangs' to blame for recent epidemic
Virus Software Review Free Virus program
Virus writers

Windows XP
In XP you can show a SlideShow of images as a Screen Saver option. Right click on the Desktop, select Properties, click on the Screen Saver Tab, click on the pull down in the Screen saver area, select My Pictures Slideshow, then click on Settings to select your options. Now help with the next iteration: Output this cheaply to your TV which will be better viewing than 99% of the trash out there.
Registry tweaks for XP
Win XP very detailed info on My Documents Folder
How can I customize a new Windows XP installation?
Windows XP Tune UP & more
Need to Know about Price & the Retailer
Customer Reviews of Online Retailers
Another place is

Get rid of your old computer
TASC - Technical Assistance for Special Consumers, 852-5600, ext. 103 (They said they are not taking any computers until after the 1st of the year.)
     Technology Recycling, 464-7985, located on Madison Blvd., call them for directions and info (They are open M - F, 7:30 - 4:00)
     Don Bollenbacher, scout troop leader, 852-0344 (TASC gave me this number. I have not contacted him, so don't know any details.)
Online things
You need a Router/Switch/Firewall if you're on broadband
Test your computer security to the NET (Firewall)
Test your systems speed
Secure your wireless networks
What's the real difference between 802.11b, g, and TURBO G WiFi cards? Many people believe that they need a faster wireless card in order to make their Internet access faster. Actually, 802.11b (yes, you read 'b'), is faster than most broadband Internet connections, providing 3-5 Mbps in real world bandwidth where most Internet connections are 1-3 Mbps. 802.11g provides 16-22 Mbps in real world bandwidth, and 802.11g Turbo provides 30-38 Mbps. The advantage of 802.11g and G Turbo will only be on your local network when you transfer files from one computer to another wirelessly or stream video locally.
Computer related
There is an OpenOffice Suite which is open source, meaning FREE, like Linux. OpenOffice has all of the same applications as MS Office except Outlook. When it is changed it is to make it function better; not differently as the MicroSoft children do. So you might want to look at supporting the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux ("Linux"), Sun Solaris, Mac OS X (under X11), and FreeBSD. The price is outrageous, they will graciously accept a donation or not.
Decide for yourself what you like most: Security or Adventure... Try Knoppix, it is an in memory only version of Linux with a Windowish interface.
Jus/t about Everything you may ever want to know, Thank You Jackson Community College
NASA Astronomy images
MS Word a disaster,1759,1631430,00.asp
Inverted Printing in Word,1759,1632090,00.asp
Broadband Radio by Graeme Duthie. A good starting place is at
Why you do (or don't) need a 64-bit computer
Time to upgrade your PC? Do the math
When the pen is mightier than the tablet,10738,2914694,00.html
FreeWare & ShareWare Downloads + Reviews
A Sticky Note for your Desktop
Must have Stuff
Free CD/DVD Burning Software
My Timer site
Tweak UI
Print and/or Save a portion of your screen
Registry Download - RegMon
Night Sky screen saver and More
Windows System Tray & other stuff
Your Future Computer Security,10738,2913402,00.html
Altertinatines to MS Word,10738,2913334,00.html
Usefull Stuff?
Digital Stopwatch (Your Computer)
MicroSoft Office Student & Teacher Edition
Windows Memory Diagnostic

Checking and Calibrating Your System's GAMMA
Check you Monitor's Gamma
A Starting point
More Information

HDTV Boot Camp
Lots of HDTV stuff

Other Stuff
How do I love Google? Let me count the ways