Digital Camera Class Handouts

First Class Handout 2009
Second Class Handout 2009
Editing in Pacasa 3 illustration

Main Digital Camera Settings
Digital Camera Menu Images

Concepts from the Internet
Old DP1-Digital Camera Introduction
Old DP1-Digital Camera Buying Questions
Updated DP1-Installing IrfanView

Old DP1-Using IrfanView
Old but very important stuff DP2-Overview
Old but Good DP2-File Structure
Old but
Good DP2-Find & Save Part of a Window with Gadwin Print Screen
Old but
Good DP2-Find a File
Old DP2-Glenn's Folders
Old DP2-Internet Explorer Favorites
Old DP3-Edit Digital Noise
Old DP3-Where to Find Information Online
Old DP4-Work Flow

Old DP4-Spy Ware
Old DP5-Sensor Size

Old DP5-Ways To Use Photos
Old DP6-Make a CD or Slideshoe using IrfanView
Old DP6-Make a CD or Slideshoe using IrfanView 2
Old but Good DP7-Edit Deck Leaf
Old DP7-Editing Text
Old DP8-Printing

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