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(GEN 9/28/09)
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Indicates Sites that may be good starting places...
My Computer Links Page
Some of my Class Handouts
Glenn Nettleton's Brown Recluse Bite - 8/17/04
Locate sex offenders in your area

2009 #@$%! Camera Class
Books &

Printed copy of CD I recommended
MAC users see
MAC Users below
iPhoto You Tube Tutorials
IrfanView You Tube Tutorials
Picasa You Tube Tutorials
Picasa, free image editor

My 3 Daily Reads for Digital Camera News

What Digital Stuff should I Buy? Don't ask me!
Dave's Picks Index
Phil's "Reviews: By conclusion rating", &
Bob Atkins

Where should I buy?
Check the seller
I bought my last several items from Juan at Norman Camera, tell him I sent you

Good Information
Lot of Information
Lexar Digital Photography Site
Storing Your Digital Images, a must read…

Mike Chaney's "Tech Corner"
Mike Johnston "Sunday Morning Photographer"
Think about it
What a photo means to him
A self assigmment
Mike tries a digital camera

Mega Pixels Race

Digital Camera Terms Unraveled
Go to "Glossary"
Understanding Series at
Examples of distortion, vignetting, blur and chromatic aberrations

My Software
PhotoImpact - Editing
PhotoImpact Online Tutorials
IrfanView - Viewing/Editing
Noise Reduction Softwear
Qimage - Printing

The black art of digital image sharpening
A good info site. For a long time I've heard of Unsharp Mask (USM) and thought, "I want to sharpen not unsharpen so I never took time to read about it, well this hummer works and most image editors will do it. Try two passes of 20/20/0, followed by two more passes to actually sharpen details, one at 0.6/100/0 and another at 0.4/200/0 on an image that doesn't seem real sharp where the above parameters mean [Radius/Amount/Threshold]. It appears these #'s vary just like recipes for hot Texas Chili so share what works for you.

Work Flow
A Digital Workflow Primer
An Image Processing Workflow
A very basic workflow

Checking and Calibrating Your CRT System's GAMMA
Check you CRT Monitor's Gamma, not an LCD,
If you have an LCD read this

A Starting point
More Information
Check your Monitor - sRGB Correct ColorSpace Tutorial for the Internet

MAC Users
New software
MAC Users - Chameleon, Editing
Viewer -

MAC Users -
MAC Users -

DSLR Information
Lenses reviewed

Starting Points for Digital Camera Information

Go to "Buying Guide"
Check tutorials

Camera Books and Online Courses
Online Photo Lessons
Olympus Specific Lessons
Digital Desktop Studio Photography
Free On-line Photo Course

Digital Camera & Other Reviews
Go to "Reviews"

Digital Camera Memory Sales

Used Equipment Bottom of the page. Buy or Sell.

Reviews of Camera & Other Retailers
Customer Reviews of Online Retailersand products
Check here before you buy

Digital Camera Links

A lot of activity

Time Line of Digital Camera Development Ever wonder how many DC's are out there?

Users Reviews/Comments/Ratings
At DP Review, select "Cameras", then select a specific brand. Now you can select their review or user "Opinion/Reviews", i.e.

Price Check
Pricegrabber List your Camera choice in FOR.

Online Prints

Other Digital Camera Stuff
Convert a digital image to a Fax
Canon's History
Bend tour DSLR lens
Bottle cap tripod
Watermark your Images
A Sticky Note for your Desktop
More (New) Noise Reduction Softwear
Asorted Editing Software &
PS Plug Ins
Face Filter
Battery Charger

AA Battery Review
Great Information site
New CCD Technology & &
Lightweight Tripod
35mm Film Scanner
Free Digital Camera Tools
DC Editing Software

Free Computer Software
FreeWare, I use 4 of the applications mentioned
Many Downloads & Reviews
WAV to MP3 conversion
Email Stripper (removes the Forward trash)
Shows Hardware\Software on your PC
Test your systems speed
Tweak UI (User Interface)

Print and/or Save a portion of your screen