MS Word Handouts

Day1 Starting Thouhts
Day1 Windows Explorer is like a File Cabinet
Day1 Create a New Folder in your My Documents folder
Day1 Copy Files from a Floppy disk to your Hard Drive
Day2 Make a Header for your Letters
Day2 Set the Options and Customize MSWord to work for you
Day2 The Save As Dialog Box
Day3 How to Highlight and Format a document
Day3 Worksheet

Day3 The Open Dialog Box
Day4 Copy, Paste, Set Tabs and Indent
Day4 Find a document when you can't remember where you saved it
Day4 Replace words in a document
Day4 Worksheet

Glossary of Computer Terms
How & Why to do things in MSWord According to Glenn
Microsoft Version Information
Day5 Parting Thoughts
A List of Shortcut Keys
How to use the Shortcut Keys I use in Handouts
Things you should know about Spy Ware
Ways To Highlight using the Keyboard

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