Glenn Nettleton's Brown Recluse Bite - 8/17/04
This page is not intended as treatment
, just documentation of my journey.

      Although I don't know when the Brown Recluse spider bit my leg, I found the bite on the morning of August 17th. It was about of the size of the end of an eraser, dark red and tender to the touch, in a pinkish ring, 7 inches above my right ankle. Two days later, I went to the ER and was given Cephalexin; three days later, I returned to the ER and nothing was prescribed. Then six days after the bite I went to my MD and received more Cephalexin and was told to keep my leg elevated as much as possible to reduce the swelling in my ankle and foot, which I did. For the first week I had no pain unless I touched the lesion. During the second week when I stood up and took a couple of steps I had excruciating pain for about 5 minutes then it went away. After the second week I really have not had any pain.
     As my leg continued to look worse I went Googling on the Internet and found information on a
Nitroglycerin Patch. Treatment, Current Methodologies and much more are described by Dr. Burton from Texas at  If you think you don't have to worry about the Brown Recluse in your area check this out now click on Search without entering any information in the boxes. These links and a lot more information are on the Brown Recluse site at
     I showed the Internet treatment to my MD fourteen days after bite was discovered . He said he had heard about it but he didn't seem impressed; however, seeing the Nitro Patch wouldn't hurt me, he wrote me a 30 pad .2mg/hr Nitro Patch prescription. My progress is depicted below. is another bit of information I found interesting ; make sure you read down to, “I get a lots of calls from the United States. They’re mostly by doctors — not because of a patient, but because they themselves were bit. It’s a different thing when you’re bit.”
     My Nitro patch is the size of a ½ Dollar which I cut to fit the lesion. When I had the patch on I usually had a headache but it became less harsh, for me, over time.
    The best site I found on
Pest Control

            The following shows my progress as of 9/28/2004.


The image on the left below is 2 Weeks after the bite and a good bit of the red was gone before the Nitro Patch was applied.


    The image on the left below shows the patch which is cut in a kind of upside down heart shape and looks and acts like Scotch Tape. While I was using the Nitro Patch I wrapped my leg in Saran Wrap when I took a shower to keep the lesion dry per Dr. Burton's instructions.


      I completed my wound treatment using UMF 16 + Manuka Honey. A bite victim from the Brown Recluse site told me about a Surgeon he visited mentioning the use of Honey on wounds. Here is some of the information that lead me in this direction


    You hear a lot of stories when someone says, "How ya doin" then you lift up your leg to show them an ugly bite.  The worst one I heard was about a person's aunt, an RN, who treated her husband's bit.  She used no antibiotics and he died. I like my treatment better...