Farley Elementary School

Guidance Counseling Classes 2004-2005
Counselor: Judy Swaim
Meeko and Smidge

Our school provides individual, small group, and large group counseling and guidance. Each class at Farley attends guidance classes once every two weeks. We discuss many different topics including study skills, getting along with each other, and careers. Be sure to check out my list of guidance materials to find examples of materials and lessson plans and my homepage to find interesting links to other sites. These links are presentation on Using Technology in Counseling and Conflict Resolution.

I enjoy making counseling programs and helping my students make programs using Hyperstudio and PowerPoint. You may view the tutorials I have made on these programs.

The lessons in our guidance classes this week are on these topics:

K -Being kind to family
1 - -Peer Pressure
2 -Peer Pressure
3 - Character
4 - Frienship
5 - Moving to Middle School

In guidance class this year, we have been talking about ways to get along with each other using "I Care" language. This is an example of "I Care" language.

1. Say the person's name.
2. Say how you feel.
3. Say what made you feel that way.
4. Say what you would like to be done.

If Johnny called you a name, you could say "Johnny, I feel angry when you call me names. Please don't call me names again.

Our Good Citizenship word for this week is "DILLIGENCE."

These are our Good Citizens for this week.