Standard team uniforms should consist of a short robe constructed of some light weight, yet durable fabric. Robes should be in the team colors and can carry team crests, insignia, and player names. Length of the sleeves should not be longer than the elbow when the arms are held outstretched to the side. Length of the robe should be to the knees, but not below. The robe should be tied at the waist with a rope or belt. If a belt is used a buckle of minimal size should be used in order to avoid injury. The robe should be loose fitting enough so as to not impede play. A neckerchief in team colors bearing the team emblem can also be worn.

Making a Quidditch Robe
A simple robe can be made using the pattern on the next page. Cut the robe to fit using the approximate measures given. Measure "A" should be the distance from the middle of the neck to 1 inch beyond the elbow. Measure "B" should be half of 1 1/4 times your chest measurement, i.e. if your chest measurement is 40", add 10" and divide by 2 to get 25". Measure "C" should be


measure "B" plus 2 inches on each side, and finally, measure "D" should be the distance from the base of your neck to your knees.

Cut the front and back neck openings as shown. Fold the edges of the arms, the skirt, and around the neck opening under 1/4" and stitch.

With the right sides together stitch under the arms and down each side. Turn right sides out. Use a cord or sash of the team colors to tie around your waist.