Independence County, Arkansas

1850 Mortality Schedule

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Thanks to Velda Price in Beebe, Arkansas who transcribed this 1850 Mortality Schedule.
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Schedule 3
Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850
County of Independence State of Arkansas

Name			Age	Sex	Color		Birth	Month Died	  Profession		Cause of Death			# Days Ill
James M. Aaron		3/12	M			AR	Aug					???				12 Days
William A. Adams	9	M			TN	Aug					Inflam Brain			9 Days
Mary H. Alfrod		9/12	F			AR	Jun					Scarlet Fever			15 Days
Abraham Allen		5	M			AR	Sep					Typhoid Fever	     		14 Days
Benjamin F. Aydelott	2	M			AR	Jul					Scarlett Fever			7 Days
Mary E. Aydelott  	8/12	F			AR	Jul					Scarlett Fever			10 Days
Elizabeth Ball		33	F			TN	Aug					Child Bed			8 Days
John Ball        	 	M			AR	Aug					Unknown			3 Days
Franklin Ball   	 	M			AR	Aug					Unknown			4 Days
Nancy E. M. Bandy	6	F			AR	Nov					Typhoid Fever			6 Weeks
Mary C. Bandy	  	2	F			AR	Dec					Croup				4 Days
Robert A. Barnett	24	M			AR	Jan		Farmer			Consumption			2 Years
James W. Barnett	4/12	M			AR	Aug					Inflam Bowels	 		2 Weeks
Beniah Bateman		61	M			NC	May		Farmer			Consumption			4 Years
William Bean		17    	M			KY	Jan		Farmer			Cholera				3 Days
Amanda Bragg		2	F			AR	May					Unknown			2 Days
William L. Brown	7	M			TN	Nov					Int Fever			60 Days
Sarah Burge		31	F			TN	Jul					Unknown			7 Days
Malinda Burge		11	F			TN	Sep					Sudden
John Burns		1	M			AR	Jan					Typhoid Fever			4 Weeks
Samuel Cagle	 	9/12	M			AR	Mar					Croup				7 Days
John Campbell		55	M			TN	Apr		Farmer			Pneumonia			4 Days
Mary J. Cash		1	F			AR	Sep					Scarlet Fever			9 Days
Charlotte		63	F    Black (Slave)	VA	May					Inflam Brain			20 Days
Clara			12	F    Black (Slave)	AR	Jun					Inflam Bowels	    		7 days
Mary E. Clayman		7	F			TN	May					Diarrhea			2 Days
Leander Clayman		6	M			TN	May					Diarrhea			4 Days
David Clayman		4	M			TN	May					Diarrhea			5 Days
Arta Clayman		2	F			TN	May					Diarrhea			3 Days
Elizabeth Clayman	18	F			TN	Apr					Diarrhea			1 Day
Mary A. Clayman		10	F			TN	Apr					Diarrhea			1 Day
Sarah B. Clayman	4	F			TN	Apr					Diarrhea			2 Days
Henry Coal		21	M			IL	Mar		Farmer			Pneumonia			15 Days
Wilkenson Canon		8	M			AR	May					Int Fever			14 Days
John M. Cason		1	M			AR	Jun					Inflam Bowels	  		40 Days
Samuel Daggett		41	M			NY	May					Pleurisy			11 Days
Robert J. Day		40	M			MD	Feb		Miller			Pneumonia			6 Days
Eliza J. Doland		1/12	F			AR	Oct					Croup				3 Days
Mary E. Doland		1 	F			AR	Feb					Scarlet Fever			2 Weeks
Peter Engels		68	M			MD	Dec		Farmer			Pneumonia			6 Days
Nathanial W. Fontain	2	M			AR	Mar					Apoplexy			2 Days
John E. Foster		4	M			AR	May					Worms				9 Days
Elizabeth Fulbright	30	F			NC	Aug					Child Bed			5 Days
Margaret J. Garland	3	F			AR	Oct					Worms				7 Days
John Glenn		30	M			NC	May		Cabinet Maker		Consumption			1 Year
George Goodman		8	M			AR	Mar					Pneumonia			9 Days
Margaret Guilhany	38	M			VA	Mar					Con Chill		 	3 Days
Lemuel J. Halliburton	9     	M			AR	Mar					Inflam Brain			1 Week
Horation Harrison	17	M			AR	Feb		Farmer			Typhoid Fever			11 Days
Hellen			6/12	F	Black (Slave)	AR	Jul					Inflam Brain			2 Days
Mary Henley		30	F			GA	Nov					Affection of Liver		16 Days
Mary Henley		49	F			GA	Nov					Affection of Bowels		14 Days
George W. Henyon	1	M			AR	Oct					Scarlet Fever			6 Days
Mary E. Hess		11	F			AR	Nov					Scarlet Fever			12 Days
Rebecca C. Hess		3	F			AR	Oct					Con Chill			2 Days
Elen J. Hines		1	F			AR	Apr					Int Fever			7 Days
Rebecca O. Hogue  	3/12	F			AR	Oct					Inflam Bowels	 	    	 60 Days
Susan Hogue		12	F			GA	Aug					Con  Fever		  	10 Days
John Holman  		4/12	M			AR	May					Croup			  	1 Day
Marnerva Howell		12	F			TN	Jan					Burnt				11 Days
Henry H. King		8	M			AR	Apr					Scarlet Fever			14 Days
William W. King		7	M			AR	Apr					Scarlet Fever		  	14 Days
Sarah Liles		40	F			GA	Jan					Affection of Liver		90 Days
Alfred Luster		9/12	M			AR	Jul					Hives				3 Days
John Lytle		1	M			AR	Jun					Influenza Bowels	   	27 Days
James B. Magness	7	M			AR	Jun					Scarlet Fever			3 Days
William Magness		4	M			AR	Jun					Scarlet Fever			7 Days
Mary L. Mariweather   	4	F			AR	Apr					Typhoid Fever		   	60 Days
Cynthia McGuinn		69	F			NC	Dec					Diarrhea		  	2 Years
Evelina McGuinn		1	F			AR	Jul					Inflam Bowels	    		5 Days
Milla			75	F			Black (Slave)	VA	Jan			Apoplexy			5 Days
Ann Moore		36	F			NC	Nov					Dropsy				28 Days
James Morris		40	M			??	Feb		Miller			Pneumonia		   	6 Days
Louisa Mo??ow		8	F			MS	Jun					Scarlet Fever			5 Days
John Moses		67	M			NC	Mar		Farmer			Pneumonia			7  Days
Margaret Oxford		2	F			MO	July					Scarlet Fever			8 Days
David Passory		52	M			KY	Feb					Pleurisy			7 Days
Eliza J. Penter		6	F			AR	Nov					Unknown			1 Week
John A. Perkins		10/12	M			AR	Nov					Pneumonia			30 Days
John Raney		4	M			AR	Oct					Scarlet Fever		  	3 Weeks
Redman			16	M	Black (Slave)	AR	Aug					Inflam Brain 		    	6 Days
James J. Reeves		9	M			AR	Feb					Dropsy				2 Weeks
Lewis P. Rieket		7/12	M			AR	Mar					Scarlet Fever			2 Days
Mary Roberts		6	F			MS	Jul					Con Fever			4 Days
Margaret Rock (?Polk)	28	F			AR	Dec					Pleurisy			9 Days
Jacob Rushing		1	M			AR	Jul					Scarlet Fever			15 Days
Miles Sexton		64	M			NC	Apr		Farmer			Cholera			   	1 Day
James Sexton		36	M			TN	Apr		Farmer			Cholera				1 Day
Frances Sherrill	1/12	F			AR	Sep					Croup				1 Day
Helen Simpson		1	F			AR	Aug					Bronchitis			8 Days
Louisa M. Slater	9/12	F			AR	Sep					Bronchitis			7 Days
Mary L. Stephens	2	F			AR	Mar					Burnt				14 Days
Lucretia E. Stone	1	F			AR	Jun					Inflam Bowels	   		2 Days
Mary A. Stricklin	7	F			TN	Sep					Bilious Fever			9 Days
Infant Stricklin	1/12	M			AR	Mar					Small Pox			8 Days
John W. Sulivan		6	M			AR	Aug					Bilious Fever		      	3 Weeks
George W. Sulivan	7	M			AR	Aug					Bilious Fever		      	3 Weeks
Thomas Sulivan		2/12	M			AR	Apr					Croup				3 Days
Mary Swain		16	F			TN	Oct					Scarlet Fever			3 Days
Taylor			1 	M	Black (Slave)	AR	May					Inflam Bowels		    	1 Week
George Taylor		1/12	M			AR	Jan					Scarlet Fever			14 Days
William Taylor		1/12	M			AR	Jan					Scarlet Fever			14 Days
Theadore Thomas		1	M			AR	Jan					Thrash				3 Days
William A. Thompson	1	M			AR	Aug					Con Fever			5 Days
Sarah Tosh		30	F			AR	Oct					Consumption			2 Years
Westly Trimble		29	M			AR	Dec		Farmer			Consumption		   	3 Years
Marcus Tunstall		1	M			AR	Jul					Small Pox		  	7 Days
Sarah Tucker		30	F			VA	Nov					Int Fever			60 Days
Sarah J. Tweedy		2/12	F			AR	Apr					Inflam Brain			8 Days
Elvira E. Walker	20 	F		  	KY	Apr					Child Bed			2 Weeks
Malinda J. Watson	1	F			AR	Apr					Scarlet Fever		 	7 Days
Robert W. Watson	6	M		   	MO	Oct					Scarlet Fever		 	14 Days
Tandy P. Watson		3/12	M			Unk	May					Inflam Bowels	   		4 Days
Lucinda A. Weldon	8	F			AR	Mar					Scarlet Fever		   	7 Days
Nancy Williams		27	F			IN	Feb					Pleurisy			28 Days
Robert Williams		39	M			PA	Feb		Merchant		Pneumonia		   	5 Days
William H. Wood		19	M			KY	Apr		Farmer			Pneumonia			11 Days
Rufus S. Young		40	M			NC	May					Cholera			    	1 Day
Mary  Zolliekoffer	20	F			Unk	Nov					Child Bed Fever	    	9 Days

Note by enumerator:
Typhoid fever has existed as an epidemic in a mild form for the last three years, cause unknown, water, free & limestone, soil, uplands limestone, 
Rocky, Lime & Sandstone, ores, Iron, Lead, Manganese, abundant, season moderate, this county will undoubtly be rich in minerals.   The products 
of the uplands are wheat, corn, oats and cotton.  The bottoms equal to any lands for cotton and corn.  The health of this county will compare with any 
in the United States.

Posted July 14, 2007.

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