Annie Holderby
born 1861
died January 8, 1880		Indep. Co., AR  (See Probate Book)

Annie's father was Henry Holderby.  Her mother was Martha Pledger, who died before 1856.
Henry Holderby married Maria Arnold on July 17, 1856 (Indep. Co. Marriage Records, Book C,
page 222).  Henry Holderby died November 19, 1872.  On November 25, 1872, Mary Catherine
"Kate" Holderby requested her uncle Richard Holderby as her guardian, and I assume he also 
became Annie's guardian.  Richard Holderby died in 1874.  On April 25, 1875, 
Charles J. Washburn became Annie's guardian.  Annie was then 14.  When she turned 16, 
Charles J. Washburn purchased what could amount to a trousseau for Annie from Adler,
Goldman, and Adler at Jacksonport (November 1, 1877).  Annie's son Thomas Elbert Holderby 
was born on January 8, 1880, the same day that Annie died (see Probate Book ).

Thomas Elbert Holderby	born January 8, 1880	Indep. Co., AR
He had three guardians between January 1880 and April 1901.

See Probate Book J:
John W. Kinman was his guardian until 1887/1888 when Sherod Arnold became his guardian (p. 620, May 7, 1888).

See Probate Book K:
Sherod Arnold was his guardian until he died in 1891.  Then R. K. McHenry was his guardian (p. 574, November 3, 1891).

See Probate Book L:
R. K. McHenry

See Probate Book M:
R. K. McHenry

See Probate Book N:
  p. 231 incorrectly identifies Elbert Holderby as a minor on February 8, 1901 (since he was born in January 1880).
  p. 268 - R. K. McHenry was discharged of the guardianship of Thomas Elbert Holderby on May 8, 1901.

Thomas Elbert Holderby married Roxie Duffy in 1901.
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