Henry Holderby
Henry E. Holderby
born January 11, 1837		Indep. Co., AR
died November 19, 1872		Indep. Co., AR
buried Akron Cemetery		Indep. Co., AR
married 1st July 17, 1856	Indep. Co., AR  (Book B, page 322)
to Martha Pledger


Mary Catherine "Kate" Holderby	born 1858, died 1929
Annie Holderby 	born 1861, died Jan. 8, 1880

married 2nd December 10, 1866	Independence Co., AR	(Book C, page 222)
to Maria Arnold
born October 11, 1845
died November 25, 1882
buried Akron Cemetery		Independence Co., AR
(She was the daughter of John N. Arnold, Sr.)

Maria Arnold Holderby
married January 16, 1878	Independence Co., AR  (Book E, page 15)
to James Franklin Morgan
born January 5, 1853
died June 27, 1938
buried Blue Springs Cemetery	Independence Co., AR

Henry Holderby served with his brothers Richard and David in the Civil War.
Henry Holderby and Richard Holderby are buried side by side in Akron Cemetery.
38th Arkansas Infantry, CSA
38th Arkansas Infantry, CSA Company I

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