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2000   -   April - July

"Slavery in Independence County"  by Nancy Snell Griffith, 5.

Appendix 1:  Slave Biographies, 25.

Appendix 2:  Independence County Slave Marriages, 34.

Appendix 3:  Independence County Slave Transactions, 37.

Spring Meeting, 71.

Heritage Award, 72.

Index, 73.

2000   -   October   -   2001   -   January
"Richard Holderby"  by Liz Burns Glenn, 3.

"Captain Woodbury and His Steamboats", 21.

"Journal of Rev. Robert Ridgway 1841-42"  transcribed and edited by Nancy Britton, 27.

"A Hinkle Family Album"  by Nancy Britton, with Betty Umstead Young, 39.

Fall Meeting, 46.

Index, 48.

2001   -   April - July
"Jamestown & Rural Community Improvement" by Nancy Britton, 3.

"Historic Jamestown Album", 11.

"Fent Noland Among the Cherokees - Maybe" by George E. Lankford, 17.

Civil War Section:

     "John A. Price Journal", transcribed and edited by Brian Robertson, 23.

     "A Civil War Letter", 34.

     "A Civil War Incident", 35.

"Society Formed to Record and Uncover History", 36.

"A Reminiscence of Batesville's First Public High School", reprint by Mrs. I. N. Barnett, Sr., 40.

Spring Meeting, 44.

Heritage Award, 46.

Index, 47.

2001   -   October  -  January 2002
"Dickson to Neill:  Wartime Letters to Greenbrier Township", edited by Nancy Britton, 3.

"Batesville, William Jennings Bryan, and Direct Democracy" by Clint Reed, 23.

"Fent Noland was not among the Cherokees" by George E. Lankford, 35.

"Townsend Dickinson" by George E. Lankford, 42.

"Honorable James W. Butler, Batesville", 44.

Fall Meeting, 54.

Index, 55

2002   -   April - July
"From Vaudeville to Blockbuster & the History of the Landers Theater" by Trey Gaines, 3
"Early Immigrants to Independence County from South Carolina by Nancy Griffith", 13
Spring Meeting (April 21), 56
Heritage Award (Liz Burns Glenn), 57
Arkansas Historical Association Lifetime Achievement Award (Clyde McGinnis), 58
Index, 59

2002  -  October  -  January 2003
"The Elvena Maxfield Journals, 1861-1866"

     Introduction by Nancy Britton, 3.

     Journal:  Volume I, 9.

Fall Meeting (October 20), 63.

Mystery Photo, 64.

2003   -   April - July
"The Elvena Maxfield Journals, Volume II", transcribed and edited by Nancy Britton and Nancy Griffith, 3.

Identifications of People Mentioned in the Journals, 34.

Genealogical Information on Elvena and Thomas Padgett's Family, 44.

Napier - Rey Correspondence, 47.

Mabel Padgett Letter to Kate Hooper, 50.

Rev. John M. Cowle's Letter, edited by Nancy Britton, 52.

Spring Meeting May 4, 55.

Heritage Awards - Hail Bryant and Mildred (Mrs. Chester) Thomas, 56.

ICHS Honored with State Awards, 58.

Index, 59.

January 2004
"A Brief History of an Historian: Remembering Wilson Powell (1914-2003)" by Joseph A. McCaleb, 3.

"Joseph H. Egner: A Life Revisited" by Kathy Cater Davidson and Erin Kelly, 7.

"Betrayed by the White River, by George E. Lankford", 19.

"Memories of Lillian Combs Idle and the Cord Community 1870's-1880's", edited by Nancy Britton, 25.

"Index to Freedmen's Contracts in Batesville", 47.

Fall & Winter Meeting October 19 & January 18, 54.

Index, 56.

July 2004
"Some Hickersons of Independence County: The Family of Lytle and Elizabeth May Glenn Hickerson" by Nancy Britton, 3.

"Elizabeth Lawson Sprigg Ringgold" by George E. Lankford, 19.

"John Ringgold: The Early Years" by George E. Lankford, 29.

"Fent Noland Diary - Conclusion" by George E. Lankford, 35.

"Early Settlement of Greenbrier Bottoms", compiled by Kenny Gerhardt, 39.

Spring Meeting April 18, 53.

Heritage Award Drs. Terrell and Diane Tebbetts, 54.

Index, 55.

January 2005
"History of Harlequin Theatre" by Dr. Michael L. Counts, 3
"Album of Harlequin Productions", 31
"Civil War Diary of Thomas J. Barb of Batesville", Introduction and transcription by George Rugg, 37
"Biographical Information about the Thomas Barb Family" by Nancy Britton, 48
"Memorial of Byers, Kyle & Johnson", 53
"Testimony of William Byers" transcribed by Brian K. Robertson, 55
Independence County Historical Society Constitution, 63
Index, 67

July 2005
"More Independence County Pioneers: Royal Stokely Fugatt and Margaret Emeline Penland Fugatt" by Diane Norton and Linda Matthews, 3
"Carl Garner, One-Man Dynamo: His Early Life in Independence County" by Margorie Seasholtz, 25
"A Road Not Taken: Fent Noland and Sam Houston" by George Lankford, 33
"Napier-Rey Correspondence" by Nancy Britton, 49
Spring Meeting April 16 and 2005 Heritage Award - Brian Langston, 52
Lifetime Achievement Award - Nancy Britton, 52
Index, 56

January 2006
"Not for Gold Alone: The Moore-Williams Wagon Train of 1853" by Nancy Britton, 3
"The Moore Family: James Moore and Captain William Moore," 19
"The Miller Family: Simon and John Miller," 25
"The Williams Family," 29
"The Trip West," 34
"The Shooting of Richard Ridgway" by Marion Stark Craig, M.D., 37
"Redmon/Chapman: More Pioneers from Batesville to California" by Nancy Britton, 41
"Schools in Independence County ca. 1920" compiled by Susan Mosier, 52
Fall Meeting, 55
Index, 56
July 2006
"Relief Prayed For:  Divorces in Independence County, Arkansas, 1865-1875" by Marilynn Chlebak, 3
      Biographical Information on Divorces, 25
"Elizabeth Davis Byrne Carter" by Mary Kaufman, 42
      Elizabeth Davis Byrne Carter
      Family of James P. Carter
Spring Meeting, 54
2006 Heritage Award, 56
Arkansas Historical Association Awards, 57
Index, 58
January 2007
Honoring A. C. McGinnis (1916-2006
BACKFLOW by A. C. McGinnis
"Independence County Jails: 1824-1873" by Anthony Galloway, 3
"More About the Stone Family" by Diane Tebbetts and Ann Holladay, 15
"C.F.M. Noland's Early Settlers of Arkansas" edited by George Lankford, 29
Index, 47
Winter Meeting January 21, 50
July 2007
"Independence County's First Museum: Koleta's Kurio Kabin"
  by Robert D. Craig..........................................3
"Independence County Jails: 1873-Present"
  by Marilynn Chlebak........................................19
"Batesville Daily Guard Celebrates 130 Years Continuous Service"
  from the Batesville Daily Guard, April 30, 2006............31
January 2008
"Charles Case: Arkansas Slave and Freedman"
  by Dr. Jane Fagg................................................3
"A. K. Erwin: The Family That Disappeared from Independence County"
  by Nancy Britton...............................................19
"Civil War Letters from W. A. Crouch to his wife Elizabeth"
  from the Special Collections, University of Arkansas...........29
Winter Meeting...................................................36
July 2008 
"Speaking of Things: Mary Elizabeth Agnew's Friendship Book" 
  Transcribed and edited by Dr. George Lankford,  3-33.
"Elisha Baxter's Autobiography" Edited by Ted R. Worley, 34-37.
"Some Confederate Veteran Obituaries", 38-43.
Heritage Award Recipient, Robert Craig, 44.
Walter L. Brown Award Recipient, Dr. George Lankford, 45.
"Baraca/Philathea Sunday School Movement", 46-47.
ICHS Summer Program July 20, 48.
January 2009
"Settling Independence County" by Dr. George Lankford, 3.
"The White River Bridge Club" by Marilynn Chlebak, 25.
"A Surprising Independence County Connection" by Dr. George Lankford, 39.
October 2008 Meeting, 42.
Index, 44.
Winter Meeting, 47.
July 2009
"Locks and Dams on White River" by Craig Ogilvie, 3.
"50th Anniversary", 12.
Charter Roster, 15.
Past Presidents, 17.
Heritage Award Winners, 21.
Publication Awards, 23.
2009 Heritage Award, 26.
Constitution and By-laws, 28.
Fall Meeting & 50th Anniversary Observance, 36.
Cover photo:  The map shows the locations of the three White River 
locks and dams with an inset that illustrates how the dams were built.
(Original artwork by Craig Ogilvie.)
January 2010
“The Independence County Fair of 1867” compiled and edited by Nancy Britton, 3.
“Following the Harvest” by Craig Ogilvie, 25.
Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary, 39.
Index, 42.
Winter Meeting, 43.
Membership Renewal, 44.
July 2010
“Berkeley Bluff and Paroquet” by Robert Craig, 3.
“Almost Forgotten: Isaiah Hine” by George Lankford, 11.
“A Study of the Mill Boy” by J. Brent Tipton, 19.
“Bray Family” by Liz Glenn, 25.
Heritage Award 2010, 29
Arkansas Historical Association, 30.
Miscellaneous Photos of Interest, 31.
Index, 35.
Summer Meeting Announcement, 36.
January 2011
“Independence County Churches on the Eve of the Civil War” by George E. Lankford, 3.
“Methodists, Slavery, and Secession in Independence County” by Nancy Britton, 5.
“Presbyterians, Slavery, and Secession in Independence County” by George E. Lankford, 21.m
“Calvin C. Bliss and Finding Miss Abba” by Nancy Britton, 33.
In Memoriam:  Arvie Burks and Jane Bush Fagg, 37.
Index, 39.
January Meeting Announcement, 40-41.
July 2011
Independence County Churches on the Eve of the Civil War, Part 2
“Cumberlands, Slavery, and Secession in Independence County” by Craig Ogilvie, 3.
“Baptists, Slavery, and Secession in Independence County” by Linda L. Bennett and George E. Lankford, 9.
“An Interesting Newspaper Found” contributed by Terrell Tebbetts, 23.
Dedication of Civil War Marker at Old Independence Regional Museum, 26.
2011 Heritage Award, 29.
“Some Facts about the Life of Early Settler David L. Lowe” by Nancy Britton, 35.
Index, 38.
July Meeting Announcement, 40.
Sustaining Members
January 2012
“Adventures in the CCC” by Linda Matthews, 3.
“The Battle of Batesville: Three Perspectives May 3, 1862” by George Lankford, 17.
“Handford Brothers Painted Our History…and More!” by Craig Ogilvie, 27.
“Civil War Vet George Stephens Finally Gets Military Tombstone” by Craig Ogilvie, 35.
October Meeting, 38.
Index, 39.
January Meeting Announcement, 40.
January Meeting/Membership Renewal.
The next ICHS meeting will be on Sunday, January 15, 2012.
“In Search of the Blue and Gray: Researching Civil War Ancestors”
2:00 p.m. First Community Bank – Rider Room     Russell P. Baker

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