Independence County

Historical Society

October 1959 - October 1969

1959 - October
Wayland, Paul T. “Ringgold Home Dates from 1827-1828: Family Wealthy and Prominent in the East,” 3-5.
Wayland, Paul T. “Cabin of McFarland Credited First Building on Site of Batesville,” 6-12.
Dalton, Lawrence. “Early Families and First Roads Recalled by Randolph Historian,” 13-19.
Rieves, Pearl Ruddell. “Early Days of Historic Ruddell Family,” 20-27.
Butler, Virgil. “The Murder of Deputy Sheriff Wheeler and the Trial of His Killer, Robert Rose,” 29-36.
“Independence County Marriage Records, 1824-1828,” 37-38.
Morrow, John P., Sr. “Batesville Business District Circa 1900,” 39-43.

1960 - January
Jeffery, Mrs. Virginia. “Arkansas College,” 3-16.
Thompson, W. M. (Bill). “The Independence County Bar Association,” 17-22.
Buchanan, Betty. “Jamestown at the Turn of the Century,” 23-28.
“The Oil Trough Post Office,” 29.
“Independence County Marriage Records, 1825-1832, from Marriage Record A,” 41.
“Sheriff’s Census of Ruddell Township, Independence County, 1829,” 44-46.
“Charter Roster: Independence County Historical Society,” 47-50.

1960 - April
Rutherford, Mary. “The First Presbyterian Church,” 3-15.
Trimble, J. S. “The Naming of Jamestown,” (reprint from the North Arkansas Times), 16-18.
“Congressional Districts in Which the County Has Been Represented,” 19-28.
Rutherford, Colonel James. “A Glimpse of Batesville in 1849,” 29-31.
“The Stark Cemetery,” 32-34.
Wayland, Paul T. “Captain Bean’s Rangers,” 35-38.
“Account of County’s Creation,” (reprint from the Arkansas Gazette), 39.
McGinnis, A. C. “The First National Bank,” 41-46.
Smith, A. M. “Railroading on the White River Division,” 47-50.

1960 - July
McGinnis, A. C. “The Neill Tannery,” 3-10.
Hecht, Arthur. “Postal History of Independence County,” 11-27.
Gerstaecher, Frederick. “Great Beauty of Country Described by German Writer Here in 1838,” 28-32.
“Sulphur Rock Described as Health Resort with Bright Future in 1903,” 32-34.
McAdams, Virginia. “Hartwell Boswell,” 35-42.
Aikin, Colonel William. “Coffee a Scarce Item in Batesville in 1842,” (reprinted from the Batesville Guard), 42-43.
Hinkle, C. G. “Pioneer Physicians of Batesville,” 44-49.
“Independence County Marriage Record,” 44-49.

1960 - October
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Olyphant Train Robbery,” 3-14.
Mullins, David W. “History of Sharp County, Arkansas,” 16-29.
Shelpman, Mrs. Bob. “Desha Named for Distinguished Soldier, Franklin W. Desha,” 30-33.
Blair, Mrs. Herbert. “Names of Many Prominent Families Given to Streets in Batesville,” 34-39.
Stockard, Miss Sally. “Author Writes of Features of County and History in 1904,” 40-44
Lindsey, Dean and Earnest Neill. “Seiberling to Occupy Historic Ground,” 45-46.

1961 - January
Whetstone, Pete. “Bear Hunting in 1837,” 2-4.
Allsop, Fred W. “Independence County Newspapers,” 4-12.
McGinnis, A. C. “First Post Offices of Big Bottom,” 13-17.
McGinnis, A. C. “Dowdy, Last Post Office Created in County,” 17-19.
Buchanan, Betty and Imogene Parks. “Newark, John Tomlinson’s Town,” 19-25.
McAdams, Virginia. “Chataunga Mountain and the Cherokee Line,” 26-31.
“Dr. Sterling W. Allen, A Pioneer Physician,” (from Dean R. Lindsey records), 32-42.
Jernigan, E. L. “On Dota--From ‘Lick Skillet’ to Galloway,” 42-45.
“Batesville Fire Department History Traced,” (reprinted from the Batesville Guard), 46.
Noland, Fenton Mercer. “Batesville in 1826,” 47-48.
Walden, George. “Hazel Grove, a Deserted Community,” 50-54.

1961 - April
Terry, Mrs. George. “The Batesville Institute,” 2-7.
Sims, C. C. “The Story of Cushman,” 8-13.
Wyatt, Ralph. “The Murder of Sheriff Morgan: Trial and Execution of His Killer,” 14-24.
Forester, R. K. (Bob). “Early History, Virgin Timber of Cord Recalled,” 25-33.
O’Neal, W. B. “The Place Called O’Neal,” 34-41.
Thompson, Judge W. M. “The Arkansas History Commission,” 43-45.
Warner, Captain Charles H. and A. C. McGinnis. “Captain Gibb’s Company, CSA; Civil War Letters,” 46-56.

1961 - July
McAdams, Virginia. “The Battle of Waugh’s Farm,” 2-6.
McAdams, Virginia. “Batesville, Base for Both Confederate and Union Forces,” 7-15.
McGinnis, A. C. “The Independence County Companies, CSA,” 15-39.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “Map of Independence County in 1860,” 30-31.
McGinnis, A. C. “A Glimpse of the County in 1860,” 39-49.
Wayland, Paul T. “Baxter’s 4th Arkansas Mounted Infantry, USA,” 49-56.
Hulsey, M. D. “23 Confederate Veterans Buried in Alderbrook,” 56-57.

1961 - October
Stroud, Mrs. Robert S. “Camp Jo Shelby,” 3-7.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “Impressions of the War Years,” 10-25.
“Report of Federal Scout in 1864,” (from Official Records), 26-31.
“Captain Matheny’s Company,” (from files of Capt. Charles H. Warner), 32-33.
“From Batesville to Elgin in 1864,” (from Official Records), 34-37.
Powell, Wilson. “Fighting Bob Shaver,” 38-44.

1962 - January
McAdams, Virginia. “Attack on Jacksonport,” 3-7.
McGinnis, A. C. “Newport’s Civil War Cannon,” 8-9.
Powell, Morgan Allen. “Some Notes on Slavery in Independence County,” 10-15.
Kauffman, Capt. A. B. “Military Expedition to Searcy Landing in 1864,” 17-20.
“Captain Echols’ Company, CSA,” 21-22.
“Captain Howser’s Company, CSA,” 22-24.
“Captain Knight’s Company, CSA,” 24-26.
“Captain Tom West’s Company, CSA,” 26-28.
Kennerly, H. M. “First Stockholders of the First National Bank,” 29-38.
O’Neal, Rev. W. B. “Searching for Buried Treasure,” 39-42.
Forester, R. K. (Bob). “Elgin, the Ferry and the Post Office,” 43-46.

1962 - April
Kirk, Mrs. Elmer. “The Saltpeter Mine of 1862,” 3-9.
“Safeguard of County Records Ordered in 1862,” 10-13.
Schoolcraft, Henry R. “From North Fork to Polk Bayou in 1819,” 14-18.
McGinnis, A. C. “Lincoln Cenotaph Supplied by Wolford,” 19-23.
Maxfield, Harry, “Batesville in 1880,” 24-27.
“Independence County Marriage Records, Book A, pages 226-31,” 28-29.
Baker, H. C. “Comments on the Battle of Shiloh,” 30-32.
Buchanan, Paul. “The Great Rock-Throwing Champ,” 33-35.
McGinnis, A. C. “Aaron Lyon vs. Aaron Lines,” 36-37.
“County’s First Million-Dollar Industry,” (reprinted from the Batesville Guard), 38-39.
Stewart, Clyde. “McHue Named for Two Pioneer Families,” 40-47.

1962 - July
Warner, Capt. Charles H. “Independence County Packet--Boating from Fulton to Finish,” 3-25.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Yankee Recruiting in Batesville,” 26-30.
Buchanan, Betty. “First Guard Duty of a Teenage Rebel,” 31-34.
Jeffery, Mrs. Carter. “Lt. Coffin and the Confederate Star,” 35-38.
McGinnis, A. C. “Neill Lodge Closes After 90 Years,” 40-45.
“The Teaching Career of W. T. Jernigan,” (reprinted from the Batesville Guard), 47.
Stroud, Mrs. Robert. “Judge Richard Searcy, Leader in the A. T.,” 48-50.
“The Searcy-O’Hara Contract of 1821,” (document from the file of Desha Lester), 52-55.

1962 - October
Wolf, Miss Cleo. “Ozark Springs,” 3-12.
“Building Kills Two Owners: Makes Surviving Mate Twice a Widow,” 16-17.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “North by West,” 18-26.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Benjamin Hardin,” 27-30.
Wyatt, Ralph H. “The Bear Hunter,” 31-33.
McGinnis, A. C. “Batesville Telephone History,” 34-39.
Buchanan, Betty. “The Sweat-Soaked Ham,” 40-43.
Boyd, Hugh French. “Recollections of Batesville in 1900,” 44-45.
O’Neal, Rev. W. B. “Experiences of a Pioneer,” 46-47.

1963 - January
Handford, Charley R. “The World’s Largest Cedar Yard,” 2-9.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Notes of a Visitor in 1836,” 10-12.
Trice, Claud P. “Captain John H. Dye,” 13-28.
Wyatt, Ralph H. “The Dodd-Wyatt Families,” 29-30.
McGinnis, A. C. “The Skirmish at Buck Horn,” 31-39.
Lafferty, L. D. “The Pioneer Lafferty Family,” 42-44.

1963 - April
Neill, General Robert. “Reminiscences of Independence County,” 2-29.
Shaver, O. C. “Batesville and County Owe Much to the Little Town of Evening Shade: Many of Our Leading Citizens Came From There,” 32-36.
Herrington, Edwin. “Early Picture Shows in Newark,” 37-45.
O’Neal, W. B. “Scenes of Railroad Building,” 46-49.
“Ruple’s Civil War Paintings,” 50-55.

1963 - July
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Arkansas Road,” 2-9.
Buchanan, Betty. “A Laughing Matter,” 10-12.
“McRae’s March to Helena Retraced,” 13-16.
Lucas, Perry E. “Service on the Charlotte Line,” 17-18.
Warner, Capt. Charles H. “The Steamer A. D. Allen,” 19.
McGinnis, A. C. “The Big August Overflow in 1915,” 21-28.
Moore, Mrs. Caruth S. “The Old Homes of Evening Shade,” 29-44.

1963 - October
Ewing, Mrs. Laura. “The Retreat from Little Rock in 1863,” 3-17.
Morgan, James Logan. “Biography of a Free Negro,” 18-21.
Barnes, Miss Tommie. “John A. Show -- Settler from Maine,” 22-24.
Hail, Pvt. Steve, CSA. “A Wounded Rebel’s Lonely Ride,” 26-30.
Johnson, Boyd W. “Henderson Lafferty of Carrollton,” 31-33.
Morrow. John P., Jr. “The Changing Scene on Main Street,” 35.
McGinnis, A. C. “The 1915 Flood in Oil Trough,” 37-40.
Luker, Mrs. Lady Elizabeth. “The Old Courthouse in Jacksonport,” 41-50.

1964 - January
Powell, Admiral Morgan. “The Batesville Bazzoo,” 2-7.
“Waugh Farm Skirmish Fought February 19, 1864,” 8-16.
“Captain Rutherford’s Company, CSA,” 17-18.
“Thomas A. McSpadden, Soldier and Citizen,” 19-20.
Haughey, J. T. “Letter from Kansas,” (reprinted from the Batesville Republican), 21-24.
McGinnis, A. C. “The Occupation of Batesville in 1864,” 25-34.
Crouch, W. A. “Report from Rutherford’s Company,” 35-36.
Terry, Mrs. George. “The Fairchild Building,” 38.
Dalehite, Bob. “Colonel Arch S. Dobbins,” 39-51.

1964 - April
Jeffery, Larry. “Mt. Olive -- A Ghost Town,” 2-9.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “John Caruthers: Veteran of the American Revolution,” 10-12.
Brown, Elsie M. “King Mills: Early Settlement in Sharp County,” 14-18.
Rutherford, Mary. “Walter B. Rutherford and His Family,” 19-20.
“A Northern Man Builds Southern Building,” 21-26.
“The Clionian Entertainment,” 27-31.
McGinnis, A. C. “Soulesbury Institute, A Frontier School,” 32-47.
Butler, W. Lawrence. “Batesville’s First X-ray,” 48-51.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Dr. Allen House: The Building and Its Owners,” 52-58.

1964 - July
McGinnis, A. C. “The County’s Mexican War Soldiers,” 2-17.
“Captain Porter’s Monument,” 18-21.
“Civil War Soldiers in Oaklawn,” 22-25.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The County’s First Industrial Park,” 26-28.
“Presidents of the Independence County Medical Society,” 30-32.
Shinn, Josiah H., A.M. “Fourth of July, 1822, at Batesville,” 33-34.
“The Independence County Marriage Record, from December 18, 1834 to June 25, 1839,” 35-39.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “Old Building on College Avenue Razed,” 40-43.
“Civil War Letter,” 44-46.

1964 - October
“Many Local Men with Price in 1864,” 3-4.
Simmons, T. P. “14 Tons in 3 Hours and 40 Minutes,” 5-8.
Edwards, E. C. and A. C. McGinnis. “Recollections from Newark,” 11-14.
“The Batesville Wheel,” 18-20.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Old Dwellings Razed: Ownership Traced,” 21-24.
“The Bank of Evening Shade,” 25-26.
Metcalf, Lulu. “A Short History of the Metcalf Family,” 27-29.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Journal of a Batesville Visitor in 1860,” 30-40.

1965 - January
Powell, Wilson. “Ringgold Marker Dedicated,” 2-9.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Ringgold Lot,” 10-14.
Metcalf, Lulu. “A Short History of the Shaver Family,” 15-19.
McGinnis, A. C. “Extremism in 1890,” 20-23.
Ottinger, C. Leo. “The Batesville Commercial,” 24.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “High Finance Under Four Constitutions,” 25-33.
“Captain Fetzer’s Company, CSA,” 34-44.
“The Last Train to Cushman,” 45.

1965 - April
Shell, Hugh and Hail Bryant. “Half Mile Cave,” 2-6.
O’Neal, W. B. “A Young Pedagog,” 7-22.
O’Neal, W. B. “The Stone County Academy,” 23-30.
“Skirmish at Sylamore,” 31-40.
Fitzhugh, Mrs. J. C. “Twice-Told Tales,” 42-46.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “Company D, 8th Arkansas Cavalry,” 47-51.
“Drastic Changes in Medical Practices Noted by Dr. O.J.T. Johnson,” 54-55.

1965 - July
Luker, Lady Elizabeth. “The Surrender at Jacksonport,” 2-5.
Ottinger, C. Leo. “A Recollection of a Drummer,” 7.
“Pages from General Curtis’ Letter Book,” 8-10.
“Arkansas Confederates,” 11-12.
“Esquire G. C. Rutledge,” 13-15.
“185 Pound Gar Caught in 1896,” 16-18.
“Masonic Home Marker,” 19-22.
“Politics in Yesteryear,” 23-24.
Worley, Ted R. “Glimpses of an Old Southwestern Town,” 27-54.

1965 - October
“Sulphur Rock’s Street Car,” 3-10.
“The Sulphur Rock Post Office,” 11-14.
Ottinger, C. Leo. “Tragedy at Sulphur Rock in 1904,” 19-20.
Matthews, Linda. “The Sulphur Rock Male and Female Academy,” 21-33.
Buchanan, Betty. “The Sulphur Rock Gold Strike,” 34-40.
“Main Street in Sulphur Rock, 1913,” 42-43.
“The Sulphur Rock Cemetery,” 44-55.

1966 - January
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Col. Thomas J. Morgan,” 2-15.
“The Independence County Marriage Record, from Marriage Record A,” 16-17.
Morrow, John P. and Miss Oza Baker. “Sulphur Rock on Bounty Lands,” 19-21.
“Early History of Sulphur Rock Obscure,” 22-31.
“Mack Chapel Cemetery,” 32-36.
“The Dye Cemetery,” 36.
“Local Confederate Captains,” 37.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Goodspeed’s History,” 39-47.

1966 - April
Gunnerson, Miss Flora. “Dr. Lycurgus Adair Dickson,” 2-15.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Rear Admiral Bayard H. Colyear,” 16-19.
Ogilvie, Craig. “John G. Ogilvie,” 20-25.
Powell, Wilson. “John S. Medley: ‘The Sage of Dusock’,” 28-60.
Morrow, John P., Jr. “The Dr. Joseph W. Case Home,” 63-64.

1966 - July
Morrow, John P. “Batesville’s Arlington Hotel,” 2-7.
Maxfield, Harry. “Batesville and Its River,” 8-12.
Handford, Charley R. “A Glimpse of Indian History,” 13-15.
Morrow, John P. “Neill Home Destroyed by Fire,” 16-17.
McGinnis, A. C. “Dr. Dickson’s Ledger of 1869,” 18-38.
Brightwell, John H. “The Doctor Makes a Call in 1889,” 39-40.
Powell, Wilson. “John S. Medley (Dusock) Sequel,” 41-46.
O’Neal, Rev. W. B. “Abijah O’Neal’s Cave,” 47-48.

1966 - October
McGinnis, A. C. “Township Named for Dr. H. G. Logan,” 2-17.
Ogilvie, Craig. “A Preacher’s Diary,” 18-26.
Dowell, Mrs. Walter A. “The Job Neill Letters,” 27-37.
Powell, Admiral Morgan A. “Families Served by Dr. Dickson,” 38-42.
“History of the Matheny Surname,” 44.
“William A. Oldfield Biography,” 45.
Powell, Wilson. “The Matheny’s in Peace and War,” 46-64.

1967 - January
O’Neal, Rev. W. B. “The CMA Lodge,” 3-4
Rutledge, Mrs. Sybil King. “The John Rutledge Family: 1852 Settlers of Independence County,” 5-8.
Brightwell, John H. “Singing Schools,” 9-11.
Stewart, Clyde. “Independence County Officials, 1820-1966,” 12-19.
Powell, Wilson. “The Sharps of Independence, Izard, and Sharp,” 20-44.
“The Post Offices at Love and Woods,” 45-47.

1967 - April
“Bryan’s Visit Was in 1910,” 4-6.
“Independence County Created in 1820,” 7.
Powell, Wilson. “Independence Lodge No. 4 and the I.O.O.F. Home,” 8-27.
“The Balboa Post Office,” 28-34.
“The Andersons of Balboa,” 35-38.
“Federal Building’s History Traced,” (reprinted from the Batesville Guard), 39-40.

1967 - July
Walmsley, Beverly. “William Read Miller, Arkansas’ First Native-Born Governor,” 2-8.
Love, A. R. “Wagon Train to Indian Territory in 1907,” 9-21.
“The Love, Lewis, and Fulbright Families,” 22-25.
Moore, G. H. “The Horse Named Dixie,” 26-28.
“Charles Kelly,” 29-31.
McGinnis, A. C. “Batesville, Historic Town of an Historic County,” 35-47.
Smith, Audie M. Nichols. “William Jasper Nichols, Farmer, Postmaster, and Photographer,” 48-53.

1967 - October
Ogilvie, Craig. “Barren Fork -- ‘Dry Town’ Mount Pleasant -- One Town,” 2-13.
“Revolutionary War Soldier Lawrence Bradley,” 15-17.
Moore, Malcolm. “The Fashion Calendar Clock,” 18-25.
McGinnis, A. C. “The County’s Early Threshers,” 27-35.
“Surgery in Batesville in 1905,” 38-39.
“Rutledge Genealogy Published,” 40-42.
“Jo Kemp Hanged in 1879 for Hulsey Murder in 1869,” 43-50.

1968 - January
Meachum, L. W. “Sidney Pickens,” 2-8.
“The Osborne General Store,” 14-20.
“The Batesville Republican,” 21-28.
“The Evening Shade College,” 29-30.
Morrow, John P. “A Change on Main Street,” 31-33.
“The County’s Revolutionary War Soldiers,” 34-35.
McGinnis, A. C. “Highrock on Sullivan Creek,” 36-45.

1968 - April
Holcombe, A. E. “Spring Mill,” 2-17.
Morrow, John P. “Early Ownership of the Big Spring,” 18-20.
Powell, Wilson. “Cotton Ginning in Independence and Other Hill Counties,” 24-50.

1968 - July
O’Neal, Rev. W. B. “The Pearl Boom on White River,” 2-5.
McGinnis, A. C. “John L. Evans - The Batesville Pearl Merchant,” 6-16.
McSpadden, Thelma. “Pearl Buys Team of Mules,” 17-18.
“Hamp Harbin, Veteran Pearl Hunter,” 19-21.
“A Pearl Digging Expedition,” 22-24.
McGinnis, A. C. “Pearl Search Began in 1897,” 25-29.
Wyatt, Ralph. “The Morgan Cemetery,” 30-32.
Ogilvie, Craig. “Conyer’s Spring School,” 33-40.
McGinnis, A. C. “Town-Ball,” 41-42.
Huddleston, Duane. “A History of Batesville’s First Baseball Team, The Independents, and Its 1869 Record,” 43-49.

1968 - October
Huddleston, Duane. “Navigation of the Buffalo River: The Epic Trip of the Steamboat Dauntless,” 3-14.
Warner, Capt. Charles H. “The Warners of Batesville,” 15-28.
Woodward, Claudia Anderson. “My Grandfather, Wylie Mitchel Kent,” 31-34.
Anderson, Nancy Kent. “Alabama to Arkansas by Ox Wagon,” 35-36.
Halsey, Dick. “Early Settlers of Greenbrier,” 37-39.
Huddleston, Duane. “The Batesville Mardi Gras, February, 1879,” 40-49.

1969 - January
Huddleston, Duane. “The Ozark Queen and Her Competitors,” 2-23.
Matthews, Wanda. “The Aftermath of a Robbery,” 24-29.
McGinnis, A. C. “Business, Profession, and Trade Directory of 1898-1899,” 30-42.
Huddleston, Duane. “The Day Capt. Andrew R. Porter Died: Buena Vista, Mexico, February 23, 1847,” 46-50.
“Local Historical Markers,” 52-56.

1969 - April
Huddleston, Duane. “A Biographical Sketch of the Charles Kelly Family,” 3-39.
“Edward Cooper Parsons, Delegate to the 1924 Democratic Convention,” 40-44.
Craig, Mrs. Ruth. “D. E. White, Carriage Maker,” 45-51.
Williams, G. L. “Charles F. M. Noland: One Aspect of His Career,” 52-58.

1969 - July
Mehringer, Corinne Putnam. “George W. Browning, 1st Lieut. Company H, 8th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States of America,” 2-3.
Henning, Mrs. W. J. “My Grandfather, Willis Taylor Inman,” 4-15.
Morrow, John P. “Early Land Surveys,” 16-21.
Elms, Mrs. V.C. “Medical Practitioners of Independence, Sharp, and Izard Counties in 1909,” 22-27.
Huddleston, Duane. “The Three Steamboats Named Batesville,” 28-44.
Tadlock, Mrs. O. V. “The Bristow Family,” 43-48.

1969 - October
Huddleston, Duane. “Water Power Mills on Poke Bayou,” 2-24.
McGinnis, A. C. “Notes on Poke Bayou,” 25-31.
Morrow, John P. “125 Years Ago -- News and Place Names,” 32-33.
McGinnis, A. C. “Browning Marker Dedicated,” 34-36.
Huddleston, Duane. “Territorial Tax List: Independence County, 1824,” 37-42.
McGinnis, A. C. “Texans Fight at Batesville,” 46-54.

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