Independence County

Historical Society Chronicle

January 1970 - October 1979

1970  -  January
Powell, Wilson.  “Captain Andy Pate and His Alaskan Adventure,” 2-14.
Harris, Mrs. Franklin Jelks.  “Preachers, Deacons, and Elders, 1833-1874,” 17-26.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Last of Marion County White River Raftsmen Succumbs,” 27-29.
Haley, Oscar L.   “Russell C. and Betty Pendleton Haley and Their 275 Descendants,” 30-40.
Haley, Oscar L.  “Reflections,” 41-45.
Carter, Flava Haley.  “Alvin Clarence and Amanda Ethel Taylor Hayley,” 46-50.

1970  -  April
Huddleston, Duane.  “The Indians of North Arkansas, 1823-1836,” 3-31.
“The Cherokee Indians,” 33-36.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Selling Cotton After Sundown,” 37-39.
Moore, Caruth S.  “School in 1847,” 40-42.
McGinnis, A. C.  “The Depot at Newark,” 43-48.

1970  -  July
Higginbotham, W. R.  “Routes of Indian Removal,” 2-7.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Early Religious Activities in Independence County,” 8-42.
“In Camp in Batesville,” 43-48.
Weaver, Mrs. Kathleen.  “Those Were the Days,” 49-50.
Wright, Miss Ina and Denetrice Hutchins.  “A Short History of Pleasant Plains,” 51-60.

1970  -  October
McGinnis, A. C.  “Independence County Reaches 150th Year in 1970,” 2-14.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Dates in Early Settlement,” 15-17.
“James M. Curran,” 18-20.
“Colonel Noland’s Lecture,” 21-37.
Harris, Mrs. Mary Sue.  “County Mortality Schedule, 1850,” 40-44.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Batesville’s First Street Lamps,” 45-47.

1971  -  January
Powell, Wilson.  “Richard B. and Minerva Roberts Warner,” 2-24.
Conyers, Pearson R.  “Polk Bayou Post Office,” 25-28.
McGinnis, A. C.  “The Philadelphia Post Office,” (correction from Vol. XII), 29.
Monks, William.  “The Occupation of Batesville,” 30-43.
Martin, Faye.  “County School Consolidation, 1925-1935,” 44-52.
[Independence County] Soldiers of the Revolution, 55.
Morrow, John P.  “First Division of City Block,” 56.

1971  -  April
Rutherford, Mary.  “D. C. Montgomery,” 2-11.
Finney, William Edwin.  “The Finneys of Independence County,” 12-23.
Moore, Caruth S.  “Elections in Pioneer Days,” 24-25.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Steamboat John D. Perry Was Jacksonport Favorite,” 26-31.
“On to California,” (from Orange County, California Genealogical Society Quarterly), 32-35.
Burns, Sallie Morgan.  “Just Reminiscing,” 36-39.

1971  -  July
“Captain Charles H. Warner,” (obituary), 2-4.
Mehringer, Mrs. Corrine.  “William D. Meriwether,” 5-11.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Wolf Bayou Springs,” 12-16.
“William Samuel Stokes,” (obituary), 17.
“Fred Fitzhugh,” (obituary), 18.
“Charles F. Cole,” (obituary), 19-20.
“Gray E. Yeatman,” (obituary), 20.
Huddleston, Duane.  “The Battle Flag of Captain Porter’s Company,” 21-24.
Morrow, John P.  “The Black Rock Bank Robbery,” 25-26.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Obituaries by Charles Fenton Mercer Noland,” 27-33.
Dixon, Allen Henderson “Henry”.  “The 7th Arkansas Regiment,” 34-50.
“Who Was William Bailey George?” 54-55.
Powell, Wilson.  Book review of A Baird Family in America and Allied Lines.

1971  -  October
Huddleston, Duane.  “John C. Luttig’s Poke Bayou Trading Post,” 2-23.  [see also,M1]
Huddleston, Duane.  “Events from the Life of Moses Graham,” 24-35.
Fulbright, Linda.  “When Hairdressers Made Housecalls,” 36-49.
McGinnis, A. C.  “The Batesville Eagle” [newspaper], 50-54.
“The Obituary of Jehoiada Jeffery,” (from the Arkansas Gazette, December 5, 1846), 56.

1972  -  January
Huddleston, Duane.  “John C. Luttig’s Letter from Polk Bayou,” 2-19.
“Sharp County Landmark Removed,” 20-24.
“Presbyterian Church Razed,” 26-28.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Lynch Law in Batesville,” 29-33.
Morrow, John P.  “Lafferty Memorial Church,” 34-36.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Tragedy at Meriwether’s Store,” 37-42.
“Moorefield Post Office,” 4345.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Ruddell Mill Site, a Landmark Worth Preserving,” 46-63.
“Hubert H. Holmes,” (obituary), 63.
“Metal Detector Useful in Finding Historical Sites,” 64.

1972  -  April
McGinnis, A. C.  “The Burton-Aikin Feud,” 2-30.
“Early Lawyers Trained Themselves,” 31-32.
“Batesville’s First Public School,” 33-35.
“Dr. John Quincy Wolf,” (obituary), 36.
“Two Members of ICHS Honored,” (John P. Morrow and Malcolm Moore), 39-41.
“The Hanging of Robert Lancaster,” 42-54.

1972  -  July
Powell, Wilson.  “Jacksonport’s Arkansas Traveler and the Civil War Letters of Thaddeus Rice,” 2-15.
Tucker, R. W.  “Peyton Tucker, Pioneer,” 16-23.
“White Run Post Office,” 24-26.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Farming in Oil Trough,” 27-39.
Huddleston, Duane.  “The Murder Trial of Allen Bell,” 40-49.
Edmondson, Mrs. Effie McClendon.  “Mary Redmon Gainer Wyatt,” 50-57.

1972  -  October
McGinnis, A. C.  “Arkansas College, 1872-1972,” 3-64.

1973  -  January 
Huddleston, Duane.  “Of Race Horses and Steamboats:  The Pride of Captain Thomas Todd Tunstall,” 1-144.

1973  -  April
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D. and Robert Andrew Craig, D.D.S.  “Sarah Esther Case,” 2-10.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Justice Luttig Held Court at Poke Bayou in 1815,” 11-17.
Morrow, John P.  “Engleside Landing,” 18-19.
O’Neal, W. B.  “The First Time Ringling Brothers Show Came to Batesville,” 21-22.
“Mrs. George J. Terry,” (obituary), 23.
“H. M. Kennerly,” (obituary), 24.
“Y. M. Massey,” (obituary), 25.
Morrow, John P.  “The Chatunga Club,” 27.
Higginbotham, W. R.  “Reconstruction in North Arkansas,” 28-32.
Coffman, Joyce Hall.  “Reconstruction Officials in Independence County,” 33-39.
Huddleston, Duane.  “The Two Obituaries of Joseph H. Egner,” 40-44.
“Dr. O. J. T. Johnston,” (obituary), 45.
“Miss Oza Baker,” (obituary), 46

1973  -  July
Mosley, Dr. Edward.  “The Pre-Civil War Attitude of the Arkansas Gazette Toward Slavery,” 2-20.
Craig, Dr. Marion Stark.  “The Cornwall Trek of 1846,” 21-44.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Sweet Lips Has Spoken,” 45-50.
“Mrs. Mary Parsons Fitzhugh,” (obituary), 51.
“First Manganese Mining First Started in 1849,” 52-53.
Buchanan, Tommie Barnes.  “Comment on the Batesville Academy,” 54.

1973  -  October
Morrow, John P.  “Batesville’s Involvement in the War with Spain, 1898-1899,” 4-43.
“William Edwin Finney,” (obituary), 45-46.
McGinnis, Clyde.  “Arkansas Historical Leader, Dr. J. H. Atkinson,” 47.
Sturch, Richard W.  “Sturch Family History,” 48-52.
Sturch, Richard W.  “My Life Story,” 53-56.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Cherokee Incident at Talbert’s Ferry,” 57-63.

1974  -  January
Morrow, John P.  “Charles Padgett House Removed,” 1-4.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Drill Contest at Camp Shelby March 12, 1863,” 5-11.
O’Neal, W. B.  “One of the County’s Notable Roads,” 12-14.
“Mrs. Annie Baker,” (obituary), 14.
McGinnis, A. C.  “M. Shelby Kennard and the Independent Balance,” 15-33.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Peter Whetstone in Court at Batesville 1823-1824,” 34-37.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Business Batesville, 1914,” 38-48.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Batesville Commercial,” 49-51.
“Murmin C. Todd,” (obituary), 51.
“Bob Magness,” (obituary), 52-53.
Historical Booklets, 54-55.

1974  -  April
Huddleston, Duane.  “General Curtis at Batesville and Jacksonport,” 2-8.
“Civil War Letter from Smithville [Arkansas] March 26, 1863,” 9.
Jeffery, Judge Forrest.  “Governor Thomas S. Drew of Independence County,” 10-14.
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D.  “Colonel Hartwell Boswell and Major Jacob Wolf:  1825,” 15-16.
McGinnis, A. C.  “The Courier of Jamestown,” 17-22.
Morrow, John P.  “The Old Order Changeth,” 28-25.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Thirty-five Years in Arkansas Schools, the A. E. Holcombe Story,” 26-39.
Morrow, John P.  “The Gray Hospital Lot,” 40-42.
“Admiral Morgan A. Powell Honored,” 43-44.

1974  -  July
Wayland, Paul.  “Batesville’s Memorial Park Cemetery,” 2-8.
Huddleston, Duane.  “The Execution of David S. Lewis,” 9-12.
Powell, Wilson.  “The Kruegers of the Pfeiffer Stone Company,” 13-35.
Huddleston, Duane.  “Some Indian Incidents along White River,” 36-46.

1974  -  October
Wyatt, Ralph.  “Benjamin Hardin IV,” 4-41.
Craig, Dr. Marion Stark.  “Colonel Joseph Hardin of Davidsonville:  1784-1826,” 42-62.

1975  -  January
Fair, James R., Jr.  “The Batesville White Lime Company,” 2-14.
“Camp Shelby’s Drill Contest,” 15-16.
Clay, Dr. Floyd M.  “The Indians of Northwest Arkansas and the Coming of the White Man,” 18-28.
Tadlock, Lela Bristow.  “The Camp Ground,” 29-34.
Huddleston, Duane.  “In Days of Old, When Knights Were Bold,” 35-45.
Vogler, Myrtle Clarine.  “Negroes of Area Joined Back to Africa Movement,” 46-57.
“Joseph Buford Parse,” (obituary), 58.
“Rev. Walter Bevans O’Neal,” (obituary), 59-60.
“Members and Guests Take Historic Tour of Bethesda,” 61-62.

1975  -  April
Wyatt, Ralph.  “Some History of Rosie Township,” 2-53.
Wyatt, Ralph.  “Salado Creek Bridge on the Road from Batesville to Oil Trough Bottom,” 54-61.
1830 census of Christian Township, Independence County, Arkansas, 62-64.
1840 census of Christian Township, Independence County, Arkansas, 64-66.
Wyatt, Ralph and Ruth.  “Inventory of Macedonia Cemetery [near Rosie],” 67-73.
Map by Craig Ogilvie of Rosie area (back cover).

1975  -  July
McGinnis, A. C.  “Bethesda,” 2-18.
McGinnis, A. C.  “R. W. Earnheart and His Distillery,” 19-30.
Weaver, Kathleen.  “Moses Harmon of Harmontown,” 31-36.
McGinnis, Martha.  “Washington Township census of 1840,” 37-38.
McGinnis, Martha.  “Washington Township census of 1850,” 39-40.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Campground Cemetery,” 41-50.
“Early Independence County Cabinetmakers,” 51-52
“Ralph Wyatt,” (obituary), 53.
“Arch Haskins,” (obituary), 54
“Mrs. Frances P. Crouch,” (obituary), 55.
“Mrs. Winnie Marable,” (obituary), 56.
Magness, Walter L.  “Comments on Hutson,” 58-59.
“History of the Peyton Tucker Family,” 60-62.
Tarpley, Armie R.  “The Tarpley Family from Tennessee,” 63-78.
Map by Craig Ogilvie of the Bethesda area, inside back cover.

1975  -  October
Crowley, W. J.  “The Ordeal of Emily Weaver:  A True Spy Story of the Civil War” and “The Life of Edwin Tucker Burr,” 1-71.

1976  -  January
Blair, Mrs. Ruth Griffin.  “The Meriwether Story,” 2-13.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Eleven Union Soldiers Drown at Batesville May 11, 1862,” 16-20.
Bristow, Mary M.  “Bristow Genealogy,” 21-24.
“Vernon Anthony Hook,” (obituary), 25.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Daffin Field,” 2632.
Morrow, John P.  “The Albright-Ramsey Home,” 33-35.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Distillery Rock Used in Dwelling,” 36-41.
Fair, James R., Jr.  “Mountain View’s Railroad,” 43-49

1976  -  April
McGinnis, A. C.  “A History of Independence County, Arkansas,” (Special Issue).

1976  -  July
“Index to ‘A History of Independence County, Arkansas, Volume XVII, Number 8, April 1976,” 2-21.
Neill, Robert.  “Reminiscences of Independence County,” 22-51.

1976  -  October
Lankford, Dr. George.  “Settlers in Washington Township [AR] 1840-1850,” 2-15.
Clark, Wanda.  “Georgia Oma Sherrill Clark:  Arkansas Pioneer Daughter,” 16-27.
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D.  “White River at Mouth of Poke Bayou 1818,” 28-30.
Harp, Deborah.  “Pearl Peden Oldfield,” 31-36.
Huddleston, Duane.  “An English Novelist Writes of Batesville in 1843,” 37-45.

1977  -  January
Lankford, Dr. George E.  “The Cherokee Sojourn in North Arkansas,” 2-19.
Powell, Wilson.  “The Matheny Family Bible and Items of Family History,” 20-27.
“Dr. Alfred H. Hathcock,” (Obituary), 27.
Huddleston, Duane.  “You Stole My Corn,” 28-32.
“State Agency Funds Local History Project, “ 33-34.
“Dr. Ellis G. Mosley,” (Obituary), 34.
Brown, Elsie M.  “The Old Mill, An Emergency Classroom in 1949-1950,” 35-39.

1977  -  April
“The Journal of Charles Heinrich,” (Special Issue) 2-41.

1977  -  July
Huddleston, Duane.  “Events from the Life of Beniah Bateman,” 2-16.
Craig, Marion Stark, M. D.  “Batesville  -  1821,” 17-18.
Britton, Nancy.  “Burwell Lee,” 19-23.
“J. R. Heasley,” (Obituary), 25.
“James L. Rutherford,” (Obituary), 25.
Brown, J. L.  “A History of My Life,” 26-31.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Liquor Legislation and Independence County,” 32-37.

1977  -  October
Matthews, Linda.  “Coon Creek [Cleburne County, Arkansas],” 3-32.
“Abraham Ruddell,” 32-44.
“Charles Fenton Mercer Noland,” 44-51.
“William Gerstacker,” 52-56.
Map of Arkansas in 1836, 57.

1978  -  January
Higginbotham, W. R.  “The Arkansas Rats,” (Special Issue) 2-38.

1978  -  April
“A History:  First Baptist Church, Batesville, Arkansas,” (Special Issue) 2-50.

1978  -  July
Morrow, John P.  “Forrest:  The Man and the Soldier,” 5-24.
Morrow, John P.  “North by West:  The Story of John A. Wyeth, M.D., and His Three Years on White River,” 24-39.
Morrow, John P.  “Brice’s Cross Roads, 1864:  Impressions in 1954,” 39-48.
Taylor, Francis Hale.  “Brice’s Cross Roads,” 48-50.
Morrow, John P.  “Skirmish at Tarpley’s Shop:  A Sequel to Brice’s Cross Roads,” 51-56.
Morrow, John P.  “Forrest’s Last Campaign:  Wilson’s Raid on Selma, Alabama,” 56-70.
Shaver, Robert G.  “The Ku Klux Klan,” 70-74.

1978  -  October
Ogilvie, Craig.  “The Knife Bowie Made Near Batesville  -  1833,” 2-9.
Baker, J. Michael.  “Apprenticeship Indentures in Independence County, 1840-1908,” 10-16.
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D.  “Death of Dr. Daniel J. Chapman:  1857,” 17-19.
Tebbetts, Diane.  “The Stone Family,” 20-32.
Reves, J. Allen.  “Dr. L. E. Reves of Salado,” 33-38.

1979  -  January
Britton, Nancy and Diane Tebbetts.  “Nineteenth Century Homes of Batesville,” (Special Issue).
1979  -  April
Farnham, Margaret J. and Wanda Clark.  “Penter’s Bluff,” 2-12.
Clark, Wanda L. and Margaret J. Farnham.  “Walls Ferry,” 13-18.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Walls Ferry in Later Years,” 19-25.
Clark, Wanda.  “The Sherrill Saga:  The Heritage, Life, and Times of Rufus Leander Sherrill,” 26-51.
Britton, Nancy and Diane Tebbetts.  “Thomas Hindman Dearing,” 52-56.

1979  -  July
Hail, S. A.  “Short Story of My Long Life,” (Special Issue).

1979  -  October
Powell, Wilson.  “Tennessee Cavalier,” 4-10.
McGinnis, Dr. Patrick.  “Ira Finley of Webber’s Chapel,” 11-19.
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D.  “Independence County Agricultural Wheel,” 20-24.
McGinnis, A. C.  “Some Notes on the Wheel in Independence County,” 25-32.
Farnham, Margaret Joblin.  “The Legend of Bone Cave Hollow,” 33-40.

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