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Historical Society Chronicle

January 1980 - October 1989

1980  -  January
Lawson, Curtislene. "The History of Black Education in Batesville, 1867-1875," pp. 1-24.

1980  -  April
Zilbergeld, Nancy and Nancy Britton.   “The Jewish Community in Batesville, Arkansas 1853-1977,” 1-32.

1980  -  July
Index Issue for the Independence County Chronicle 1959-1979
Index by Year, 4-22.
Alphabetical Index, 23-42.
Subject Index, 43-46.

1980  -  October
Baker, Max L.  “Urban Elias Fort,” 2-7.
Morgan, James Logan.  “Independence County’s Volunteer Mounted Gunmen of 1836-37,” 8-18.
Foster, Ardith Olene.  “Political Climate of Independence County in 1840,” 19-21.
“Great Harrison Meeting,” 21-26.
“Democratic Republican Meeting,” 26-31.

1981  -  January
Jeffery, Randy.  “Batesville’s Exchange Building,” 2-13.
Britton, Nancy.  “Rev. Burwell Lee,” 14.
Craig, Marion Stark, M.D.  “Batesville in 1845:  Letter by Robert Williams,” 14-19.
Foster, Ardith Olene.  “Advertisers in the Batesville News 1839-1840,” 20-21.
Foster, Ardith Olene.  “Alanson P. Sherrill,” 22-29.
Queries, 29-31.

1981  -  April 
Nall, Don A.  “Eyewitness to a Hanging,” 3-8.
Queries, 9-10.
Galloway, Anthony.  “The Trial of John Woods,” 11-31.

1981  -  July
Bruce, Dr. Thomas Allen.  “Robert Bruce,” 3-8.
Britton, Nancy.  “Nancy Newland,” 9-19.
Severs, Elaine.  “Agriculture in Independence County 1850-1860,” 20-32.

1981  -  October   --   1982  -  January
Wolf, John Quincy, Sr.  “My Fifty Years in Batesville, Arkansas, Part I,” (Special Issue), 1-49.

1982  -  April - July
Wolf, John Quincy, Sr.  “My Fifty Years in Batesville, Arkansas, Part II,” (Special Issue; includes index), 50-104.

1982  -  October   --   1983  -  July
James, Dr. Phillip.  “Old Church Records of the Foothills of the Ozarks,” 2-50.
Britton, Nancy.  “Historic Overview of the West Side Neighborhood of Batesville, Arkansas,” 65.
Britton, Nancy and Diane Tebbetts.  “Supplement to Nineteenth Century Homes of Batesville,” 66-69.
Britton, Nancy.  “The Batesville Preservation Association,” 70-71.

1983  -  October   --   1984  -  January
Brown, Roberta D.  “Late Nineteenth Century Tombstone Iconography,” 2-18.
Queries, 19.
Dowell, Mrs. Walter.  “The Neill Silver Pitcher,” 20-21.
Fagg, Dr. Jane B.  “Bureau Agents, Post Commanders, and Yankee Schoolmarms:  The Batesville Freedman’s School, 1866-1870,” 22-36.  [Maps on pages 43-44.]
Britton, Nancy.  “Independence County Home Guard [May 30, 1861],” 37-39.
Britton, Nancy.  “Eli Lindsey,” 40-42.

1984  -  April - July
Brooks, Frank, Jr.  “The Limedale Narrow-Guage Railroad,” 2-8.
Fair, James R., Jr.  “Travel on the Upper White River -- The Journal of Junius R. Case,” 9-15.
Fagg, Dr. Jane.  “From Rock Street to Oak:  The Relocation of the Batesville Black School 1892-1905,” 16-23.
Young, Paul J.  “Construction of the First Baptist Church,” 24-27.
Britton, Nancy.  “Two Civil War Tragedies,” 28-32.
Britton, Nancy.  “George W. Rutherford’s Company,” 33-35.
“Obituary [1923] of Thomas Benton Padgett by Theodore Maxfield, his friend and brother-in-law,” 35.
Lankford, Dr. George E.  “The Grigsby Family of Arkansas,” 36-49.

1984  -  October   --   1985  -  July
James, Nola Andrews.  “The Civil War in Independence County, Arkansas,” (Special Issue), 1-89.

1985  -  October   --   1986  -  January
Pratt, Kenneth C.  “The Autoculture of Batesville, Arkansas,” 2-15.
Kealer, Fred P.  “Data on Navigation on Upper White River March 7, 1866 - April 23, 1870,” 16-22.
Kealer, Fred P.  “More Newspaper Abstracts,” 23-27.
Britton, Nancy.  “Colonel Charles H. Pelham,” 28-37.
Ross, Peggy Jo.  “The Story of Elijah and Jane A. Goodwin James,” 38-42.
“George Rutherford’s Company D - 2nd Arkansas Cavalry - Dobbins,” 43-46.
Ried, Roger D.  “The History of White Public Education in Batesville, “ 46-64.

1986  -  April - July
Ferguson, Dora Le.  “Early Batesville Cemeteries,” 2-4.
Britton, Nancy.  “Markers in Pioneer Cemetery,” 5-11.
Craig, Dr. Marion Stark.  “The Valley of Greenbrier Creek:  1846,” 12-14.
Crowley, William J.  “The Henry Ewing Letter,” 15-23.
Fagg, Dr. Jane.  “Boys in Blue,” 24-47.
Gregory, Terry.  “4th Arkansas Mounted Infantry,” 48-69.

1986  -  October  --  1987  -  July
Glenn, Liz Burns.  “The Cleghorn Chapel Church Book 1874 - 1916,” (Special Issue; includes index), 1-65.

1987  -  October   --   1988  -  January
Lankford, Dr. George E.  “Arkansas College:  The Expansionist Years,” 2-13.
Lindsey-Allen, Barbara.  “The Death and Resurrection of Arkansas College,” 14-21.
Storie, Elizabeth.  “Elon Feimster of Iredell County, North Carolina and Batesville, Arkansas,” 22-25.
“A Maxfield  Album (pictures from the collection of the late Harry W. Maxfield),” 26-29.
Shaver, Susan Penter.  “Biographical Sketches,” 30-42.
Hopkins, Janie.  “A Methodist Minister’s Family Remembers Batesville,” 43-48.
“Recital,” 50-51.
“Arkansas,” (poem by C. T. Davis), 52.

1988  -  April - July
Cover Photo:  Map taken from the journal of Lt. A. N. Harris, Eleventh Missouri Cavalry, USA, commanding a march of Union scouts from Batesville on White River to Elgin on Black River in January, 1864.
Fagg, Dr. Jane.  “The Boys in Blue:  Black Soldiers, Post Commanders, and Carpet Baggers,” 2-28.
“A Locust Grove Album (pictures from the collection of Kenny Gerhardt),” 29-33.
Brown, Roberta Dorr.  “Andrew Jackson Crone, Sr.,” 34-45.
“Batesville 1839 - 1891,” (written by W. Jasper Blackburn May 24, 1891), 46-51.

1988  -  October
Fagg, Dan.  “The First Independence County Courthouse 1823-1856,” 2-11.
Young, Paul J.  “Memories of Childhood in Batesville,” 12-13.
Craig, Dr. Marion Stark.  “Camp Meeting Ground, Greenbriar Township, 1842,” 14-15.
Patterson, J. H.  “Old Timers in the Arkansas Gazette, October 1, 1882,” 16-19.
Bell, Polly Lenehan.  “Independence Pioneers:  The Lenehan Family,” 24-29.
“Ira Nelson Barnett III,” (Obituary), 30.

1989  -  January
Britton, Nancy.  “The Magruders:  Maryland to the Far West with an Interval in Batesville, 1840-1855,”  2-24.
“Some Interesting Obituaries,” (from the Mary M. Fitzhugh scrapbook), 25-26.
“Boy Scout Membership Roll,” (from the papers of the late I. N. Barnett), 27.

1989  -  April
“Boys in Blue, Part III,” 20-35.
Fagg, Dr. Jane.  “Two Disabled Veterans,” 2-12.
DeLashmit, Tina.  “Three War Widows,” 13-23.
Fagg, Dr. Jane.  “Conclusion:  Who Were the Union Soldiers?” 24-33.
“Robert W. McChesney,” (addenda), 34-35.

1989  -  July
Fagg, Dr. Dan.  “Tasty, Elegant, and Substantial:  The Second Independence County Courthouse,” 2-13.
Barnett, Mrs. I. N., Sr.  (Lockie Ball Barnett).  [first published in the Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Vo. VI, No. 1, Spring 1952]  “Early Days of Batesville,” 14-21.

1989  -  October   --   1990  -  January
Lankford, Dr. George.  “Town-Making in the Southeastern Ozarks,” 1-19.
Farnham, Margaret J. and Wanda L. Clark.  “The Wright Brothers of Pilgrims’ Rest Baptist Church,” 20-29.
“North Arkansas Independence County’s Tenth Annual Fair,” [reprinted from the Arkansas Gazette, 1889], 30-40.
Letters, 40.
“Batesville Goes Wet,” [reprinted from the Arkansas Methodist, February 24, 1897], 41-42.

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