Independence County, Arkansas
2002 Queries

Donna Schroeder September 16, 2002
Seeking information on Elijah Cullins who lived in Independence County. I believe he may of been a brother to my gr gr grandfather, Joshua Cullins who came from Abbeville, SC, to Fayette County, IN, in mid 1820's. Does anyone know who the father of Elijah was?

Eileen Nance September 13, 2002
I am looking for my great-great-grandmother's marriage. Her name is Caroline Isabelle Nance and she married a man sometime after 1880. They lived in Batesville until 1900 and then moved to Texas. She was 30 years old in 1880 and had two sons, George Washington Nance age 9, and James Madison Nance , age 6, and a daughter M.A. Nance who was 1 yr old in 1880. I found this on the index cards for the 1880 Census. no father was listed. She was divorced in Paris, TN. I don't know when she married and I don't know who she married, but my father told me she had married again. Can someone see if there was a marriage during this time frame for a Caroline Isabelle Nance? I believe she came to Batesville , AR around 1879-1880. Thank you so much for any help you can give to me.
I would also like to know how a street in Batesville came to be named NANCE STREET. Thank you. Eileen.

Sue Pryor September 10, 2002
I am trying to find where my great-grandmother is buried. I know it is in Batesville, Independence County, Ark. Her name was Polly M. Thornton. She was born Dec. 1865. I am not sure of her date of death, I just know it was between 1900 & 1908. Her husband's name was Thomas J. Thornton. She was supposed to be buried in the cemetery in downtown Batesville, AR. Some of the family thinks she may be buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Batesville. However, on the 1900 census they lived in Independence County, Jefferson Township.
After she died her husband loaded up the children and came to Texas. So we know she was alive in June 12,1900 because that is when the census was taken. We know the husband and the children were in Texas by 1908, if not before as I have a marriage license for my grandmother who is one of her daughters. I appreciate your help.

Patty Woodall Sept. 8, 2002
Nathan Prince and Hillsman King
I am looking for Nathan and Elizabeth Prince who are 70 and 62 on the 1880 Independence Co., AR census. They are from Franklin Co, TN. On the 1880 census living with them is Hillsman King aged 21 who is their grandson. I am looking for the children of Nathan Prince and especially the parents of Hillsman King and most especially who Hillsman's father was. Hillsman was also living with Nathan Prince in 1870 in Independence Co, AR. Does anyone have the 1860 Independence Co, AR to see if Hillsman King can be found living with his parents aged about 1 year old? Does anyone have access to Independence Co, AR marriages to look for a marriage between a Prince woman and a King man? I would suspect the marriage took place about 1857/58. Thank you for any help you may give.

My great-great-grandfather moved to Oil Trough, in Independence County, Arkansas in 1855 with his wife Sarah Whitted and her son by a former marriage, William Hodges. Davis C. Whitted died in 1857, at Oil Trough and his wife Sarah died in 1878. They are buried at Oil Trough and if any one can find and photograph their graves, I will reimburse them. It would be of great satisfaction to me.
William H. Whitted
600 CR 4520
Kempner, TX . 76539-5492

Robert J. Young August 28, 2002
I am trying to locate my grandfather, Jas. Archibald Young, born in Jamestown in Independence County in January 1863 to parents Allen Alexander and Sarah Abee Young. They are shown in the 1880 census of Izard County which I believe was created from Independence County. Am also hoping to find my great-great-grandfather Archibald and his wife, Mary (Barrett) Young at that location. Thanking you in advance. Robert J. Young

Patricia Sharp Alley-Gaddie October 13, 2002
I need to obtain a copy of the Census and or birth record ledger that include these names in the Batesville, Independence Co. area: Ewuell William SHARP, born on May 30, 1905 at Batesville Arkansas, is the son of Clarence Boyd SHARP & Cora Leona TATUM. Does anyone have access to the 1910 Census? Does anyone have information that would connect Ewuell William SHARP to Clarence Boyd SHARP & Cora Leona TATUM? Also, are there records that would connect Clarence Boyd SHARP to Uell Monroe SHARP? Thank you for your time and efforts, Patricia.

Roland McCord Oct.6, 2002
I'm looking for information about my grandfather, Max Earl McCord, who was born in/or about Batesville in 1895. We know that he and our grandmother were married in Independence Co. Nov.29,1916. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Holly Brothers Sept. 25, 2002
Looking for someone who has any info regarding the Graves family from Newport. My grandparents Horris Hollie Graves and Glida Ruth Graves are buried at Blue Springs Cemetery in Newark. Also, my paternal great-grandparents (Bill and Linda Davis Graves) are buried there. I would like to know more about Hollie's parents (Bill and Linda) and who they may be related to.

Bill and Mary Barnes September 1, 2002
I'm looking for information on Marm Malone (he is my Grandfather). He married Mary (Brown) Malone in West Plains, MO (Howell County) in 1899. They moved to Newport or Newark, Arkansas, Independence or Jackson County. My Dad, Cornelius "Pat" Malone was born in Independence County, Arkansas in 1902 . Also, my Aunt Gladys "Malone" Dotson was born in 1906. My dad & aunt are both deceased. I was told that my Grandpa Marm Malone cut his leg with an ax hewing ties for the railroad around Newark or Newport, Arkansas, and he bled to death before they could get help. I think he may have died around 1910. I would like to find where he died, and where he is buried. Any information anyone could give me would be appreciated. I have found my Grandma Malone's grave. She is buried in Blue Springs Cemetery , Newark, Arkansas, Independence County.

Carrie Baker Welborn September 1, 2002
Yearian/Baker I am looking for information on a Henry Yearian, b:1873 and a Lula(Louisia) Baker Yearian b: 1873, married at Oil Trough, Arkansas about 1893. I am trying to locate my Baker line, any information would be appreciated. Thank you Carrie Baker Welborn

Judy Nettles August 13, 2002
On the 1880 census for Barren Township, Independence Co., AR, my great grandparents were listed. Can someone check the spelling of the name, William B. Morgan, wife Annis? (I think when I found it there the spelling was Margan.) Thank you Judy

Tim Hockersmith August 15, 2002
CHAPMAN - Searching for the parents of my great-grandmother, Martha (Mattie) CHAPMAN, born 24 Nov 1859 in Independence County, Arkansas. She first married a man surnamed BELL. Their daughter was born in May 1886 in Texarkana, TX. Have also seen her name spelled CHATMAN. Any help would be appreciated. This is my "stone wall."

Paula Cavanaugh July 9, 2002
My grandfather's death certificate, Paul Bishop born July 2, 1905 died May 27, 1938 lists his father as John Bishop and that he was born in Batesville, Arkansas. He was raised by the Earps in Beech Grove, Arkansas but never formally adopted, his mother may have been Cora Montgomery. I am trying to find out information about this John Bishop or his son, Paul. June 29, 2002
Recently learned where my great-great grandfather's family (or at least his brother) may have went after 1870--Independence County Arkansas. Supposedly my great-great grandfather's brother visited the family in Randolph County in the 1930s from Oil Trough Arkansas. I found a webpage that I cannot for the life of me pull up now that gave the remarriage of possibly my great-great-great grandmother in 1874 and her step daughter in 1883. IF YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU ARENT RELATED BUT ARE IN INDEPENDENCE COUNTY ARKANSAS AND DO LOOKUPS PLEASE READ ON ANYWAY! I DESPERATELY NEED A LOOKUP If you recognize any of these names PLEASE email me. Another email I have is DO NOT want to miss someone's email who is interested in the family. Benjamin F. Thompson b. 1827, 1828, OR 1829 in KY--I believe he went to another place than Independence County but I'm putting it in here on the chance that he didn't. Not in Randolph County after 1870 to my knowledge Cynthia Thompson--variations on first name Syntha, Synthia, and maybe more. She was born in abt 1838. Not in Randolph County after 1870 to my knowledge It may be she who is in the marriage record of 1874 to a ? Goodwin/Godwin--I need a lookup on ages of bride and groom to be more sure Joanna/Josephine Thompson Not Sinthia's blood daughter. From Synthia's second husbands (Benjamin F's) first marriage?--Not sure. She was born in 1851 or 1852. Not in Randolph County after 1870 to my knowledge May be the one who married in Independence County in 1883--I need a lookup on ages of bride and groom to be more sure William H. Thompson He was born in 1859 and was actually Synthia's first husband John Lacy's child but adopted by Benjamin Thompson Not in Randolph County to my knowledge after 1870 (James Lonzo Thompson fits in here--he stayed in Randolph County until death in 1921 Born 1863 or 1864) John Thompson The one in question. Born in 1865 (approx) evidently died after the 1930s since he made visits. He evidently left with the family in 1870 as he isn't found in Randolph County after then when the land was sold and he may be the clue to unlocking where they went he came from Oil Trough in 1930s for visits Lucy A. Thompson stayed in Randolph County a while probably. May have first married ? Hendrick and soon after a ? Rose. Disappears after 1887. Mary Thompson Born in 1868 or 1869 Probably not in Randolph County after 1870 Not here for marriage Sarah E. Thompson Born in 1873 Last known whereabouts 1880 with uncle in Randolph County Not here for marriage I have been looking for the whereabouts of the above for a VERY long time. I am hoping someone out there recognizes the names and ages. I have additional info on Synthia--to her grandfather but none on Benjamin. This posting is done in the hopes of helping someone only. If someone knows more it is just a bonus. Thank you for reading this.

William Cooper June 27, 2002
Searching for any information on the following people. Frank B. Boylston born Oct. 31 1839 m. Jane Louisa B. Wilson March 18 1869 Independence Co. Ark. Frank died in Calif. Aug 10 1941. Some of the other Boylston's I have information on are Lucy A. born Dec 5 1868 married A. Livingston, Mary E. born June 11, 1872 married J. L. Nolte Jan. 4 1898, Susan Isabella, Nellie born Nov. 24 1876,Blanche married Joe Lynn, Clara L. married J. H. Malone, Edith Mae. If any one has a family connection to any of these people please contact me.

Shirley Luley June 25, 2002
My g grandmother, Eliza Jane Person was born 12/25/1842 in Independence Co, AR. I have not been successful in finding her parents.

Edwina Williams June 17, 2002
Searching for any information on ELI TERREL GRAY and NANCY ARMSTRONG GRAY who moved to Independence Co. from Yadkin/Wilkes Co., NC ca 1880 along with their daughter SARAH ELIZABETH GRAY and her husband JOHN F. OLVEY. Any information would be very much appreciated and I will gladly share what I have. Thank you.

Christine Klug June 2002
I am looking for William Smart born 1850. He was married to Martha Cordelia Lassiter, born 1858. So far I find them on 3 census for Independence Co. 1880, 1900 and 1920. Possibly 1910 too. They had 14 children that I know of. I do not have all of the names. The names that I do have are as follows: Minnie, born 1876, Clementine, born 1878, Bertie Belle, born in 1881, John Henry, born 1883, Claude, born 1884, Margaret Ellen, born 1888, Blythe, born 1897, Louestella, born 1898, and Georgia, born 1903. So there are 5 children that I do not have names for...if someone can fill in those blanks that would be great! Also I am trying to find out where William Smart came from, who is parents are and any siblings he may have had. I have not been able to find a marriage certificate for William and Martha nor have I been able to find out exactly when they died or where they are buried. I don't know where their dead children are buried either (other than the ones that lived to old age). I am told that we have Native American blood...Cherokee as far as I know. I am not sure exactly how it comes in but only that it is there. I know it comes through the Lassiter side somewhere along the way but it is possible that it comes through the Smart side as well. The townships that these folks show up in are White River Township 1900, Craig Township, 1920 census, Greenbriar Township, I think that is where they were on the 1880 census. If my memory serves me correctly I think one of my relatives has them showing up in 1910 in White River as well. I am not sure where exactly Craig Township is since it is not on my township map. I suspect it got pulled into another township eventually and is no more... Any information would be much appreciated and I am willing to share any and all info with folks as well.

Charmaine Riley Holley 11 June 2002
Researching all HOLLEY/HOLLY connections in Independence/Sharp counties from 1850 to 1925.First generation children of Sherwood and Delitha HOLLEY from NC to live in Independence area (first Lawrence Co) arrived in 1852:Larry born 1833 NC Mary E. (is supposed to have married I T GREEN in 1879 in Independence Co) Sally J b. 1838 NC, Archibald b. 1840 NC, Bryant H. (married abt 1879 Melissa b. 1860 AR d. 1900 Ind Co., AR and Margeret md abt 1902 b. 1852 AL), Jennetta b.1844 NC died after 1900 never married ,Wiley (married Asenath (Cinnet) BAKER in 1865. She was born in TN 1846 died 1873 and married Mary Helen or Helen Mary WALLIS in 1874 in Barren Twnsp She was born in 1857 and died in Sulphur Rock in 1897), Elizabeth M. (Betsy) never married, Delitha never married, Rebecca b. 1851 NC, Melone b. 1859 AR. Next generation: Wiley's children by both marriages: 1st marriage Sarah Ellen md Thoreau T. MARTIN. William Thomas md Arista Belle BRATTEN. Lorensy (Lorenzo) Dow md Alvatine (Tinny) MCLEOD. 2nd marriage children married KLEGGs, HUFFINES, BULLARDs, SUMMERS, etc. Would appreciate any help and will be glad to share. Charmaine

Pam Webb May 31, 2002
Seeking information on Calvin C Haddock (b 1/7/1845 Pitt Co. N.C. d 2/28/1927) and Virginia Eliza Nesbitt (b 4/1/1849 Indep.Co. AR d 1/24/1937) Haddock. I know they were living in Independence Co. Arkansas as all their children were born there: Margaret AV, Cordelia Caroline, Virginia E, Elizabeth E "Lizzie," Tommie Ann, Ruth L, William David, Kathryn "Katie," Nesbitt...all Haddock children of course. Virginia and Calvin were married 12/30/1866 in Independence Co. Arkansas - Gainsboro Township. I know that Calvin was in the Civil War as he made application for his confederate pension in 7/23/1925. He was in E company under Jim Fetzer, 45th Cavalry, Col. Baber. He was later transferred to McRea's Brigade, Fagans Division some time in 1864 in ARK & MO. They must have moved from Independence Co. AR to TX in or around 1901 as on the application for Confederate Pension he says he has lived in TX 24 yrs. Calvin's first wife would have been: Sarah Bunch Wilson What I am trying to find out is: If anyone can tell me what the "C" in Calvin's middle name stood for. Virginia Eliza - who were her parents? I do know from Census records her father came from Texas and her mother from North Carolina and that they obviously came to Independence Co. Arkansas if she was born there but I do not know their names. I know she had a brother living with her and Calvin - on the census report it states a Thomas Nesbitt -21- brother in law was living in the household. Any help would be appreciated and information someone might have that I don't mention would be very appreciated. Pam (Arrington - Haddock - maiden name) Webb - (Haddock - William David, Calvin C, Jordan, Nasby, John William, John Jr, "Planter" John Sr, Richard, William, Richard, Robert, Richard Jr, Richard Sr Haddocks)

Carol Johnson 18 May 2002
ALLEN _ Looking for info on John W. Allen, buried in Rehobeth Cemetery, Independence Co. Arkansas. Would like to know if his wife was Samantha "Mannie" Walters Allen. They married in 1881 in Crawford Co. Arkansas. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Genealogy records family stories

Joy Russell 27 May 2002
Bell Family; Swaim Family; Barnes Family I am looking for information on the Charley Bell who married Eva Barnes on 6 February 1879 in Independence County, Arkansas. I know only one of their children, Reuben Bell born 1881 who married Lucinda Swaim. All of these people are buried in Independence County. I would like to hear from anyone having any information on these people. I will share the limited information I have.

John W. Turner May 20, 2002
I am seeking additional info on the parents of William W. Weaver and his family who is listed in the people who settled Independence Co. They are probably related to my wife's Weavers who came from Darlington and Clarendon counties in SC. Thank you, John

Cheryl Wingo Conner May 18, 2002

My grandfather, Burley Monroe WINGO, was born in Oil Trough in 1892 and I understand that he went through the school at Sulphur Rock to become a teacher. Does anyone know if there are old records of the school somewhere? My great-grandparents, Charles Clinton WINGO and Margaret Emily Hackney Williams WINGO lived in Independence County after their marriage in 1887 although they ultimately moved to Newport. I'm having trouble finding ANY record of them in Independence County.

Velda Price March 30, 2002
BROWN surname. I am researching the family of Ebenezer Brown with a last known residence of Fairview, Arkansas. Ebenezer (b. 1807, d. 1872) migrated from Stewart County, Tennessee about 1849 to Independence county with his wife, Susan (b, 1897 KY, d. bef 1830) and their children Thomas G., Marcus J., Margaret, James A.J., Elizabeth, William Franklin, Sarah T., George M.D., Martha V., and Emila. All children were born in Tennessee. After arriving in Arkansas, wife Susan, died and Ebenezer married Nancy Morrow in 1857. They had one child, Nicholas L. Brown (b. 1859). Second wife, Nancy, died and Ebenezer married for a third time to Sarah Maria (Wilson) Roe. They had three children, Thomas Allison, Etna S., and Julius Brown. I am trying to connect the above family to another Brown family out of Jackson County. Would be happy to exchange information with anyone researching this family.

Tom Strother March 29, 2002
I am looking for descendants and relations of Independence County AK citizens THOMAS E. CARTER (b. 23 Oct 1824), BENJAMIN, ISAAC, and MORGAN MAGNESS, and W. T. NESBIT (b.28 May 1860), that were listed in Goodspeed's History of Independence County. I have more information to add to W. T. Nesbit's bio - such as him being president of the Sulphur Rock R.R. Co. (one mile long and horse drawn), and accomplishments after moving from Independence Co. to Fayetteville, AK in 1896 and retiring to San Antonio TX in 1915. He also had a second child - my mother, ZOIE PAULINE NESBIT (b. 16 Jan 1890) who married my father JAMES FRENCH STROTHER. I also have a velvet-covered family photo album dating from the 1890's. I can identify pictures of THOMAS EDWARD CARTER and his wife, NANCY ANN MAGNESS; W. T. NESBIT and his wife, MOLLY D. MAGNESS; my mother ZOIE PAULINE NESBIT; and my uncle WILLIAM EDWARD NESBIT. Unfortunately, there are ten or more people that are not identified ("Oh, why didn't someone let me know who these people were?") There are some other names and people I remember meeting and hearing about growing up in the 1930's. They are probably spouses, cousins, etc. of these families: MRS. W. F. BUCK, Anaheim CA; CAL HADDOCK, Mineral Wells TX; MRS. J. B. WRIGHT, Batesville AK (clothing store); MRS. W. Y. GIBBES, Scotsdale AZ; MRS. FRED MINOR, Denton TX; ALICE POND, Wichita Falls TX; (DAD) COUSER (had a hotel in Dilly TX); and AUNT MAG, who lived with the Couser's. Any information that anyone could give me would be most appreciated. I have copied the photo album and would like to compare and share. William Thomas Strother 106 Roscommon Place McMurray PA l5317 724-942-3618

Steve Elder March 27, 2002
I am looking for information about John S. Ivy, who may have been born in Independence County around 1848. He later married Jane Hiler (born in AL, mother's name "Cinda") and had a daughter Martha Jane Ivy, who married John Franklin McCuistion. Dr. Steven H. Elder Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program Department of Ag & Biological Engineering P.O. Box 9632 Mississippi State University MS State, MS 39762 Voice: 662-325-9107 Fax: 662-325-3853

Michael Lighty March 21, 2002
Looking for information about the Masonic Home and High School in Batesville. My mother, Joan Burton, lived at the home and graduated from the school in 1943. Thank you, Mike

Beverly McElroy March 14, 2002
Hello, I need help in finding more information about William G. McElroy b. l876 in Ar. who married Letitia J. Kent in Batesville in December l897.He also had a brother Levi McElroy who married Hattie Newman in Batesville in l909 or l9l0. Both familys lived in Ind.Co. until about l9l9 or l920 when they moved to West Texas. We believe they may have lived in several areas of Independence county but not sure exactly where. I have learned that in l9l8 Wm.G. McElroy family were in Cushman, Independence county, Arkansas. According to family members they also lived in Batesville l900 time frame and the Kent family (Letitia J. Kent McElroy's parents) lived in Izard county in l880. Letitia's mother was Elizabeth Ham married to J.A.Kent. Elizabeth Ham's parents were John W. and Emily Davidson Ham and the Ham's are on the l870 and l880 Ind.Co.Ar. census in the Gainsboro township. Siblings of Elizabaeth Ham Kent all together in l880 as the parents apparently were already dead by that time. The Kent family moved to Ind.Co. Ar. between l870 and l872 time frame and many are buried in the Liberty and Lee's Chapel cemeteries. The Nelson family we have little info. on but Emily Nelson McElroy was the mother of our William G. McElroy and family info. has it that she had a sister named Frances"Fannie" and one named Missouri. I have found Fannie to be married to W.F.Tidwell living in Gainsboro township l880 census and there are Harris living there as well. Believe these Nelson/Tidwell/ and Harris familys were from Alabama possibly Clay county, Al.area. William G. McElroy and brother Levi's father was Licurgus McElroy who was b. in St. Francis County to parents John McElroy and Mary Stevenson McElroy. He was born in l85l died in l885 and Emily Nelson was born either Ga. or Al. abt. l853 and died Ar. in l882 . Their two sons, Wm.G. and Levi were raised by someone else, possibly a lady named Julia Harrison? My husband's father was born in January l899 in Batesville to Wm.G. McElroy and Letitia J. Kent McElroy. Any information on any of the above familys would greatly be appreciated as we are trying to learn more about where they all lived . Some other surnames from the St.Francis and Cross county areas are Holt, Tyer, Wigley that are connected to our McElroy family thru marriage from the l850 to l900 time frame. Thanks for reading this lengthy message and hope to hear from someone with any kind of information about any of the above mentioned people. You can email me direct as I do not always check queries on a regular basis. Sincerely, Beverly McElroy

Chird Bobbitt 9 Jan 2009
Hello All:
I have a relative Louis Bobbitt who lived with & worked for William M. Magness from 1900 - 1911 when he died.
He is on the 1900 Census in both White County & Independence County. (Print for best viewing .)
He is buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.
Any info would be greatly appreciated? Thanks. Chird Bobbitt in Searcy

Teri March 12, 2002
Ivie Holland married my great grandmother in 1913 in Lonoke Arkansas. I am trying to find anything about his family. They had two children,,,,Shelton and Iva Mae Holland. I would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you. Teri

Wade Shownes March 5, 2002
I am trying to find the parents of my great grandfather - Edward Benjamin Shown(es). The "es" was added about 1905. Before that the family name was Shown. I have Edward's and Lucy Pullam's marriage certificate from 1889. They lived at Paroquet and crossed the river to Jacksonport to get their license, so it is a Jackson County license. 1889 is the earliest that I have, although in the county tax index there is an Edward Shown and a Ben Shown listed in 1883. No census record in 1880 for any Shown but I believe they were there. I'm hoping to him to Peter Shown and Sarah Lashbrook Shown, who moved from Kentucky to Independence County in the mid-1800's. Any help would be appreciated. Edward and his wife Lena (5th wife) are buried in Blue Springs Cemetery. Edward's son (my grandfather) and wife - Elmer and Josie Spence Shownes are also buried there.

Carol Bishop March 11,2002
I have James M. BISHOP that married Mary Amanda ALLEN in Independence County, Ark. October 1853. James M. BISHOP was a blacksmith according to 1850 census. Their children are Samuel BISHOP and Andrew BISHOP. James and Amanda later moved to Sharp County, Ark where they are buried. I would love to connect with anyone researching these lines.

Ruth Walsh 3-2-2002
John Sturdivant, born ca 1795 died in 1843 Independence Co., AR. Heirs named in the will were: Wm SWINK, Amanda M. F. CARTER, Mary M Smith, John C,. STURDIVANT, Ruth T. BYRD, James Riley STURDIVANT, John J, (or P), WINFORD. If you are descended from John Sturdivant please contact me. Known information about him follows: John's wife was named MALINDA Fergy and they were married in Rutherford Co., TN on 1-28-1804. 1809 John bought land in Franklin Co., TN (Franklin Co. was cut off from Bedford & Warren Counties in 1807). In 1811 John was a justice of peace in Franklin county. In 1820 Census Franklin Co., TN, age over 45 with wife & 7 children. In 1830 Franklin Co., TN, age 50-60 with wife and 8 children-listed on same page with John Winford, George Swink & William Swink also listed in this census report. In 1831 witnessed will of Geo. Swink; Wm. Swink was listed as a son. In 1833 John sold land (2 deeds) in Sept. & Dec He is not listed after 1833 in Franklin Co., TN. In 1838 John was listed on the Sheriff's Report (taxes) Independence Co., AR. In 1840 John was listed Izard Co., AR - age 60-70 (born 1770-1780). In 1843 he died in Independence Co., AR. John's dau Ruth married Alfred H. Bird Dec. 11, 1839 in Independence Co.; Amanda married William Carter in Independence Co. on 8-29-1841; Martha married John Page Winford and another dau married William Swink. They lived and are buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery, Shelby Co., TN; Sons John Clark Sturdivant married Enna Mayhan 7-13-1845 in Indepence Co., AR and James Riley Sturdivant married Martha Ann Divers, dau of John Divers and Mildred Ferguson. Two son, unknown names, born ca 1815 and 1822 apparently died young.

Phil Di Matteo 23 Feb 2002
I am searching for anyone familiar with James Edwrds DANIEL and his wife Agnes Jennie/Jennie Agnes BOYKIN. They married 2 June 1913 in Paragould, Greene Co., AR. I would like to know about Jennie's siblings, parents and children. Any help will be appreciated. Phil Di Matteo

John Caskey February 20, 2002
Desire information on NATHANIEL BOSTICK who was granted a War of 1812 warrant for land in Independence County, Arkansas, in 1820 (in that part of the county that became White County). NATHANIEL BOSTICK is my ancestral uncle. He was a son of JAMES BOSTICK (d. 1824) of Richmond County, NC. He married MARY POWELL (1778-????), daughter of BENJAMIN POWELL and ELIZABETH ROBINSON of Richmond County, NC and later Robertson County, TN. NATHANIEL BOSTICK and his wife immigrated with her relatives to Robertson County, TN in the early 1800s. He was living there as late 1818. My last record of him is that he appeared in the 1825 tax list of Independence County, Arkansas. After that I can find nothing. Can anyone please provide information as to what happened to NATHANIEL? Also, does anyone know if he had any children?

Betty Vickrey February 17, 2002
I am looking for information on an Allen Vickrey who is my husband's great grandfather. The information that we have is that he was working in the bottom lands near Batesville when he died sometime during 1879. He was married to Frances Lucinda Williams. He would have died as a young man. Information from a family member is that Allen died from malaria (or swamp fever). There was an apparent outbreak of malaria at the time he died.

RMM February 13, 2002
Independence County, Sharp County, Maxville.
Looking for ROBERT CARPENTER (b.1809) m. Matilda GOFF. Looking for Edmond CARPENTER (b.January 22, 1839), m. Mary Debbie McCord Campbell [children: Horatio CARPENTER, Joseph Robert CARPENTER, Nancy M. CARPENTER, Isabelle CARPENTER, James T. CARPENTER, Philmore CARPENTER, Clarenda A. CARPENTER, Molly CARPENTER, Mac CARPENTER.] Looking for information about Horatio CARPENTER (b.1876 or 1877), m. Fannie RITCHIE. Children: Claud Kern CARPENTER (b.11-05-1903), James B. CARPENTER (b.5-5-1897), Edmund CARPENTER, Eva Lee CARPENTER (b.April 5,1899, m. Otway MOSS). John CARPENTER, Alvis A. CARPENTER (b. Feb. 11, 1906), Wesley CARPENTER, Cecil C. CARPENTER (b. Aug. 26, 1911), Veda CARPENTER, Thelma CARPENTER, Wilson CARPENTER and Mary M. CARPENTER. At least three of these last children moved to TEXAS, Horatio "Race" CARPENTER (Uvalde) included. Any info. appreciated. Thanks.

Judy Masterson February 9, 2002
I am researching John and Martha Pierce/Pearce who came to Independence County about 1850 from Monroe County Mississippi. Their three daughters Nancy, Mary, and Sarah were to all have married a Dunn at one time.. James H. married Susan Emily Cox (dau of H B and Margaret Cox), John W. married Dorothy Bailey and one son George died at Shiloh during the Civil War. I am interested in connecting with any of the families of the children's spouses.

Ruth Marshall 2-8-2002
I am looking for anyone who has either an index to the 1900 & 1910 Federal Census for Independence County or the complete census who is willing to do a look-up for me. I need to find JESSE MARTIN and his wife, LIZZIE nee' Presser. I am not sure how many others are in the household. I believe these individuals either resided in Sandtown or Cave City...possibly even Batesville. Thank you! Ruth

Jeannetta Boyden February 7, 2002
I am seeking information about the family of Jacob M. Duncan, born in Sweetwater, TN; married Nancy E. Green, married second Mae Finley. Died and is buried in Lee Cemetery (I believe) in Moorefield, Arkansas. At one time, Jacob Duncan was a Justice of the Peace. He also ran the county Poor Farm for a while. Voted Father of the Year in Arkansas (he and wife, Mae, had many children). He died in about 1936. I need to know his parents and any siblings in addition to descendants.

Glenda Harrison Schrock February 6, 2002
P. O. Box 987, Dover, AR 72837
HARRISON I am interested in any info on David, J. H., or Jerry Harrison. I also have some info on these persons already, and will be glad to share. David died about 1889, Jerry about 1920. Thanks!

Gerald Copher February 1, 2002
1860 census has William and Rebecca Cofer (Copher) in Ruddell twnshp with children including my grandfather Benjamin F. Copher and sister Polina Copher. 1870 census has Polina Copher married to Dave Haskins living in Washington Twnshp. I n that house is also Benjamin F. Copher. Family Lore has it that William and Rebecca died in a flood between 1860 and 1870 and the kids being raised by foster parents. Is there a record to substantiate this? Where can I look to pinpoint this? Gerald Copher

Ellis Nichols January 28, 2002
My Grandma was Lula Estelle McLeod-Nichols and was born in Sharp County on April 27, 1896. Her Dad was William Calvin McLeod (from Sharp County and born on March 26, 1865) and her Mom was Tracy Eunice Webb (who was said to have been from Independence County at some time). Can anyone help this Nichols trace the WEBBs? Ellis Edward Nichols
Researching Nichols, Sawyer, Webb, McGuire, Walker, McLeod, Mobley

Roberta Ann Chesley January 26, 2002
Hello! I am looking for information about my Great Aunt Mary Ann Beck Hall. She is the daughter of Madison Cass Beck and Viola McCarthy. The last the family heard of her was she was living in Pleasant Plains, Independence Co., Arkansas in 1960. We believe her to have been born in Tennessee before 1880. Her mother died young, and her father Madison Beck moved to Missouri and remarried to Josephine Wood. Madison and Josephine had 4 more children: Henry E. Beck b. 1886, Sara Cordellia Beck b. 1890, Florence Idama Beck b. 1898, and Nola Beck, b. 1900. I'd be ever so grateful about any information or connection to this lost family member.

Jean Cothren January 26, 2002
I am searching Independence County for someone who might have info. on Phoebee Farmer maiden name Bryant. I believe she died in Independence County around July 1883. I know She give birth to a daughter in June. A granddaughter said her grandmother died when her mother was 6 weeks old. Phoebee married George Washington Farmer in this same county in 1876. If anyone can help me please email me.

Sadonna Foland Jan. 18, 2002
I would appreciate any information on George Emerson Bullard. Born 10-2-1898- Died 12-16-1977. Born and died in Jamestown, AR in Independence County. Thank you. Sadonna Foland

Sadonna Foland Jan. 18, 2002
I'm searching for information on a relative for genealogy line. Her name was Lillie Ethel Bullard, Born and died in AR, Independence County. Born 5-29-1890-Died 2-22-1938. She was the daughter of Isaac Franklin, Jr., Frances Jane (Hill) Bullard. Any information on her or the family would be most appreciated. Thank You. Sadonna Foland

Jean Cothren January 12, 2002
I am looking for information on the Bryant and Cochran family in Independence County. Any help will be appreciated.

Oliver Hardin January 9, 2002
I am trying to find any info on this William Harden who was on 1880-1900 Gainsboro Township census. He had a family; married Nancy M. as listed on census. He was born about 1844 in Tenn (Hamilton co tn) he married 1871 in Ark. His father was GILBERT HARDEN B -ky 1822 raised his family in Hamilton Co., Tenn. Some of his bros francis enct came to ark also, some went to Cordell, OK to live and some to Johnson Co., TX. Thanks.

Sandy Matthews Deckard Jan. 8, 2002
Rush & Pruett
Looking for Alice RUSH, that married W. L. PRUETT, Nov. 2, 1902. W.L.was married before to a Hannah MANSELL, 1895, they had two children, Golda, & Henry. Both marriages took place in Independence County. Thank you.

Judy Nettles January 4, 2002
I am looking for any information on William and Annis Morgan. William born 1849 in TN, Annis born 1846 in TN. Both of their Parents born in TN. I found them on the 1880 Arkansas census for Independence CO Barren Township and on the Woodruff CO. census for 1900 in Arkansas. Their Children are: John W. 1865, Jarnes W. 1869, William T. 1870, Susan E. 1872, Scenario Q. 1874, Archibald Q 1876, Thomas J. 1879,Alice 1881, Lillie 1883 and Abry 1885. William Morgan along with Alice, Lillie and Abry was on the 1900 Woodruff Co. census. William and Annis and the children down to Thomas J. was on the 1880 Independence Co. Census. Hope someone can help me. Alice Morgan was my grandmother. Judy

Please contact Liz Burns Glenn for more information.

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