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I am researching Cecil James Baker, my grandfather, who was born and raised in Salado and my grandmother, Ida Gloe Parmer, who was born and raised in Locust Grove.  My new e-mail address is  My grandfather's parents were Joseph Andrew Baker and Sarah Elizabeth Varnell.  My grandmother's parents were Alexander (aka Alex or Aleck) Parmer and Lillie Belle Pennington.  If anyone has any info on these folks...I would appreciate hearing from you. 




Linda Flattinger Samuel R. Phillips January 4, 2004

Dear Mrs. Glenn:

I understand from Emerson R. Shipe of Clemson University that you had
posted in 1998 the information below.  However the links are now
broken.  Would you help me find these references?

Sam Phillips

. . . information online copied from "Goodspeed's History of Northeast
Arkansas".  Addresses are as follows:
Henry and Robert Neill biographies:

Independence County History:
I think(?) this book was published in the late 1800's.
Heidi Grether
January 7, 2004

I'm researching the Kingkade/Kinkead name.  Ephraim Kingkade married
Francis Luster.  Francis died on March 10, 1925 in Independence Co.,
AR.    On the 1920 Census she was listed as a Widow living on Hill Street,
Ruddle Twp., Independence Co., AR.  I'd like to find a copy of her obituary
if possible.  Thank you. Samuel R. Phillips January 8, 2004

Dear Mrs. Glenn:

Could you help me find an image of the flag of Company K, 1st Arkansas
Mounted Riflemen (Batesville's Civil-War company of soldiers)?

Sam Phillips

I was looking through the 1830 census info you have listed for Independence
Co., and was interested to see if you had any information on John M. Owen (my
great-great grandfather). The information I have says that he was orphaned
and was raised by Col. Morgan Magness. I can't seem to find out who his
"real" parents are, despite the fact that they probably lived in the same
area. Here's John's info in case it rings a bell with you:

John M. Owen
Born: March 25, 1836 (Big Bottom Township, AR)
(1) Nancy Wiley m: 10/23/1856 [son: Morgan Magness Owen; b: 10/6/1857; d:
(2) Martha Jane Martin m: 10/7/1858 [son: William Moore; b: 10/30/1861; d:
(3) Margaret Francis Crow m: 12/24/1868 [five children: Alfred; Edward;
Thomas; Eunice; and Mabel]
Died: 03/22/1884

Any information you might have about John M. Owen, his relationship with the
Magness family, or his birth family would be much appreciated... Thanks! --
Holly Preston

Hi Liz,

That information sounds about right because my great-great grandfather would
have been 4 years old in 1840. Strange that I can't seem to find out anything
about the other members of that family.
My family never left Arkansas... John M. Owen died in White River Township in
1884 (he was a Confederate soldier and apparently lost his health in the war)
and my great-great grandmother Maggie (Margaret Crow) Owen lived in that area
until she died in 1928. Their daughter Mabel married Culbert Lee Pearce, who
is also from that area (and is my great grandfather).
I'll check out the information you passed along (now that I can't seem to
find anything, I'm more interested than ever!). Please let me know if your
father remembers anything that you think might be important... Thanks SO much
for your help! -- Holly      January 24, 2004


My last name is Young. I have a long history of my family living in Blackriver township, Independence co., Ar since 1830. Looking for any information you might have on the Young family, particularly a James, Joseph, and Peter Young. I found them on the 1830 & 1840 census. Thank you

Marilyn Nancy Huggins January 25, 2004

Looking for any and all information about the Huggins families that lived in or around Batesville, Independence co, Arkansas

Samuel Josiah Huggins born 05-15-1874 died 06-01-1958  wed Margaret C. Brokaw born 08-10-1877 died 03-15-1968

or Elijah Edmond Huggins born 05-21-1823 who wed Mary Foster

or any siblings connected to them

All help is appreciated.

Thank you  January 25, 2004

LOOKING FOR OBIT FOR   MARY A DODD 10-8-1843- 9-28-1925 ,WILLIAM  HARRISON DODD 6-29 1873-8-19-1884 BENJUIAM HARDEN DODD  11-17-1877= 5-14- 1932, JOHN S. DODD, 6-4-1841- 4-2-1905  THEIR ARE SUPPOSE TO BE MORE DODD'S BURIED @ THIS CEMETERY    INDEPENDENCE CO ARK   WYATT  CEMETERY, Jim Embrich, Feb. 3, 2004

FISHER, John W.  -  Would someone in Independence County, AR be willing to look up a newspaper Obituary for me.  The Obit copy I need is for John W. FISHER, who died 5 Nov. 1921 in Pleasant Plains, Fairview Township, Independence County, AR.  Thank you in advance.  JIM
Researching the James Riley and Georgie or Georgia Moore family in Boone, Independence and or Carroll Counties of Arkansas.  Family was a victim of tuberculosis at the turn of the century and children were raised in the home.  Any info on family or home is appreciated.  Thanks, Laura               February 9, 2004

I am looking for information on a James Ford wife Isabella children William from 1st marriage Jesse B,Thomas,Virginia,Martha J,Amie.He was living in Ashley Township in 1880.In 1870 he was living in Gainboro Township with his first wife.Is Chris Linson still on line his e-mail address come back undelivered.he is researching the ford family.Thanks for any help anybody can give me.


              Brian Brooks

February 10, 2004
from Richard Tosh

My father and family were sent to an orphanage when SADIE EDWARDS TOSH died.

Do you know of such?  Is it in Ind. County

Father:  T.C. TOSH, his brother PARKER TOSH, sister, JOAN TOSH   etc....Thanks. Jeff Dever February 11, 2004

I am currently working on a survey project on hwy. #69 in batesville.
The 1853 GLO survey notes that I have call for a monument erected
to the memory of Capt. Porters. this monument is located near the
north 1/4 corner of Section 16, T13N, R6W. This location is on the
north side of batesville about 1 mile west of Arkansas College. I am
trying to find out any information that I can about this Capt. Porters
monument. We have found a hand chiseled - 2' x 6' stone slab flush
with the ground near this location. Also, the stone slab has 2 drill
holes in the top. I would appreciate any information on Capt. Porters
and the monument erected in his memory., Denise McDonald, February 11, 2004


I am looking for information on a William Shelvie (or vice versa) McDonald, born c 1908 in Batesville.  We believe his mother is Frances McDonald, and the father was William McDonald.  Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.   Richard Tosh   Feb.13, 2004



Independence county, Arkansas, Cushman, Batesville...

Looking for ELEC and SADIE TOSH.

And Elvin,Alpheus,Willene, Parker,  My father was T.C. TOSH one of their children.

And MARTHA and T.J. JONES who took the children in when Sadie died.Listed as their grandchildren.  I only knew my father, Thomas Calvin Tosh and Parker Tosh(uncle).

They are dead and the rest may be too.   One child, a daughter I think named Sally was burned and died from those burns just SE of Cushman.


Thank you for any help you can give.    February 16, 2004

Hi my name is James A. Wyatt Jr.  Noticed on Independence  Co. marriage list  a  lot  on  Wyatt's were listed .. I am doing a family tree on the Wyatt  family and wonder if you  might be able to help me ?  My dad  was  born in Newark Ar.  And then family  moved to Little  Rock Ar. James Leroy Wyatt  was  my grand father and my dad was James A Wyatt Sr. pls email me   back i have  some info i would be glad to exchange with you >> 

Hi again  and amen  to  the James  Wyatt's ..  ok here  goes  dates ...
Simpson Leroy Wyatt  was born abt 1850  he was married to Mary McMahon  
My  grand  was  one of his children.
James Leroy Wyatt birth date is nov. 17 1885 Howell Co Mo.
and he  died in Oct  11 1955
 was married to Nettie Maybelle Hall       
My dad  was  born  James A Wyatt Sr.  nov 6 1912  at  Newark Ar.

have a blessed day  Sandee Paurs  Feb. 16 2004


Would like to know if anyone has information on a cemetery or resting place called Magness Chapel, I have family buried there..Blevins and Gresham, is there such a place? Maybe under a new name?

Thank you

Sandee Parus    
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Linda Bodie    February 18, 2004

I was wondering if you knew what year cars were required to be registered in Independence County?  My grandfather was from Huff, Arkansas and he had a car in the 1920's.  I was wondering if there would be a record of that anywhere and who I could contact?


Thanks, Linda Bodie    February 19, 2004
Hi Liz,

I am looking for information about Walls Ferry on White River.  Curious about how it got itís name and etc.  Is it still in existence and if so how can a person get to it today?


Linda Walls    February 20, 2004

Thomas C. Gibson  married Matilda Jane Crowder 16 Jan 1863, Batesville, Ar.  Thomas
and Matilda are my g-grandparents.  Looking for any
information , documentation, and any descendants.  I see in the Batesville
genealogy web page that Gibson was a family that settled in that area.  Is
Thomas C. Gibson part of this family??

Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Herman   Patti Heath  February 21, 2004


Hi I am doing some research and I have gotten only so far and am
stuck. If anyone can help by giving me the kids of my 2nd Great grand
pa back I would be grateful. Please email me the info to my email.
Here is what I have so far.

Rev. Edwin Luther MASSEY (2nd Great-Grandpa)
B. 6 Sep 1852 in AR?
M. 2 Oct 1875 in AR to Isabella Virginia MORGAN
D. 7 Mar 1909
Buried in Lee's Chapel Cemetery, Outside Moorefield, Independence
Co., AR

George L. MASSEY (3rd Great-Grandpa)
B. 6 May 1830 in Orange Co., NC
M.1) 4 Dec 1851 in Independence Co., AR to Margaret E. LOWE
2) 9 Oct 1872 in Independence Co., AR Sarah Jane "Sallie" BRYANT
D. 20 Jul 1896 in Independence Co., AR
Buried at Rehobeth Cemetery, Moorefield, Independence Co., AR

Jason MASSEY (4th Great-Grandpa)
B. 1802 in Orange Co., NC
M. 6 Apr 1827 in Orange Co., NC to Rachel A. PEARSON
D. 1882

That is where I am stuck at and can't get any further. Please email
me and let me know if you can help. Thanks!

Patti Heath     February 29, 2004
Hi Liz.  My daughter is named Lizz too only she spells it with 2 Z's.  I
see you sort of oversee the Independence Co, Ark, area and hoped that you
might help me in my quests.  My line is REEVES, nearly all of whom were
born and raised in that area, from early 1800's through 1920 or so.  I have
done alright so far on my genealogy except for one person, Mellie Reeves.
She is my GGM, born in 1850 near Newark, Ark, and married in 1867 to Kirk
Reeves, my GGF, also born near Newark in 1848.  In later years they lived
over around Hickory Flat, Ark.  My problem is that there seems to be no
information about Mellie anywhere.  I have her birth, a membership in a
church, their location per the 1900 census, but nothing else.  I especially
want to get her maiden name but no luck so far.  I think it is REDDON, REDEN,
REDMOND, etc.  After 1900, she disappeared completely.  There is a Milly
Reeves in the Olive Branch cemetery but no proof that it is her, since I
have found a number of Millie Reeves's in my search.  Would you have any
thing on this?  Thanks for your time.  Regards.  Paul   February 29, 2004

Dear Liz,


I am trying to clear up a genealogy question and hope you may have the answer!  Mary E. Boyce Shirley didn't die until 1924.  Do you know where she was living, or with whom she was living in later life?


My real question is this. . . . . . . .On the 1880 census there is only one child between Daniel and Laura.  That female child is listed as Armand or Amanda D. Shirley, age 3.  That would make her born ca 1877.  There is no Drew on there!!!!  Could Amanda or Armand D. be  Armand or Amanda Drusilla "Drew" Shirley????


Sharon J. Shirley

Chird Bobbitt 9 Jan 2009
Hello All:
I have a relative Louis Bobbitt who lived with & worked for William M. Magness from 1900 - 1911 when he died.
He is on the 1900 Census in both White County & Independence County. (Print for best viewing .)
He is buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.
Any info would be greatly appreciated? Thanks. Chird Bobbitt in Searcy

Please contact Liz Burns Glenn for more information.

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