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January 7, 2008

p j evans []


I'm looking for information on America Wilson, who was living with Joseph and Sarah Collard in Ruddell twp, Independence co, AR, in 1860. Her parents (and older and younger siblings) were at that time living in Carroll co, AR, so there's a real question about what was going on!


P J Evans


January 9, 2008

Hi, my name is Jaynie Wiggins, and I am trying to locate some info on a place called Buckhorn Tavern in Independence County.   I have found where it says that Buckhorn is now St. James, AR   I was wondering, do you know of any one that might have some info on these two places?  I am looking for a cemetery located at or by the Buckhorn Tavern in Independence Co. Ar. between the dates of 1861-1870. We are looking for the burial place of Emelia "Millie" Henderson.. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Best regards,
Jaynie Wiggins

January 19, 2008

QUERY: I am searching for Cary Prince 1802 SC, by unknown 1st wife--he married Sarah Castleberry alias Dyke 1849 Phillips  Co, Jacob P. Prince b1828 Ga. d: 1865 White or Independence Co., AR  m: 1852 in white Co. to 1st Elizabeth McNutt b: 1832 d:1858 childbirth  of Samuel as did her first 2 children  Samuel  died at 2yrs old.
Jacob marr: Emily McNutt 1858.  They had 3 children GEO W. b: 1859 WM P. b: 1861 CARY F. b: 1865   Then Jacob died Dec. 8, 1865.
William P. Prince b:1861 Indep. Co. Ar d: 1916  marr: 1880 indep. co Ar   Mary E. Means  b:1862 Ar d: 1913 
Jacob BUCK Prince b: 1890 Ind. co Ar  d: 1966 Marmaduke Ar. m 1910 Lucy Mae Matheny b1895 d: 1992 Il.  (parents Wm D. Matheny b:1866 TN & Sarilla Anderson b: 1871 Ar d: 1906  Sarilla's parents David S. Anderson b:1833 Margret CORBIT b: 1843 FULL CHEROKEE.
 William Walker Prince b1915-1989 Dowdy Ar marr Sylvia Louise Boyd b 1918-1978 Paragould. (Inez hensley & Jay Hugh Boyd)  Any info  would be GREAT!!  Donna Maples Prince


January 26, 2008


Phobe Sneed   jan 26 2008


Interested in the Poor Farm east of Batesville, the Moorefield cutoff road hwy 322, where the Rehobeth Cemetery now sets.

What was the name of it? Does any know if there are pauper graves there.  

Looking for information on Earl Pretty (1865 b.Kentucky) married Fannie Flowers (1889 b.Arkansas) resided in the farm.


Thank you

Mrs. Sneed


February 15, 2008

Kraut Burns                  kraut burns []                January 26, 3008

Hi , I'm searching for the Parents of William Herrison Wilson Burns  born in Independence County Ark.1855 and married in Conway Arkansas 1880 to
Loretta Burns born a Roberts born 1863...any information about their Parents of these two persons above is greatly appreciated...Sincerely Mrs. Burns  


February 15, 2008

Kathy Brown Lamm               Kathyblamm []                   February 15, 2008

Hoping someone will go to New Hope Cemetery (Bethesda) to take a picture of J. M. Brown headstone 1855-1899 also would like to know if there could be an obit. He died Nov. 11 1899. He was born Dec. 4, 1855. First name was John.
Kathy Brown Lamm

March 11, 2008

I am interested in any information regarding John Haskett born around 1874 in Batesville.  He married Martha Millsap 1894 Independence Co. Arkansas.  I know his mothers name was also Martha.  I would like any additional information regarding her maiden name, johns fathers first name.  I have the 1900 census of Martha A Haskett born in 1852.  Thank you Marlene Haskett Rasmor

Ron and Marlene

March 12, 2008

Hello -- I'm looking for information on my grandmother, Louise (Louisa) Vaughn Holderby.  I was told she was born in or near Batesville, Arkansas about 1861.  She died before I was born but I was told she was raised by another family. I was always told she was part Indian.  In my research, I have just found her on the 1870 census living in Batesville, Independence, Arkansas with Charles and Eunice D. Maxwell. Evidently he was the editor of the paper.  She was 10 years old at the time.  She married my grandfather, John Pool about 1887.  They lived in Jonesboro, I believe and then in Kennett, MO.  Any information you could give me re the Holderbys of Batesville and especially of my grandmother and her father and mother would be most appreciated.  Thank you, Sandra Pool Peterson.



April 14, 2008  Richard Bogan April13,2008
My gg granfather William Garrett Elms married Margaret Bowles in 1835. I have a second marriage to Martha Boals<Boles> in 1860 which a Son William G Elms was born. Do you have insight about this? It appears a little confusing. The names being similar . Thanks, Richard Bogan 


April 14, 2008

Could you help me find information on my great grandmothers death?  Her name was Hannah C Long Parsons called "Cassie"  acording to censes they were living greenbrier independence co ark in 1870 she had 4 children Joseph A Parsons, James W Parsons,"after his father".Jennie L Parsons and Robert Lee Parsons.  Her husbands name James W Parsons from Ga..  She was bornabout 1849 and died somewhere between 1875 and 1880 because I find the husband James and four children in Camp Co Tx in1880 and he remarried there.  If you need any other info please contact me.  Please let me know either way.
Carolyn Hair


April 18, 2008

        Hi, i am a decendant of samuel hughes, his son [ Joseph Fletcher Hughes ] is my grandfather. Guessing that Samuel was born 1859 or 1860 in Missouri. Married Mary Jane Ford Aug .1885 Arkansas.
        Since his wife married James M. Goldman 1901 , i'm guessing Samuel died about 1898 to 1900.I DID GET INFO THAT MARY JANE LIVED IN INDEPENDENCE CO. 1900 WITH HER CHILDREN.
Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated.
                                    THANK YOU    HELEN           


May 10, 2008

I have a question about ancient pottery and how in the world it would have made it to Arkansas, specifically the Strawberry River. Last year, I went to an estate sale and purchased 2 pieces of Indian pottery from the Freeze estate in Oil Trough. Mr. Freeze told me that a friend of his found the pottery near the banks of the Strawberry River. Anyhow, we took the pieces to Murfreesboro for an evaluation and were pleasantly surprised. Sam Johnson from the Caddo Trading Co. said these pieces are Peruvian, from the Chavin dynasty and were created approx 400 - 600 B.C. Would these have something to do with the Hernando DeSoto expedition in Arkansas? Or what could be another explanation of how they made it here?
Lesa Kaiser
June 16, 2008

I am looking for information on a Docia Ann Gilliam that married John Brinkley on April 27,1861 Independence County Arkansas.  I am also trying to find information on John Brinkley and his parents.  I am trying to find out Docia Gilliam and John Brinkley's parents and if they had any brothers and sisters.  And birth dates.

Brian Brooks]


June 16, 2006

Was wondering if you could help with my Burns family.  My great great grandfather was Erastus Burns b. 1838 Arkansas, s/o Elijah J. Burns, born in South Carolina around 1795, I believe, and we havenít been able to determine Erastusí mother.   Some suspect the last name may have been Logan, but I donít know how they arrived at that thought.  I believe Erastusí siblings were: Hannah b. 1828, Elizabeth b. 1833, William Edward b. 1838, Stephen Columbus b. 1840.  Elijah leaves Arkansas sometime between 1840 and 1850 and turns up in Wright Co., Missouri, I believe married to someone named Naomi A. Young.  There are more children born in Missouri that I believe to be from Naomi.


Does any of this sound like any of your Burns Family?

Dana Dean

June 16, 2008

I'm seeking information for Thomas Edward Peel and Nancy Ann Harkcom.  Thomas and Nancy were married 20 Nov 1885 in Independence Co. AR.  Two children were born in this marriage, Hagar Edward Peel, dau. and William Elsworth Peel in Independence County.  The family moved to Texas abt 1899 or 1900, they probably were divorced either before the move or shortly thereafter.  Thomas died soon thereafter after suffering a wound from a axe accident.  The two children were raised by Harkcom grandparents James Harvey Harkcom and spouse Sarah Ann Hazeltine Hardin.

Seeking information about Nancy Harkcom after the divorce and information concerning Thomas Edward Peel and the children named above from anyone who may have information about this family.
Willis T. Finley, 307 Fairview Dr., Longview,  TX 75604,  (903) 759-0415  E-mail 

June 16, 2008


Looking for any information on a William B Karr married in Independence County, Arkansas - apparently he was a minister or something as he was recorded as performing marriages around 1835.  Any information can be sent to Charlotte Hamilton
Thanks in advance,
Charlotte Hamilton

July 10, 2008              James D. Yoder                  216 Kingsway                 Hesston, KS 67062
Hello:  I attended Blue Creek School when I was in the first grade.  A Miss Massey was my teacher.  The school was torn down soon after we moved to Cass County, Missouri.  We lived on land east of Batesville owned by James Slayden, my grandfather.  My mother was Zella Slayden.  Where could I get a picture of Blue Creek School or print it from online?
Sincerely, Jim Yoder 
James D. Yoder,

November 22, 2008

My name is Dale O'Bear, and I am trying to trace the family roots. My grandfather was known as John Henry O'Bear to the family. My uncle said he thought his dad told him there was a name change but is not sure. Here is all I know about John Henry O'Bear. He was born Nov. 25, 1881 in Independence County, Arkansas. I am told he had two sisters that died in their teens but have nothing to verify this.
I have run into a brick wall looking for information on his past. Can you tell me if there is anybody that does lookups and the cost of this endeavor? I have all kinds of information on other branches of this family except my grandfather. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Dale O'Bear

November 28, 2008             Maureen Isaman            November 28, 2008
I am researching the Holcombe/Holcomb family.  Jason Madison Holcombe (b Feb 24 1814, Maury County, TN, d Mar 30, 1864, Independence County, AR)  Thomas Jefferson Holcombe (b Sep 17, 1860 AR, d April 25 1938 Des Arc, Prairie County, AR)  Alvin E Holcombe SR (b Jun 24 1896, Sulphur Rock, AR, d Feb 7, 1987 Little Rock, AR)  Lillie May (Richardson) Holcombe (b 1901?, wife of Alvin)  & Myrtle Richardson , wife of Alvin?  I am hoping to find family connections which can provide insight into the lives of the above persons. Maxine Brown, 12/16/08

I would like any info on the orphans who lived with Dr. James Barnes in the 1860's & 70's.  My G-Grandfather Wm. Rufus Heafner was supposedly an orphan raised by a doctor around Batesville.
On the 1870 census there is a 'Renfus?' Hefner (age 12 ) working for Dr. Barnes, 
I can find no other information on him or his parents and I would very much appreciate any help you could give me.
Thank you.







































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