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Independence County, Arkansas
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January 14, 2010    Timothy Lynn Means   1-14-2010

 I am looking for any information on the Means Family in Independence county area.

The two KNOWN primary names are Buchanan H Means and William F Means How they where related I don't Know But they where As DNA from both lines match exactly Both lived in Independence around the end of the 1800's Buchanan was A DR and lived in Black river Township Its is unknown who Williams Father was. Buchanan's father was Hugh Means of Mercer county (West)Virginia and lived and died there  Williams ancestry and Hugh's are both a dead end and also where the connection to each other is hidden. Any info may help.   Sue McCluskey    1-20-2010


This is a list of possible interrments in a little cemetery in Stone County, Ar. Known interments are Ollie Cothrine (or variant spellings), A.C. Chapell, Rosanna Childs, Martha Chaney Cothrine, and Ollie Mae Williams, who's mother was Bertha Weese Williams. Other area surnames are Branscum, Dillard, and Nelson.  Many of these families moved on to Independence County.


Photographs can be found at, and  under Stone County, Jess Harris Cemetery

Trying to piece this little community together. Any help appreciated GREATLY!

Wynn Jones 1853 aft 1910
Tracy Benjamin 1853 aft 1900
Wynn Ann Edmondson 1876-1879 wife of Jones
Wynn Elizabeth Nelson 1892-1900 Wife of Jones
Calvin Angeline 1825 aft 1880
Harris Jesse 1820 aft 1880 husb of Phoebe
Harris Phoebe 1825 aft 1880 wife of Jess
Chaney Stephen 1854 bef 1907
Wease James Ed 1876 bef 1910
Wease Manerva Alice 1877 bef 1910
Harris Albert 1871 bef 1888
Harris Frances 1840 1909
Davis Mariah 1835 aft 1900
Hurley Solomon 1831 aft 1900
Hurley Julia 1840 aft 1900
Harris Fred 1854 aft 1910
Harris Elizabeth 1859 aft 1910
Merriweather Louisa Nelson 1857 bef 1893 wife of Dave
Strong James 1873 bef 1930
Davis Solomon 1833 aft 1885
Neely Edmund 1846 aft 1880
Harris William 1825 aft 1880
Chaney Alfred 1884 aft 1930
Chaney Annie 1890 aft 1930
Cothern Margaret Childs-Chaney 1866 1949
Ripley Henry 1870 aft 1930
Ripley Elizabeth Strong 1867 aft 1930
Branscum Ava 186? Bef 1887 wife of Green
Livingston John (Luck) 1833 1895
Merriweather Mahala Livingston


January 23, 2010

Hello Ms. Glenn,

I'm a descendant of a John Oliver Brooks, who lived in Independence County, AR (Liberty) as of the 1860 census.  He was born in 1818, and had come from Weakley Co TN after 1857.  He had moved to Stoddard Co, MO by 1870.  

Do you have any further information about him while he was in AR?  He supposedly served during the Civil War (side?).  His wife was Lavina Park Brooks.

Thank you for any information that you might have.


Jim Shake


















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