By A. C. McGinnis


     Altogether too often the interest of those who love history is met with indifference and dismissed by the thinking that this interest is the creation of family ties and sentiment or is limited to moldy old books and really has no place in modern and progressive life.  This thinking should be dispelled completely and clearly by the simple fact that the man who knows the history of his business knows his business, the man who knows the history of his church knows his church, the man who knows the history of his country knows his country.


     The Independence County Historical Society and this publication are dedicated to the search, study, and preservation of the distant, intermediate, and immediate local past.  This means that we are dedicated no only to the task of recapturing the accurate picture of the pioneer and the life he lived but also to recognition of the fact that the modern and progressive life of only yesterday is in fact today's history.  The goals will require time, patience, work, cooperation, and a small amount of funds.  Why should this effort by made?  Just as man's interest is motivated by many reasons, there are many good and proper answers.  But perhaps the most compelling is that no people can reach its potential cultural heights in ignorance of its history, and the responsibility for the cultural level of the community in which our people live, our children are reared, our visitors observe, and our businesses flourish rests upon all citizens.  Thus, the real task of the Independence County Historical Society is to fit local history into proper perspective in making a contribution to the cultural climate of our community.


     The plans of the society are altogether thrilling.  Our historical wealth is perhaps exceeded in the state only by Pulaski County.  As we ferret out the facts of the past no period of the county's history will be neglected.  No community will be overlooked.  In fact, through genealogy charts every family now living within the county and others who have roots locally may make a contribution to the success of the effort.


     Many links with the past have been lost; many records have been destroyed, but there still exist many valuable sources of information.  And as this information is sought, the cooperation of all is solicited.  It is hoped that all readers will be on alert for information, primarily not previously published, believed to be of historical interest, and an invitation is extended for contributions of articles, letters, records, and comments.