Morgan Magness Holderby
born October 28, 1827		Indep. Co., AR
died about 1865
married 1st about 1846
to Sarah Magness
born about 1825-1830
died about 1851


John W. T. "Thadeus" Holderby	born 1847
Susan A. Holderby		born 1849

married 2nd November 10, 1852	Indep. Co., AR	     (Book B, page 180)
to Barbara G. Durrum  (age 15)

Morgan M. Holderby (age 20) served as a private in Capt. Pelham's Company (Company E) 
during the Mexican War (1846-1847).

from Independence County, Arkansas Probate Book A, page 340 (Jan. 1848)

And now on this day comes Morgan Holderby and presented to the court the petition of 
Perry G. Holderby, a minor heir of Richard Holderby, deceased, over the age of fourteen 
years, praying the court for a guardian to be appointed for him, and also at the same 
time presents the petition of D. G. W. Magness praying the court to appoint a guardian 
for David Holderby, Henry Holderby, Eliza Holderby, and Richard A. Holderby, minor heirs 
of said Richard Holderby, deceased, under the age of fourteen years and that said 
Perry G. Holderby having made a choice of said Morgan Holderby as his guardian and the 
said Morgan Holderby being in court and willing to accept said guardianship.  It is 
therefore ordered by the court that said Perry G. Holderby, David Holderby, Henry E. 
Holderby, Eliza Holderby, and Richard A. Holderby, by his entering into Bond and Security
in the sum of $500 for the faithful performance of his duties as such guardian and 
thereupon said Morgan Holderby entered into Bond with D. G. W. Magness and John R. Magness
as his securities and being deemed good and sufficient the same is approved by the court.

Morgan Holderby apparently died by November 1866 when F. D. Denton (sheriff) was appointed 
public administrator of his estate (see Independence County, Arkansas, Probate Book D, 
page 134, 300).

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