Hi Dave,

We are working on a new movie at the Lonesome Dove/Alamo Village Movie sets in Texas, And while I was out at Lonesome Dove getting things ready, taking pictures for my husband, (who is the production designer on this new movie), I thought about you... And said to myself..."I bet old Dave would enjoy seeing what the location is looking like now". So I decided to send you a few pictures of the set...

It has been four years since we have made a movie out there, so the set is in bad shape... It sets right on the Mexican boarder so at night Mexicans come and steal what they can carry back across the river for there own homes... We are having to replace doors and windows on everything before we can start shooting...

As you can see, Gus's roof is half off his house, and the dry bean has no more banisters, or doors... The original Lonesome Dove sign (with the bird) is behind a building and rotting... (Little did they know that it was going to be worth something back then) The one the have now is not the original... its only a copy...

Penny Ingram
April 2, 2000

These photos were taken by Penny Ingram who was kind enough to allow me to post them on my web page. Therefore do not treat them as your own without her permission.

The Dry Bean outside

The Dry Bean inside

Hat Creek bunk house/HQ

The bridge between the Hat Creek outfit
and the town of Lonesome Dove

All that is left of the sign with the dove on it

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