Dreamcast AD 2001 Translation

by Nebelwurfer

I stumbled across the Daisenryaku series on the Sega Saturn by accident. Since then I continued to play the Japanese versions that came out on the Saturn and Dreamcast, even though all the menus, etc were in Kanji.

How much better it would be to play these in English, I thought. Now, though the miracle of Emulation, I finally have a chance to go back and translate Dreamcast Advanced Daisenryaku into English. I recently bought a computer that is fast enough to run the NULL DC Emulator perfectly and so can begin this project.

You can track my progress below.

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Translation History
Updated: November 23, 2010
Download Latest AD2001 Patch File
Patch v0.95 - November 23, 2010
DC AD2001 Scenario List
Updated - November 23, 2010
DC AD2001 Translated Screens
Updated - February 1, 2010
DC AD2001 Manual
Updated - August 8, 2010
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