House built by Madison pharmacist John Mullins Burton in the early 1900s at 21 Front Street

Madison Training School, torn down in 1936 to build a brick replacement, now Madison Elementary School on College Street

Located at 204 Main Street, where the old bank vault remains today, the bank was advertised in 1913 as "burglar-proof", with state-of-art Mosler time locks.  Yet, it was burglarized a few years later.

To purchase a copy of Madison's sesquicentennial book, contact an officer of the Society or visit Main Street Cafe or City Hall.

For historical information or web site suggestions, contact John P. Rankin at 256-461-8142 or at 103 Madison Avenue, Madison, AL  35758.  John's e-mail addresses are and A companion website is maintained for the Society by Ron Johnson at

Membership in the Madison Station Historical Preservation Society is open to any resident of the area who is interested in learning of and preserving the history of the town of Madison.  Residency in the historic district of the town is not required. Dues are $20/yr, individual, or $25/yr, family.

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