last updated April 13, 2010

New Baseball Blog - April 5th 2010

I managed to predict 18 of the players for this years biscuits roster, not bad for early guesses. The good part of that is who I was right on, good players mostly, ones I want to see here! Down, McGee both on the recovery trail albeit for different things.

I only guessed one catcher of the three - Ashley needs a new cheer this season, I think Ozzie will jump the wall if he has to hear "You go girl!" another season.

The infield should be nice, guys I predicted coming back are Fields, Cipriano, Sexton and the speedy OMalley and usually steady Drew Anderson.

In the outfield I called it on all four names released... Royster, Salem, Matulia and Strait.


March 12, 2010

Biscuits are almost fresh for spring, and I thought it time to update the blog. We dig our team and cant wait to get back to the ballpark!

Rays first cuts are good players, McGee, Tim Beckham and Nevin Ashley (you go girl). Since Ashley was sent from here back down to single A StoneCrabs "to help them out", I am hopeful that means we will get all of the above.

Stacy Long cant report, but there is a nice list of the players in minor league camp for the rays. A quick scan shows some familiar faces, and the logjam at the upper levels will start to filter down to us soon - hopefully we get some good players back.


My predictions... or wish list...


Brian Baker
Alex Colome
Frank De Los Santos
Darin Down - the comeback kid
Neal Frontz
Matt Gorgen
Kyle Lobestein
Rayner Oliveros
Matt Moore - bring this guy on!
Ryan Reid - probly wants to move up to durham
Aneury Rodriguez?
Paul Phillips? - probly durham bound
Jake McGee?? We love his determination


Matt Spring
Ian Paxton
Alex Jamieson - squeezed out of durham?


Matt Fields - back at first, we dig him!
Cipriano MI
Drew Anderson MI
Shawn O'Malley SS w/40sb
3b??? Chris Nowak?? Greg Sexton??


John Matulia - back from injury?
Cody Straight
Ryan Royster
Reid Fronk
Emeel Saleem? Good speed!
K.Kang? We want him!


Ozzie Timmons, who saw the team batting average under .240 on the season. Stepping up the team average would probably lend a bit more job security, and I am sure we will be trying to help him out wherever possible.

*factoid* Timmons career batting average is .235.

Timmons hit homers off of twenty pitchers in his major league career - including Xavier Hernandez! Roger Clemens (ozzies final dinger), Roy Halladay, Mike Hampton are on that list too. 11 came at wrigley, five were game tying and three were go ahead homeruns.


Ozzie Timmons, again. This time it is to grow his hair. Biscuit fans want him to grow it out! We want to see the Timmons 'fro, hopefully he googles himself and finds this so he can get a "head start"


Pitching coach Bill Moloney

a redsox farmhand with a handfull of games in the milwaukee system, was on the pawsox with mark "the Bird" fydrich, Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Steve "psycho" Lyons and a very green Roger "the rocket" Clemens. I intend to quiz him about how these guys all got such cool nicknames...


New announcer Joe Davis will be coming, and while I am sure he is a fine announcer I cant help but feel that we should deal him to huntsville where he can call games at the stadium that bears his name. I hope he tolerates emails and doesn't mind Biscuit fans, I suspect we are an odd lot when viewed as a group.


The Biscuits can do to make things better for fans..

1. Hometown discount night, prove you are a downtown local and get half off cheap seats!
2. Cut ticket prices by fifty cents. A small concession at the gate will draw more than enough folks looking to save a couple quarters by spending a few dollars.
3. More Free Biscuits. How easy is that?
4. Keep Rick Hendrick as PA announcer - sorry JT.
5. Pizza.
6. Free Parking. Folks with a game ticket get a free park
7. Beer price at league average.
8. Give away Rays-Braves tickets (dibs on the idea, so you give me some for thinking of this great promotion right?)
9. Plant Kudzu or ivy on the fence past the left field wall.
10. Pirate Night. Nuff said. arrr


The Biscuits could do to make more money - its only fair I give them suggestions on the other side...

1. Small Group Suite list. Dont have 20 friends? Still Want a luxury suite? How bout a sign up list for a once-a-month small group suite!
2. Valet service. The new parking deck would be a premium service for season ticket holders or luxury suite VIP's.
3. Buy a roster spot. Its been done before, but not here and we are famous for our southern generosity at this kind of event.
4. Beergarden in deep centerfield past the current BBQ pits.
5. Pizza. Same as above #5, as I think a good pizza would make a lot of money at concessions, even draw fans of good pizza.
6. This Day In Biscuits History Calendar
7. Biscuits Celebrity AllStar Break Softball-Golf-Fishing Triathalon - Lucky number seven is an idea that could be fun, team three or four paying patrons with biscuit players or vip's in team events of golf, fishing and finally a softball game over the course of the all star break week.
8. Organise a midseason banquet with players - could be connected with #7
9. Trolley rides to and from cloverdale and capitol heights for biscuit games.
10 One small private table at the apex of centerfield - perfect for a romantic nite or intimate small group. Premium seats would include concierge and be nestled in a hidden nook just a few feet from play.


Tim Hudson did not come to our town as part of the Braves Caravan 2010, but he DID come about ten days later to appear at a $50 a family event at a local sports complex! How bad does this guy need the extra cash that he cant appear to the brave faithful near his hometown? Thanks Hudson, real classy move there.

Of course, thats coming from me, who managed to walk in to the caravan just as it was starting and got to cut in line ahead of a bunch of folks who had been there for hours! hahaha well, what can i say but Sorry folks! They were probly the same people who were ahead of me a dozen times before, but I still felt guilty...


The Booster Club experiment may be over for us, as we have not renewed our vows hehehe We got notice last month that the folks who didnt pay up were going to be dropped from the mailing list! Gasp! Its funny as we didnt get any emails during the season last year, and not until after the election was held did we get any this offseason. The ones we did get were demanding money for dues and asking that we pony up for old costs for water. It was inferred that 21 of the boosters were unpaid, and if what i saw held true the boosters cant lose 21 members very easily!