Internet Explorer Setup Suggestions: If Internet Explorer doesn't bring up MS Word and display the selected file properly, the following setup procedure is suggested: From the "View" pull-down menu (PDM), select "Options..." and then select the Programs tab and from there, the "File Types" pushbutton.
Select the "Edit" pushbutton and select "Microsoft Word Document" OR
Select the "New Type..." pushbutton and in the "Description:" text box enter "MS Word 6.0 Document". In the "MIME Type:" box enter "application/doc" and in the "Suffixes:" box enter ".doc". For the "Encoding:" select the "binary" radio button. Select the "Helper Application:" and then select the "Browse..." push-button and locate the MS Word program name (Winword.exe) and select "OK". The full pathname to Winword, .e.g., C:\MSOffice\WINWORD\WINWORD.EXE, will be displayed in the text box. Select "OK". When a specific document is selected, Word 6.0 should start automatically and then the selected document should be displayed. Please consult Internet Explorer "HELP" for additional information.

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