Pedigree for Dylan


CH Clark's Remington Rifle CD
Maurgold Clark's Melody

Golden Retriever Dog
Born:       June 18, 1996
Breeder:  Maureen Dabrowski, Maurgold Golden Retrievers, Marlborough, CT
Owner:    Elinor Bradt Posey

								Am/CanCh Jolly Oahu Cougar CD WC
						Ch Columbine's Makin' A Splash
						|		Ch Goldenloe's Fourth of July OD
				Ch Timberee Right On Target CDX WC 
				|		|		Ch High Farms Charlie Brown CD OS
				|		Ch Liberator Timberee Topaz UD WC 
				|				Ch Liberator Mayorling OD
		CH Clark's Remington Rifle CD
		|		|				Ch Misty Morn's Sunset CD * OS
		|		|		Ch Sir Duncan of Woodbury OS
		|		|		|		Autumn Lodge's Little Indian
		|		Am/Can Ch Clark's Easter Bonnet UD WCX Can CDX WC OD
		|				|		Topbrass Ice Bucket
		|				Totoket's Eat Drink & Be Mary UD OD
		|						Totoket's Spud of Zetasam CD
Maurgold's Poet of Laugharne
		|						Am/Can Ch Laurell's Jiminy Cricket
		|				Ch Pond House Mr. Roberts
		|				|		Okeechobee's Pocahontas
		|		Ch Sugarbush Silverado Blue
		|		|		|		Am/Can Ch Thornlea's Sunnybrae Zipper CDX OS
		|		|		Ch Englewood Sugarbush Pieper
		|		|				Am/Can Ch Englewood Chic & Serene OD
		Maurgold Clark's Melody
				|				Ch Blue Skye's Aragorn of Libra
				|		Ch Clark's Micah Angelo CDX
				|		|		Clark's Abigail Adams CD
				Maurgold Clark's Mercedes
						|		Am/Can Ch Jolly Jack Daniels
						Maurgold's Spring Serenade CD
								Clark's Totoket Jasmine CDX WC

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