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Previous GRCNA Events

 Getting Organized

Working Certificate Fun Match last October.

We had gunners and birds for the dogs to retrieve on land and water.

Getting Organized

 Practice Session

Pool Party

Grooming Seminar

Practice Session

Picnic at Lake Guntersville

Flair's Puppy at Swim Party

 Gaggle of Goldens

Gaggle of Goldens
at Picnic after Swim Party at the Quarry

1996 and 1997 Madison Street Festival We marched in the parade with our goldens and had an information booth.

Agility Demonstration Terri Campbell gave a presentation on Agility followed by a demonstration using the golden that she is training in agility.

Tracking Clinic

Joyce Rupert gave us a tracking demonstration with her Gordon Setter who had recently earned a TD. This demonstration was followed by a talk and then the participants got to try tracking with some help from Joyce.
Picnic and Swim Party

Swim party for the dogs at the gravel pit/ Madison Aquatic Center/ followed by a picnic on the Intergraph grounds at the gazebo.

Obedience Fun Match

In April of 1996, our club had a very successful obedience fun match and chipping clinic.
Pet Pictures with Santa In December of 1997, our club had a very successful photo shoot of Pets with Santa at Pet Care.
WC/WCX Test On October 24, 1998, our club had a Working Certificate / Working Certificate Excellent Test in Somerville, AL.

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