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Nessa's Puppies

Dee and Dylan


Flair's Puppy, Kaylee


Puppy Referral

e-mail poseyeb@knology.net

The GRCA Public Education Committee has written and distributes a booklet titled "Acquiring a Golden Retriever", which is an excerpt from "An Introduction to the Golden Retriever". Included in the booklet is a section that covers various issues one should consider prior to buying a puppy or prior to breeding.

The on-line version of the booklet is at [Acquiring a Golden Retriever]

Information on breeding is at [Breeding a Golden Retriever]

The Code of Ethics for breeding is at [Breeding Code of Ethics]

Additional information on buying a new puppy is at [Thinking About Buying A Puppy?]

Additional information on breeding is at [Breeding a Golden Retriever]

Please check the links above before e-mailing me.

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