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Nessa's Puppies

Dee and Dylan


Flair's Puppy, Kaylee


Puppy Referral

e-mail poseyeb@knology.net

Please check the links below before e-mailing me.
At the current time, many breeders have long waiting lists because so many people who have been working from home have decided that this pandemic is an excellent time to raise a new puppy.

The GRCA Public Education Committee has written and distributes a booklet titled "Acquiring a Golden Retriever", which is an excerpt from "An Introduction to the Golden Retriever". Included in the booklet is a section that covers various issues one should consider prior to buying a puppy or prior to breeding.
[Acquiring a Golden Retriever]

The Code of Ethics for breeding is at [Breeding Code of Ethics]

Additional information on buying a new puppy is at [Thinking About Buying A Puppy?]

Additional information on breeding is at [Breeding a Golden Retriever]

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