Rock Presbyterian Church

Columbus, Georgia



Rock Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Georgia began in the 1980s as a Korean Church. Since then the church experienced tremendous growth, so much so, that the large number of English-speaking congregants necessitated the formation of a fellowship that specifically serves Americans within the church. The largest number of these members are American spouses or other American relatives of Koreans.

As a result, the ESC (English Speaking Congregation) has it’s own building on the campus of the church. It also has an English-speaking pastor. The congregation holds English worship and English bible-studies on a weekly basis.

The congregation is very multi-cultural. Among the membership are several white, black, hispanic, and asian people. Accordingly, the next generation of this congregation are multi-racial.


Rock Presbyterian Church exists to glorify God and His Son our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The means by which we accomplish this mission include worship, fellowship, study, prayer, charity, service, and evangelism.


Sunday morning worship begins at 9:30 AM. It includes the three elements of worship that have been part of Christian practice for two thousand years: 1) Preparation for the Word through meditation, prayer, singing, and confession; 2) Proclamation of the Word through bible reading, music, and preaching; 3) Reaction to the Word through commitment, offering, profession, testimonies, prayer, and communion.

The music used in worship is ordinarily a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs.


English Speaking Congregation