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Please view my gallery frequently - we continue to add pictures as more prints are made. 

Photographic art, like other visual art, exists in the minds of at least two people the maker and the viewer.  So please come back and do your part.

- Sam Tumminello

20x200 - Art
About Huntsville  Popular information about our city.
AfterImage  Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Alabama Live! Alabama's Popular Web site
Alabama State Council on the Arts
Currently Featured Picture at Olde Towne Coffee - Five Points
Currently Featured Picture at "JaVa.mooresville" by Sam Tumminello

Huntsville Art League  

Laurence Miller Gallery, New York 

Luminous Lint - For Connoisseurs of Fine Photography       

Artist of the Sanctuary - Face Book

The Huntsville Alabama Arts Council

The Huntsville Photographic Society

Huntsville Madison County Historical Society

How old you are is your business, how old you look is Pat's business!

Ansel on Digital

Words - Unspeakable!

"Alabama Originals:  
A Sense of Place"

Art Quotations

"Wonder Water"

Awarded First Place 
Senior Division of the National Videomaker Magazine Contest 
Micro-Cinema Movie!

Shown at the Helen Keller Festival!

A Favorite YouTube Channel