An award winning photographer from Huntsville, Alabama and  four time past president of the Huntsville Photographic Society.  He's won every major award of the organization and is a two time recipient of their Presidents Award, and holds the rank of Master in the Society.

     His photographs have been published in several national publications including American Photographer magazine, and many Huntsville publications. In 1992 he received a Merit Award, from the show juror, retired Life magazine photographer Ed Clark, for his color dye transfer composition Une Marriage en Paris

     In 1991, his silver print composition Pierre's Blossom was accepted by the juried exhibition show: "The Classic Cliché, Southern Magnolia", sponsored by the State of Alabama Council of the Arts. The same year another of his silver prints, "Dogwoods" received an Honorable Mention from the Tennessee Valley Art Center.

     In 2007 four of his prints were included in the State of Alabama Photographic Exhibition  "Alabama Originals:  A Sense of Place" in the Alabama Artists Gallery sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

     Beginning 2011 he is and exhibiting member of the "Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary nature artists.  An artist group formed to bring awareness of the Huntsville sanctuary.

The Photographer's Comments:

     I photograph to explore the effects of light on various subjects, whether they are people, animals, trees or rocks. I attempt to record these effects, then present the results to the viewing audience to both entertain and evoke meaningful responses and emotions - to consider what I considered.

     Since the Internet Age,  there are literally millions of pictures available to see. Almost anyone with a digital camera can produce good pictures and some do it consistently.   Some make absolutely exquisite pictures. This abundance of images shouldn't deter anyone from their hobby or art.

     My personal preference is to produce monochrome (black and white)  images on paper. I'm enthused to pursue my art with this media. For me, the camera capture is only the beginning.  I begin with the captured image, usually shot in the RAW format. I prefer to compose and fill the frame with the subject.  I've created a disciplined approach to printing that emulates the physical techniques I did in the darkroom.  I call it  "Inchiostro".   I'm able to use the darkroom techniques of burning, dodging, and contrast control plus numerous other "digital tools" available.  I often  run "test strips" to allow me to  view and refine the image to my standards.

     I produce very limited edition prints, usually no more than five prints per edition. I do the entire process, from producing the negative to making of the print. 

Each image is meticulously printed and  toned for archival properties. It's numbered, dated and signed on the verso and each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity including any photographer's notes.



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