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Steven Gaj

ALPCA #4126

Harvest (near Huntsville), AL

The fun and fellowship of plate collecting means nothing without knowing your eternal destiny!  No number of unique or rare plates will offer comfort while lying on your deathbed.  Click on the picture above to find out more! 








Greetings.    Thanks for visiting my trader/sale pages.   I have something for everyone!   New traders come in on a continuing basis (and leave continually), so bookmark this page and return often.    


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Item Number




A vg- Mass 11, three digit plate

  Thick porcelain, nice gloss, minimal chips.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg- Mass 1906, Automobile Register

  Virtually no damage in “MAR” or numbers!   Both upper corners have been touched up.   Large script version.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg ME 1915 Truck Plate.

  A very nice example.  No touchups and great gloss.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg PA 1915 Truck Plate. (Single Star)

  A very nice example.  No touchups with average gloss.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg PA 1915 Dealer Plate.

  A very nice example.  No touchups with average gloss.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg PA 1910 Dealer Plate.

  A very nice example.  No touchups with nice gloss.   Two neatly drilled holes in center



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg ME 1915, three digit.  Nice gloss with noted chips. 



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg- MA 1915 Motorcycle plate.   Plates includes a few small manufacturing defects (near “2”).   Average gloss.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


A vg- NY 1912 Dealer Plate.    Plate has very nice touch up on the right edge, on the three and at the bolt slots.    On wall, looks like ex-. 



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping)


TN Pre-state Artwork.


These two guys would make an interesting shadow box item.    Nice gloss, metal base.

(white on dark blue)

(for the guy who has everything!)


Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )



A vg+ Maine 13 Special or Substitute Plate.

  Only about 2 known to exist, & this is by far the best of the two.  Great gloss minor chips.  Only 189 issued?!  RARE!



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )


A solid 1916 CT M/C

  Solid plate with some minor edge corrosion. Solid straps.  Not a hint of gloss.  For the all original guy, this is your plate.



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )



A EX- CT 16 Truck Plate

  Here is tuff plate to find in this shape.   Nice gloss and no touchup!



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )



A g-vg CT 14 Livery. 

  Here is tuff plate to find in this shape.   Nice gloss and no touchup!



Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )


A vg++ ME 1915.   Great Gloss, minor edge ships as shown.  A very nice plate.  All original with no touchups.



(Includes FREE Priority Postage )


An Ex- 14 PA Tractor (First Issue for this very tough type).  Great Gloss, virtually no chips.  No touchup. A stunning example of this rare type. 




Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )




A ex- “beautiful” 1911 AR first issue.  A cool plate!  About as nice as they come.  I put the picture out there for all to enjoy!  A close competition to the AL 12 below!    You never know what turns up on this site!

But, alas, it has moved on..


A very displayable and rare 1916 NC Dealer plate.   Has touch up along the edges and a good coat of wax and polish.   Only slightly chipped into the “16” and repainted.    Plate has great gloss (re-glossed).   Back has been painted black.  Displays much better then pictured. 


Spring Sale

(Includes FREE priority shipping )



A vg-/vg MA 14 Pair.   A very displayable pair of MA 14 plates.  Both have excellent gloss (Chips as noted: no touch up on either plate)  (Both bright white, with only one chip on one plate in place where it counts.

Internet Special $95 (Pr)


Trade toward MA 08 Pair in vg or better condition.


All net proceeds to benefit the Westminster Christian Academy Building Fund… Used for the Glory of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ!

(There were many happy kids!)


Note:   It was relayed that there are only about 32 known AL 12’s in existence.   Many of these are fair to poor.  This plate is likely among the best 2 or 3 plates in existence.  


Here is an ex- AL 12 (First Issue). No chips; virtually certain that the plate was never mounted on a car.  Very slight browning on far right edge.  


This plate is long sold, but a good example of what turns up on my website!


Bookmark the site and return often!





Somewhat challenging to put on, but worth the effort!

Split Rivets for the 1916-1919 CA porcelain plate attachments.   Hard little guys to find.  Brass color.  Very close to the original Rivets.


Internet Special:

$3   (Set of 4 each)


(Attachments require 3 Rivets.  One spare included)




A ex-, vg+ CA 16 4 digit pair (#1539, very low number).   Tab number is a 4 digit, but does not match plate.   Minor chips as shown.


  These are long gone… all proceeds being used for the Glory of God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, in support of the Baptist Food Kitchens during Hurricane Katrina!






A g-vg MA 14 Pair.   No, you are not seeing double.   Another very displayable pair of MA 14 plates.  Both have excellent gloss (Chips as noted: no touch up on either plate)  Only a slight nick in the five on the top plate.  Other plate is about vg.


Internet Special $89 (Pr)


Trade toward MA 06-08 Pair in vg or better condition.


Here is a vg ME 1915 with a very interesting number.  Average gloss, minimal chips (as noted).   A must for the unique number porcelain collector!

Internet Special  $99































   WANT LIST (porcelains only):                             EMAIL(home)     EMAIL(work)    

·       1, 2 or 3 digit plates, any state.  (In need of single digit porcelain plate: Attn: all Saints…)

·       MA pairs (MAR, 08):  Both must be in vg or better condition.

·       ALA:  (12,13,14 or 15) or any of the M/C versions.

·       Ark:  11,12, 13

·       CO:  13, 14

·       CT:  10 -16 M/C, 15/16 Truck Pair (black on yellow).  Any Dealer

·       GA: 15, car or motorcycle.

·       WA  Full Porcelain 20

·       RI: “Registered in RI”

·       NH:   Set of Dealer Plates and set of Visitor plates for 1915 (Both must be vg), 13,14 Visitor

·       VT: VAR, 09,   (Needs pairs for 14, 12 and below.)

·       MA:  11 Truck  Any “X”, except 1913 or any “T”.  

·       ME:  15 Dealer (pair preferred), 1st issue Pair (any year OK)

·       VA: Any

·       W.VA : Any prior to 1914 Issue

·       NM: 1920 base (Any year)

·       DC: Any

·       PA: 06, 07.  Tractor 14, 15,   Truck (15), Dealer (any year, but 10).  Any pair < 1913.

·       NJ: 09 (Pair preferred), Any Manufacturer (any year but 1910)

·       CA: odd types (ie. Emergency).  (Nice Tabs for 16, or 17)

·       DEL: Any, except 14

·       MD:  any odd types (non-passanger) or pairs (except 14).

·       IND:  13 Manufacturer

·       KY: Any except 13.

·       MI:  Motorcycle (Any porcelain year).  Pairs for 1910-1913.

·       Also any porcelain pairs (Any state).  Both must be vg or better.



I will also TRADE any GRAPHIC plate for Recent AL Graphics that I currently do not have in my collection of recent AL graphics.   Email me with what you have and what you want to trade


See the Graphical Want List, for my list of needed Graphics. 



Other ALA needed (Excellent/Unissued condition or ex-, None passenger OK if the same color as the base plate of that year.   I.e. No Mobil Homes!)










































Other ALA M/C needed (Excellent/Unissued condition or ex-



Any Pre-1956





























The following are the general trading/sale principles / Terms:

·       95.0% of the time I am only interested in porcelain state issued plates; no tins, no Canadians or pre-states.   I particularly like odd types, such as dealer, commercial, etc…  (The exception would be Canadian porcelain types that are non-passenger).    The only exception would be recent AL graphics issues.

·       I collect only g+ or better (with the emphasis on better).  I do not collect filler plates or even rare plates that are in less then g+ shape.      CLICK HERE TO SEE MY WANT LIST

·       My grade of a g+ is a plate with very minimal chips in the dates and numbers.  Most of my traders are at least g+.  The exception would be the rare plates, in which case I would consider a plate with more then g+ chipping.  (The goal would be to have it restored).  (i.e. Ark, ALA, etc…).    Some of the less then good plates I have as traders were given to me or were part of larger collections.

·       I expect to have to trade more common plates (even if they are nice plates) for plates that are less common.   (For example, a PA 12 dlr, may be worth a nice PA 15, 14 and 13).

·       I am willing to put some money toward a trade if no other trader plates are desired.

·       I will purchase small collections of porcelain plates if it contained plates that I needed.   If you have a small collection of porcelain plates for sale, drop me an email with your asking price.

·       I also trade porcelain signs for porcelain plates; you can see some nice porcelain signs by clicking HERE.

·       I also have some older tin plates that I will trade for porcelain plates or are for sale.   You can see some nice tin plates by clicking HERE.

·       I also have some newer issue graphic plates that are for sale.   You can jump to these nice graphics by clicking HERE.

·       License plate collecting is a hobby for me, and not a business.  

·       License plate prices do NOT include postage.  (Unless specifically stated)

·       Feel free to propose a trade.  I have been collecting for 20+ years and know the approximate scarcity and value of most state issued porcelain plates.

·       If you need more information on a plate, just email me.       EMAIL(home)     EMAIL(work)    

·       In some cases, even the plates in my collection are available for the right trade.  So you can look over the collection pictures at the end of the page.

·       Plate availability is subject to ongoing trades or prior sales.  If you are interested in a specific plate, let me know ASAP so I can give you first consideration in any deals.

·       For those who have never met me, my last name is Polish and pronounced “Guy” (A.K.A AlabamaPlateGuy).    I couldn’t resist the pun.

·       My priorities are as follows:  God, Wife, Remainder of Family, Church, other.   License plate fall into the other category.

·        I trade / barter license plates for collecting purposes only.  Any plates obtained cannot be used for any motor vehicle licensing or registration purpose.   All persons obtaining license plates must agree to this provision.

·        (New)  I do not consider the year stickers on the expired recent graphic tin plates to be relevant to the collecting purpose of the plate.   (i.e. the plate may be shipped or represented with a 1999 sticker, when it in fact may have a 2004 sticker).   If this is relevant to your collecting interest, let me know ahead of time and I can accommodate many of the registration year stickers from 2003 backward.   If you purchase a plate with a represented year sticker and want that particular year, that sticker will be supplied without charge.













Porcelain Plate Re-Glaze Service


    Tired of looking at that dull flat porcelain plate?    Does that dull dog drag down the rest of your collection?   Does everyone that comes to view your collection say something like… You have a fantastic collection, except for that VT 10 dug plate!

             It may be time to re-glaze it!


 Here are the FAQ:


1)     Do you re-fire the plate with re-applied porcelain gloss?


No.  My re-glossing procedure used a special air dry Clear Gloss Glaze.   It is not varnish or standard enamel clear coat.  It appears to be a virtual match to the original porcelain glaze.    When cured, it leaves a nice smooth glossy surface.   The manufactured claims when cured (10 days), the glaze is dishwasher safe and oven safe.  (Not to be used for food service though).   If there is any knock on the product, it is that the plate is to glossy!


2)     How does the finish appear relative to original porcelains?


I have gotten good enough at applying the glaze that it is doubtful you could distinguish re-glazed plate from an original sample.   I have found by experience, that the technique is critically important when applying the glaze.  People normally comment that these re-glazed plates have excellent smooth gloss.    The glaze is applied in such a way that no brush marks are normally left.


3)     How many plates have you re-glossed?


About 20.   Most of these are in my collection.   Some I have since sold.   I have had no complaints on any of the plates that were purchased.


4)     How much improvement can I expect?


Re-glazing drastically improves the curb appeal of the plate.    Additionally, re-glazing also darkens the plate, particularly if the plate is of the blue or black porcelain variety.    The combination of the re-glazing and darkening move the appearance of the plate towards the original appearance  (basically you get two for one, much like the way your plate would look if it was wet!). 


5)     How much does it cost?


It may take one or two applications to re-glaze any specific plate.   (Particularly if the plate was dug).     The cost for one side is $25.00.    The back of the plate can also be re-glazed for an additional $10.    Glaze is not applied to “clean chipped and rusted” areas, (like bolt slots), unless you specifically request it (not recommended).   Postage to and from is the responsibility of the owner.  The owner may elect to choose whichever postage method he/she desires and any insurance requirements.  I will ship the plate back in the same box you ship it to me.


6)     How long does it take?


It normally take 10 days to process and cure, plus or minus a few days.


7)     Do you do touch-ups or repairs?


No.  You may touch up your own plate prior to re-glazing, but I don’t touch up or repair the chipped areas.


8)     In what condition should I send the plate?


 The plate should be clean and all surface rust should be removed from porcelain surfaces.  (or as much as humanly possible).     Remember that whatever is not removed, will be sealed UNDER the glaze and cannot be removed later.   The best product for doing this is usually softscrub, but be sure of the integrity of your porcelain prior to any hard scrubbing.   (i.e. not recommended for the Sask 1919 porcelain).    If you are not sure of how to do this, I can glean you plate for an additional $10.


9)     Do you have any pictures?


I have tried to get a couple good before and after pictures, but to be honest, it is hard to photograph gloss!    If you have been looking at that dull plate for years, you will not be disappointed after re-glazing.


10)What is the next step?


I will require a Photograph first so I can assess what can be done and what you can expect.  After I have seen the photo, I will give you an assessment of what to expect, or whether re-glazing is a viable option for this plate.  Since this is more or less a permanent step, you want to go into it with your eyes wide open!    Shoot me an email and a picture and we can go from there…                                          EMAIL(home)     EMAIL(work)    


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