Alan Little just started recording an album of his folk-rooted Americana tunes. The album is due out in 2017.

Andy Clark is working on a surf/rockabilly guitar album of his fast-picking tunes. The album is due out in 2017.

Aunt Sofonda has finished recording an exotica album of her quirky tunes. The album, Sofonda Exotica, available on CD Baby, Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play and other streaming services, can best be described as Tin Pan Alley with Latin rhythms mixed with a large margarita. The hard copies featuring SF's first ever pop-up kit will be available at the official album release concert at Flying Monkey Theater on December 3 at 7:00 pm.

Criss Ashwell is scheduled to record her honky tonk album with Startlingly Fresh Records in 2016.

Duke Way has finished recording his second album Just Sayin', which is in the final phases of production. It will be released in late 2016.

John Onder is in the midst of recording his collection of mind-bending bass instrumentals. The album is due out in early 2017.

Moondust Big Band is currently recording with producer Jim Cavender. The album is scheduled for release in 2017.

Roberta Silva, singer with jazz group Keith Taylor Trio, is scheduled to record an album of all original tunes written by local songwriters Summer Johnson, Ingrid Marie Felts, Beth Norwood, Kat Elizabeth, Dawn Osborne and Andrew Sharpe, Jim Cavender and others. Submissions are being accepted at Startlingly Fresh Records is excited about showing off Roberta's multidimensional voice and the amazing songwriting talent in north Alabama. Roberta previously appeared with Keith Taylor Trio on Local Coverage.