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Widowed Persons Service is an outreach provided in which trained, previously widowed volunteers offer support to others. Studies show that grieving persons are best helped by those who have been through this experience and have successfully rebuilt their lives.

Initial contact lets you decide on a support group, attending social activities or other methods of helping you understand the grieving process. Our caring volunteers will schedule as much time as needed or talk with you at your own comfort level.

We are here to help — we have designed a support system and an out reach service for you. All we ask is that you call the number in this brochure and inquire about our FREE SERVICES for your own peace of mind.

Coping with Grief and Loss

When a husband or wife dies, becoming widowed at any age can present several difficulties for those who find themselves alone. Coping with emotional and life style changes can seem overwhelming and takes time for each person to work through their own grief.

Studies show that expressing emotions in a safe place, working through personal problems, staying active and being involved with others creates better quality health and promotes longevity and a better quality of life.

Whether you are newly widowed, have been alone for years or never widowed and remarried, this program can provide benefits for you.

Widowed Persons Service is guided and receives training materials from AARP. Confidentiality and privacy guidelines are strictly maintained in all programs.

What is Widowed Persons Service?

Widowed Person Service has been providing valuable free services in Panama City since 1992. It is a non-profit organization that offers support to newly widowed persons in communities nationwide.  All of the members are widowed and through their own experience and having been through the grief process are reaching out to widows and widowers who are not only new but also those who have not completed the process.

To become widowed is to suffer one of life's most profound losses. When a loving tie is severed, so is a part of ourselves. What has been lost is lost forever. Life will never be the same again. Whether a spouse's death is anticipated, or whether it comes unexpectedly, the event of death is always sudden.

Most of life's great changes give us time to prepare. For parenthood, there is nine moths pregnancy. For marriage, there is engagement. For divorce, there is a period of separation. Even when moving to a new job or home, we have time to prepare.

Not so with death. It is a life role that you've never practiced playing before. The transition from being a wife to widow or husband to widower is a very real, painful, and personal phenomenon. The trauma of trying to adjust is sometime overwhelming.

Because you've had no preparation for what you're going through and because you've had no guidance in this process and the most difficult time of your life, it may seem your sorrow will never end/ Our caring concept is to effectively assist you with your own personal grieving process. Our outreach volunteers offer support and understanding and guide you through your adjustment to widowhood.